Drama Corner

Hey Ladies and Gents.  I think I will have to make this a semi-regular thing, where we have a “Drama Corner” segment once in a while on the website, since drama seems to be a big part of alternative radio these days.  I can ignore certain things and pretend I didn’t see them, but then that wouldn’t be in my nature.  I am a person that bites back and that’s just a simple fact.

Last night, (your today) I was sent an email pointing out a few comments, both from Renegade and Youtube.  I wasn’t interested in those from Renegade, because they are a waste of my time, but  there was a particular comment on YouTube that caught my attention.

Now some people may say, “this should be about the jew world order Shaun” and I say to them, “it is”.  When you have people plain and simply lying about you, they are a jew created enemy as far as I am concerned.  Without the jews doing what they are doing, I truly believe that we as white people would not have these troubles.  And when people are lying about you, sometimes you have to set the record straight, for those douche bags out there that would believe what they read or see.

I think there is something that many of you need to keep in mind too.  Just because you haven’t heard of Beattie before, or just because you hadn’t heard of Shaun Surplus before, does not mean that either one of us, had not been busting our arses for most of our lives to secure White Western Civilisation.  The next time you little bitch tards have something to say about people such as myself, make perfectly sure you can back that shit up, because I record everything, on every level.

Oh and before I go.  To all of you that believed anything, let alone everything, on the video that Bile and Grenade made about me without hearing my side of the story, just remember, you get what you paid for.




4 thoughts on “Drama Corner

  1. It was because of people like, you, Peter Schaenk, Tsarion, Eustace Mullins, Edgar J Steele, Alex Linder, Bill Cooper and even myself that these ‘newbies’ of today even had a clue of what is happening. Even Alex Jones was awoken by some of these gentlemen. I have audio of Jones calling into Peter’s show. It plays sometimes on the 24/7 lineup.

    People can say, “I’ve heard of Murder by Injection Shaun” or “I read Morals and Dogma Shaun”, yeah because WE FUCKING TOLD THEM about these books. More than half of these script kiddies weren’t BORN when I first started reading the Dead Seas Scrolls and most of them were popping pimples when I was reading the Protocols.

    The lack of recognition on their part and the absolute disrespect shown by people today, astounds me to say the least.

    The founder of the previous network you and I were on didn’t even KNOW about Oracle back in 2008 and only joined it in something like 2011 and yet people act like he was doing this before any of us. Spero himself jumped on the bandwagon at the time, because it gets him laid. He even tried cracking onto Shield Maiden after I took my leave from there. She couldn’t believe it.

    You and I are hardened veterans and deserve to be able to do a show as we see fit and if people don’t like that, this is their port of harbor.

    I don’t care if we only end up with one listener, as long as he/she is a quality listener. I do not want shitless hang-abouts at all. You just have to see the previous networks chat section to see what happens when you attract the layabouts. They all sit there sucking managements dick over and over. No brains and a big mouth is how I explain those tools.

    Now I know why Giuliani doesn’t go to the comments section. Because he knows that he’s going to have to see all the sycophants.


  2. Bile & Grenade …classic! i really hope they do see the light and rename their ‘money-operation’
    one thing you have they must be envious of is : heart/passion
    rather then : hysteria/psychology major

    Renegade was actually started by Mike Sledge, who drew by far the majority of listeners,
    as Bile was still wanking off to where his real passion lies: numbers (i mean….wtf!), Numbers!
    that made FlatEarth Heidi (yep, no tits)
    throw one of her legendary fits and made sure she and her dog Bile
    pissed allover Sledge, and any host that started to become popular

    fastforward 2017 :
    a chatroom of cowards who will never ever do their own research
    nor criticize Thor & Mother Goddess ,
    therefor making a debate and thus growth impossible.
    but hey ,
    someone might order the FlatEarth Song Collection….


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