Jacko’s Lantern w/ Jacko

Ladies and Gents, WTFR presents to you, the first episode of Jacko’s Lantern and it couldn’t come at a better time.  We are in dire straights until I move into the new house as some of you know.  See here for those of you that don’t.

If any of you want to do a prerecorded show as Jacko has here, email it to me at dessnr@hotmail.com …

Enjoy the show.



5 thoughts on “Jacko’s Lantern w/ Jacko

  1. Brilliant work Jacko. I expect to hear more of you Sir. You and Oz Man both. Excellent stuff coming out of you two. Consider a live show my friend. I know it’s hard to do, due to our lives, but consider it. You really blew me away here.


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