11 thoughts on “Equality and Revolution w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. I would refer your brother and other well-meaning whites who believe in “equality” to Mr. George Lincoln Rockwell:

    “If Black men are simply White men with dark skins, then it would be stupid and wicked bigotry to discriminate against Black men.

    If there is NO OTHER difference between White men and Black men than skin color, if there are no differences of mind or character, then everything the liberals and race-mixers preach would be true.
    Just as it would be insane and wicked to hate and discriminate against people with red hair, so it would be insanity and wickedness to discriminate against a man born with a dark skin – IF the dark skin is the ONLY difference.

    There would be no excuse for not admitting Negroes at once to full equality with White men, including the complete right to marry and breed with our women, if they are really equal.
    But if there ARE differences of mind and character between the Negro and White man, in addition to skin color, and if the Negro has a lower grade mind and major character defects as a whole race, then it is the height of wickedness and insanity to pollute our White Race with these low-grade traits of mind and character.

    The Negro question is thus not a question of philosophy, but of fact.”

    Most non-whites can’t compete at our level, plain and simple.

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    • Yes indeed Maiden. The Commander was wise and even death his words are true.

      I don’t think my brother is disillusioned as much as he is of the mindset, “can’t we all just get along”?

      He agrees with me on the most part, but just won’t go the extra mile sometimes.

      He has freely admitted in the past on a few occasions that multiracialism does not work which doesn’t make sense to me, as he is married to a Filipino woman.

      Edit: I will ask him if he wants to come on the show some time and discuss his views.


  2. just wanna say many, many thanks for starting up WTF Radio, and broadcasting the Schaenck,Mullins & Pierce podcasts!
    as you called in frequently to Shank Radio, maybe one day you can expand your insights on him, and wtf happened to him.


  3. this is equality in Canada (from Paul Fromm … sorry, no link yet)

    White Child Sent Out of the Room for Bringing Ham Sandwich to School

    The 39th year of the monthly Alternative Forum in Toronto, opened with the shocking story of a grade 5 boy in a Scarborough school. He is almost the only White child in his class. Speaker James Alcock recounted his story.

    Earlier this year, as the boy ate his lunch, the teacher called him up to the front and told him to take his lunch and go and eat it in the hall: “You have a ham sandwich and it upsets the Moslem students,” he was told.

    Later that day, his father received a call from the school principal. Such a call is always a worrying matter. Is the child sick? Is he hurt? No, it was the ham sandwich again. The principal sternly instructed the parent not to send his son to school with ham sandwiches.”They upset the Moslem students,” the preachy principal informed the father.

    The father pointed out that ham was his son’s favourite lunchtime food and that he wasn’t sharing it or imposing it on anyone else. The furious father then withdrew the son from the school and sent him to another school board.

    The ham sandwich story sharply demonstrates the blight caused by the immigration invasion and multiculturalism. The principal represents our elitists traitors who favour the invaders over our own people. The incident also shows that “diversity” is a code word for White replacement.


    F-YOU jew, F-YOU muslim. Ain’t no F-in equality or you’d all be able to build your own 1st world nations instead of using dirty tricks like this to leech off ours.

    (sorry for the language folks but I’m F**KING PISSED OFF)


    • I’ve been getting emails for years about these very issues Arty. In fact I spoke about one in particular on multiple occasions, that demonstrated true multiracialism at it’s worst here in Australia. I’ll speak about it again on show time.


    • These people need to be in a volcano. Seriously. I’m just glad the boy’s father did the right thing and pulled him out of that school. The only thing that pisses me off more than SJW idiots are whites who kowtow to them.

      It also appears that sandwiches in general seem to trigger SJWs. Check out this story: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/peanut-butter-jelly-sandwiches-are-now-racist/

      Apparently peanut butter sandwiches are “racist” although I don’t see how that’s possible since blacks supposedly invented peanut butter. You would think libtards would be excited about that! 😛


    • Outside of human delusions about law and states any organism that cedes ground loses its access to resources. That means death. The wolf pack that runs from the bear. The bear that runs from the wolf pack. The wild dogs who yield to the lions. The hyenas that drive off the young lions. Those who lose territory lose the very SPACE in which to continue their EXISTENCE.

      White nations yielding ground is ceding to oblivion.


  4. Well, where do I begin. Firstly, a correction. I never stated that multiracialism doesn’t work. I stated that multiculturalism doesn’t work. I don’t care who someone marries, screws or otherwise, as long as they are both consenting adults.
    As for equity, I was referring more to people in general, not necessarily immigrants. I do believe that we need to be careful as to who enters the country but the equity was based in a socio-economic context within our own borders. Unfortunately, our discussion was cut short and the opportunity to iterate that point never culminated.
    So much, so little time. I don’t believe for a second that we can all “just get along”. Many cultures have demonstrated this in trying and failing. But this does not just refer to different cultures of different countries, but cultures, such as religion, within cultures. Humans are tribal by nature and under most circumstances we eschew others because of this innate tribalism. From an evolutionary standpoint it makes perfect sense, it has allowed our species to continue and survive by being automatically suspicious of others not like ourselves. Usually it was warranted, as they were either there to kill you or at very least steal your food, women and kids. I am sure way to much can be read into that but I mean it as it stands.
    The psychology behind culture and cultural characteristics is much too in-depth to go into here but those differences are not innate and can be altered.
    I do believe, and it’s my belief, nothing more, that when one immigrates to another country that assimilation is imperative. If you don’t wish to embrace another countries lifestyle and culture, then stay in your own country. Though there may be reasons one may be forced to migrate, it does not negate assimilation (the word I couldn’t grasp when we were chatting).
    Disillusionment is not a word I would use in my instance and I appreciate you highlighting that. In disagreement, perhaps. You and I disagree on a great many things. Some of which we will take to our graves. Our methods are different but oft times we come to similar conclusions … but not always. That “extra mile”, to me, is where I feel you are incorrect on a subject. But you would say the same to me. Sometimes you show evidence to the counter, in which I must then concede, sometimes you don’t. And vice versa.
    But inevitably I must say – I am the big brother, so do as you are told – or I’ll punch you in the arm.
    To all a good night.


    • Yeah, that extra mile I speak of Brian, is that you don’t seem to care if the White Aryan Englishman goes bye bye, whereas I do.

      It was something along the lines of 27-28% white on this planet back in the 40’s-50’s and now we are 8%. That is worrying to me and I’m sorry but this whole “evolution” base, being a bailout for white man getting fucked out of existence through both jew control of our countries and the dark races taking advantage of that, (abbo’s & africans as an example) doesn’t cut it for me.

      To notion toward a theory ‘of being suspicious toward others not like ourselves’ born out of evolution, is some how helping “our species” continue to exist, (or in this case fail to exist) at this point in time in the argument, (we’re late in the game) is a bit naive in my opinion, given that statistically “our species” is not surviving. Which would, by your logic, signify that evolution has failed White Aryan Man. I call your attention to the 8% again.

      There is no commonsense in thinking for a moment, that white man is some how less capable than the 3rd world savages (because of evolution) and henceforth his demise. Take a look around you and tell me what you see. Planes, trains and automobiles and they weren’t designed by niggers.

      Whilst I do know that there is a natural drive to continue existing, especially within the Aryan Worlds, (blacks without the white races, don’t try to exist, they just survive, as a wild dog survives… take a look at Sudan Darfur as an example) there has been a consorted effort between the jewish hierarchy and the dark races and whilst these dark races are often not conscious to what they are doing, because of their jewish puppeteers and their lack of intelligence to recognise being manipulated, they sooner rather than later come to know when the system is fighting for them and not us and swiftly take advantage of that.

      I placed the words, “our species” in quotes because most people say there is only one species and that’s the human species and this is often where you come from, even though you confuse me at times, because you often clearly identify different races as different humanoids, I think even when you don’t know you’re doing it, which dictates differences between species.

      If you take a look at your post, you clearly note us as different species, due to recognising and “being suspicious of our differences”, yet often when we talk, you justify other races being in around us and in our countries (and henceforth furthering our coming non-existence) by hinting toward us all being “the human race”. And I think this is where one of our many disagreements comes in… You believe there is the human race (in a very convoluted fashion) whereas I believe we races are different humanoids, breeds and/or species for some.

      Just remember what happened when two breeds of dog were mixed in China centuries ago. The Pekingese was created. Not only does it have a life span of 11 measly years, it has cardiovascular and general breathing problems at all times. And don’t even get me started on the eye socket thing. This is because the people that bred the two animals, to create the Pekingese, totally discounted the different species. Whilst both were part of the Canus family, (quite a distance from Canus Lupus however, (the wolf) which is proof again of what I am saying here) they were different in species.

      And remember, for every person that says, “we all bleed red” I say unto you, “so do pigs.” Are you a pig? For that matter, would you fuck a pig? LOL.

      This is one thing you and I will never come to agree on. I care too much for my Aryan brothers and sisters to let them fall to oblivion.



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