Holding On As Long As I Can

Ladies and Gents as some of you may know, my ISP yet again disconnected me, under the guise of “you didn’t pay your bill” and then when I read the receipt number out, they are left standing there with their thumb up their arse.  I record everything in every way, any chance I get.

This is not about bills.  This is about my ISP (IINET or what I now call “Double Lie Net”) being paid to make my life harder due to what I speak of on the show.  And I dare say the “previous network” had a hand in this, which if so, further proves how weak they really are.

I told the ISP to fuck themselves after their latest antics, to their surprise, so until I move into the new house, I am using a dongle to get me by.  It’s a quick fix to keep you all informed, but I cannot do miracles for the network at the moment.  I will keep the bills paid in hopes that you will have something to listen to, but nothing will be solid until I get a new ISP which will hopefully be in the next few weeks.

Stay strong good people.  If I can pay 60 bucks for a shitty dongle to stay in fucking touch with you, then you know I am dedicated and I know you are dedicated too, to be coming back and keeping tabs on the website.

I will try and get some audio off to you in the next couple of days.

Be strong.


14 thoughts on “Holding On As Long As I Can

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  2. If in fact, the previous network did have a hand in this, I think I speak for all of us when I encourage you to lay it out publicly and name names dammit!!!

    The greatest hindrance to us getting people more motivated a white wimps, and no greater WIMP exists than the jack-holes parading themselves around as patriots(with a fucking cup in their hand begging for pizza money) stabbing those of more consistency, sincerity, and far better TALENT in the back!!!

    Get ’em Shaun!!!


    • Oh you have my word on that John. Whilst I can’t prove it at the moment, it’s hovering above my head enough to speak about who it “might” be. I’ll get an audio out for all today.


    • Oh wow. Good luck to them indeed. They’re going to need it. That dude calls anybody that doesn’t agree with him, a child molester. I simply told him I won’t be having him on every show I do and he went on the attack. Anybody who has had anything to do with him has had to break ties with him because of that reason. Including Vinny Eastwood. I corresponded with Vinny a little about Luke and we both came to the same conclusion. Luke is a looney toon.


    • aaah that’s why he mentioned in the chat the host told him Sinead’s RentsAgay is kosher now Shaun departed.
      all them lazy eyes counting sheckels while the wife runs the show. to me it looks like the birth of the new rainbow warriors,
      K.Hunt already mentioned a few days ago his new ‘tactic’ of bringing in new listeners from the left…WTF!
      ok, probably something Dorsey whispered in his ear after bong no.7 ,
      and then ofcourse FlatEarth Heidi in the background:
      ‘do it Kyle, we didn’t sell enough dvds this quarter’
      but still, a man so weak and devoid of clarity in this fight that takes
      as Mike Sledge mentioned them to a gay wedding on the Rentagay-RoadTrip
      should not run a broadcast of that nature.
      funny how especially people with a university degree have a hard time to understand their mind has been fucked with as well.
      hence the expression.


  3. I doubt RB has the Intel to do what’s alleged if they do, they are fronts for the feds. You are giving them too much credit. Sinead is an ass and she ain’t that bright. I’ve been around too long.


  4. Let them do it, Jasp. The reason they are doing it, is because they are running scared. Nobody gives a fuck about their crappy little videos except the leftover stragglers. Our visitors each day are going up for that reason. People are sick of their shit.


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