Black Australia Day

You can’t make this shit up Ladies and Gents.  It’s not the abbos you have to worry about, it’s the fucking Social Justice Pussy Bitches.  SJPB’s.

This is a snippet of a speech I did.  For some reason the audio at the beginning didn’t turn out too well, so I just snipped this part out of my Aussie Day Speech.


Don’t miss this article Ladies and Gents.  Great article.

Click here for the United Nationalists Australia article…

One thought on “Black Australia Day

  1. Ah yes, Australia’s rich black history. Long, but conveniently, can be fit neatly into pamphlet form.
    “Envigored by their triumph over the harsh desert, they made their home. There, under the witchetty bush, enjoying the finest grubs the hellish landscape could offer.” ~1/3 of the Black Australia pamphlet


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