Double Lie Net – IINET

My previous ISP known as IINET is now saying that I have been suspended because of an unpaid bill.  That’s funny ‘Double Lie Net’, because I have every receipt number right here in front of me and it’s even funnier that the young lady that I last spoke to there, said that all of my bills have not only been paid, but never paid late!  How interesting!?  Please take me to court so that I can make you look like the fuck wits you truely are and bear in mind that I have already contacted the Communications Ombudsman.

The new ISP that I will be moving with, seem to be rock solid in that they don’t use off shore call centers and they don’t take bribes.  At least from what I have been told by one of their higher ups.

You are a disgrace ‘Double Lie Net’ and I hope that when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan, you are taken to task and punished accordingly.



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