Live Wire w/ South Oz Man 2017-01-20

On this edition of Live Wire, South Oz Man speaks about:

//  The creatures at the top of the pyramid such as the United Nations running the JWO

//  White men cannot indulge in chivalry very easily anymore

//  People being polluted by what they see on their televisions

//  The manipulation of the outlook toward white man

//  The Kalergi Plan and Practical Idealism

//  Fighting techniques for self defense

//  Birds of a feather flocking together


Breaks played on:  January 20, 2017

——– ——
20:14:00 bump Oz\Hello, I Love You – The Doors [The Very Best Of The Doors].wav
20:15:40 bump Oz\Slayer – Bloodline.wav
20:29:00 bump Oz\Lonestar – I’m Already There (Message From Home).wav
20:30:40 bump Oz\Lee Kernaghan – Ute Me (Official Music Video).wav
20:44:00 error Unknown error (Oz\THE CARS ? Just What I Needed.wav)
20:45:40 bump Oz\Motörhead – One More Fucking Time.wav
20:59:00 bump Oz\Brotherhood of Man – Motorhead.wav

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