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5 thoughts on “WTFR TuneIn Player

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  2. On one of your shows you did a skit mentioning a British film which had been niggertised. There is an award winning French film called Intouchables about a black guy who helps a rich white disabled guy; I watched it saying to my missus “this can’t be based on a true story” as claimed. Well look into it, and the nigger was a Christian Arab in real life!! Look it up. It is nauseating this nigger worship.

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  3. Here ya go, info on Spielberg being a pedophile. The queenbee of hollywood. I was wondering what took so long. Great essay by Crispin Glover!!! and tons of notes and connections here ~

    This is great because this childrapist kike is going down hard and loses ALL credibility (not that he had any) with his jew centric rubbish films. I hope all these child raping kikes get taken to the “wood shed” fucking soon.

    God Bless . . .


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