Let’s Blacken Shit Up A Little Shall We

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen.  This false diversity everybody keeps going on about is working wonders.  I just adore how beautiful country towns of Australia, (including my own) are slowly turning to shit, in the name of false diversity.

Tell me people, what does diversity mean?  You see, when I look at the definition of diverse here in my oxford dictionary, it states:  “adj. having variety, assorted; different in kind.  diversity n, pl-ties quality of being different or varied.  range of difference”

I don’t see, how pushing every race onto one another, creates diversity at all.  Especially in the way that our mainstream media and our junk TV programs push it upon us.  They would have us all mate together as one so called happy family, which TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY wipes out the very idea of being any kind of diverse.

There will be no such thing as “variety”, “assortment”, or “being different” if we keep allowing this invasion of our country to continue.  We’re already seeing and influx of 3rd world foreigners that are out-breeding us 10 to 1 and then we are being told to BREED with these foreigners, further pushing the white 1st world man out of existence.

White people were something around 27% of the world back in the 1940’s-1950’s and now we are 8-9%!  8-9% Ladies and Gents!  And yet, we still have these politically correct fucking morons, calling us all kinds of names, for speaking the truth about our concerns.

Have a listen and learn something….


2 thoughts on “Let’s Blacken Shit Up A Little Shall We

  1. ya getting soft mate, its not just the non whites that dont like our country that should get out, its alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the non whites…………….WHITE AUSTRALIA NOW! 🙂


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