3 thoughts on “Genocide From Every Angle

  1. On point. The argumentation of our enemies is that White genocide is not occurring. This is the denial/plank that they base everything on. Consider Exit White Power/All Together Now (NSW state funded anti-white charity still shifting its name so it’s not so obvious how anti-white it is). Can’t find an equivalent for anti-ISIS, though.

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  2. Abbos are just tools for the jews. In America and I’m sure its worse in places like NY the so called white race are shit. Why ? Because they all suck jew cock. This includes my feminist cunt mother and a father who allowed it. This includes my pussy friends who will register their long arms. Fucking idiots. How am I supposed to defend my race when they fucking sellouts ? I don’t play the race card because jews love it when whites do it for them. Like the KKK like the NAACP are both fronts for jewish groups. Both America and Australia are penal colonies where they kidnapped whites and sold them into slavery. As a matter of fact the words “black and white” are terms in commerce in reference to the color of the slaves being auctioned off. That’s why I say European race. I don’t let the jews tie me down with words. So when Kyle has a “white man’s march” what he is really saying is “white slaves march” Let’s face it white Americans are slaves to the jews. When they use terms like “white privilege” it means basically a white man asking permission. Privilege is license from the jew. I’m not white, I am European Austrian Celtic. Here is another word “British” which is derivative from Bris or brith as in bnai brith which means covenant of the foreskin cut. Judaized English that have been circumsized. Being circumsized is a sign of being vanquished and enslaved. It was common to circumsize the defeated and force them into their army. King David after he defeated Goliath had to prove himself more by defeating his enemy and bringing a bag if foreskins back to King Solomon. Germany treated Jesse Owens like a king. Jim Crow America treated him like a nigger. If you listen to Jesse Owens talk he sounded like an articulate European. Whites today talk like niggers who defend their enemy, the jew. I have no use for them. They never listen and it’s always an argument. I thank God everyday I wasn’t born an Englishman, who went against Germany or pos Russian or a fucking jew. All were complicit in the destruction of the greatest European nation that ever existed, Germany.


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