The Caging of Europe

Hi Ladies and Gents.

Recently in the WTFR chatroom there was some interesting banter going back and forth about the symbolism that shows us without a doubt, of how we are being caged by our oppressors whilst they laugh and thrust it in our face.

I have no doubt in my mind at all that our communist dictators, such as the Australian government want to keep us in a Cage of Freedom.  This means that while we think we have freedom, we’re in fact free to do what we wish in a prison like state of mind.  “Do this, but not that.  Do that, but not this.  You will vote, you will say Hail Mary, you will bow to the word Racism and you will obey, obey, obey, or you will be punished!  Do as I tell you!  Now, now, FUCKING NOW!”  You’re not really free at all.

Many people think that this mentality is inserted via the mainstream media and they would be correct, but it goes so much further than this.

Michael Tsarion some time ago explained the importance of understanding symbolism and the effect that it has on the mind.  Not only in his books, such as “Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation”, (no it’s not about little green men) but also in different videos he’d put together.  It’s very important that we understand, that symbols do have a subconscious effect on the brain and the consciousness of the human man before we start to realise what is happening before our very eyes.  Remember, the more we see something, the more we become trained to be OK with it.  It’s the same theory as, “tell a lie long enough and people start to believe it”.

One of the chatters in the chatroom recently posted the picture on the right.  To most people, it looks like a building.  Nothing more nor less.


However to the mind that has been trained to overlook surface value, this could look more like a cage.  And if we see enough cages here, there and everywhere, we become OK with being within them.  We shop in them, we catch trains in them, we become imprisoned in them, without even realising it.

I know that this can come across as “conspiratorial” to many people but think very hard for a moment.  Why is it that Architects of the United Nations, have so much to do with designing these important buildings (often landmark like buildings) in such fashions?  The United Nations have made no secret about their Agenda 21, which should ring alarm bells in itself, let alone why it is that they have so much influence in how our buildings are designed.

After taking a look at the picture of Almere Centrum in the chatroom, I was immediately stunned about the fact that here in Australia, we had a very similar design going on, within the interior of one of our biggest stations in Australia.  The Southern Cross Station in Melbourne City.  The similarities were so profound, not only when it comes to the whole ideal of the two stations, but in the way that they look as well.  Huge steel beams glaring down at the people as if a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

sccage It all looks very appeasing to the eye, but the message to the subconscious could be something very different and this is what I mean about getting to know what effect symbolism has on the human mind.

I was sitting there thinking Ladies and Gents that it’s strange that they are designing these cage like architectures around travel.  Especially rail like travel.  “You can go this way, this way and this way, but you can’t go that way, that way and that way, because you’re on a train and it is “restricted” to rail tracks.  You can go where we say you can go, but you can’t go anywhere else.  You’re in a cage.”

I started poking around expecting fully to find a Jew Hierarchy behind the architecture of these stations and instead I found a hive.  The United Nations.  And anybody that listens to my broadcasts knows who is behind the United Nations.  I’ll give you a clue.  He has a huge hook nose and he screams “Oy Vey” whilst he strikes.


So this is where we come to the Royal British Institute of Architects (RIBA), Grimshaw and their ties to the United Nations.  Let’s first look at the symbol that the United Nations uses when it comes to the world, shall we?

grimshaw To you this may look like your typical globe like picture with geographical coordinate lines around the globe itself, but given that the UN’s Agenda 21 outlines it’s notion to keep people in line and where they want them to be at all times, (look into Sustainable Developments “stack’em and pack’em” housing) this picture means something very different to me.  Especially given that on the RIBA/Grimshaw websites, it’s entitled “The Global Compact”.


“Architecture for Social Purpose forms a key strand of the RIBA’s latest five year strategy. We aim to place social purpose, professional standards and ethics at the heart of action and debate about architecture and the profession.

This work supports a key pillar of our 1834 Charter which outlines the role of the RIBA as  ‘the general advancement of Civil Architecture…… as tending greatly to promote the domestic convenience of citizens, and the public improvement and embellishment of towns and cities’.

As part of this commitment in 2015, on the recommendation of the RIBA Council, the Institute became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The UNGC is a set of ten high-level principles promoting best practice in areas covering human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.”

So here we have RIBA with ties to the United Nations that look to “compact” us all into the ideal of a cage.  Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development, (a pretty term for property theft) where you are slowly rounded up out of rural areas, into stack’em and pack’em bee hive housing.  This makes you easier to control, when you are all in the one prison, rather than spread out and hard to keep an eye on.

We also have Grimshaw as the architect behind the design of the Southern Cross Station with ties to RIBA and henceforth the United Nations.  And let’s take a look at some of their “commercial experience”.

“Conservation, Education, Culture & Entertainment, Civic Building, Offices, Transportation, Government, Industrial, Managed Workspace, Community Participation, Banks & Financial Institutions, Retail, Urban Planning & Design”

These “Global Compact Masters” not only know how to build, but they know how to build in a way that works on the human mind.  After all, that is a big part of architecture.  The Japanese build certain housing that will drink the light from the Sun at a certain part of the day to improve well being and good spirit, for the lack of a better way of explaining it.  Geomancy is not unheard of within Western Culture these days either.  Quite often, a Geomancer is bought in, to “measure the energy” of a specific geographical location before a property is built there.  Many of the rich are very aware of this.

When you have “corporations” such as Grimshaw and RIBA (and RIBA is as good as a corporation for the UN, nothing more) designing certain buildings with the idea of a cage, it’s time to start wondering, how they want us to perceive their message, given to us by their architecture.

If we go back to Tsarion for a moment, he talks about how the letter “S” and the number “3” are very attractive to the human mind.  Studies have been done, that show our brains react to symbols (letters are just symbols we understand) before we comprehend them as letters or numbers.  This includes symbols we have never seen before.  So if you were taking a walk through an Inca pyramid in Peru and you see certain symbols you have never seen before, your mind has already reacted to that symbol in a different way to the way it would react to another symbol.  You could almost say, that each symbol has it’s own positive/negative energy.  This works the same way on our minds, whilst we take a stroll under the cage above us, atop the Southern Cross Station.  Sooner or later, we start getting use to being in cages and are less likely to insurrection.

I’ve said time and time again on the broadcast in the past, that this is a Western Civilised (European) problem we face and now we are seeing it all around us, all over the world.  The Netherlands, Australia, the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece….  You name it.

Let’s get educated and stop screaming “conspiracy theorist”.  Even if you think this is all kooky, just look into it, because you might be surprised in what you find.  You might even find that you yourself are a conspiracy theorist.  Or should I say, a “conspiracy factist?”

2 thoughts on “The Caging of Europe

  1. “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing.”

    The above is a good watch about the truths of “conspiracy’. We tell the truth or try to get our personal stories out like trying to fight a corrupt government, the VA health care system, how a state or town with their media can cover it all’s supposedly a lie or “conspiracy theory’ or we are simply nuts. Truth is not wanted or desired by the sheep, government, religions, academics, media, Hollyweird, or the corrupt ruling cliques top to bottom.

    Whatever. I get my info and news from both sides and various sources. Most I dismiss, other info I put on my minds back shelf for further study, and some more to be used in more recent applications in real life needs.

    Oh, and no, I am not Catholic. Take what can be used and leave the rest.

    Good write-up Shaun. Agenda 21 is in full force in Indiana and brain-washing the youth full circle. There is no fighting it in this state, especially in communist college towns. Marxist, scum, commies, filth, Zionist, Bolsheviks, whatever we want to call them.

    Good day!

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