Christmas Around The Corner

Well it’s not long now people and Christmas will be upon us.  The kids and I will soon be putting up the tree (we always seem to leave that to the last moment) and I’ve almost finished with the wrapping.

Here in Australia, most people don’t have a real tree.  They have a plastic one that you put together.  They look pretty real for the most part, but the problem is, living out here in the Alpines always manages to attract a few Redbacks and they bunker down in the tree.  It makes no sense because we wrap the tree each year but they still somehow find their way into our garage and into the tree.  Those spiders have proven fatal on many occasions, so there has been quite a few times where I just simply buy a new tree each year.

So anyway, I wanted to send out my Christmas wishes to all and say Thank You to all of those that have stuck by me throughout all of these years.  It’s been a long journey.  Let’s do the list.

2003-2005:  Did an independent podcast that ran for just under 2 years.

2006-2008:  Started the podcast back up, but this time with 2 other gentlemen, known as Shake’N’Bake and Ulick.

2008-2010:  Was recognised by somebody from Revere Radio and he and I started doing my show on Oracle Broadcasting.

2010-2012:  With a small break somewhere between 2010 and 2012 I then did my show on Orion Talk Radio.  A network that I helped design when it comes to automations.

2014-2015:  Went back to being independent with my own automation designs.

2016:  Worked for Renegade Broadcasting.  Did my show there and also designed the automation behind it as well as doing some audio engineering.

2017:  Heading into 2017 with the creation of my own network.  WTFR has already attracted the attention of people that wish to do a show.  This includes John Beattie, a former host of Renegade Broadcasting and past activist within the White Nationalist movement.

Things are looking good for 2017 Ladies and Gents, with traffic already running very well through the website.  We’ll be starting the year off fresh and ready with a clean slate and I hope you will be a part of it.  We can’t do it alone.

Be safe during the Christmas Holidays and I will of course be keeping you busy with new thoughts and plans as we go, so check back here every now and then to see whats happening.

Merry Christmas everybody!

P.S.  OK, OK, so the picture isn’t of a Redback.  I could only find a Jumping Spider with a Christmas hat on, so it will have to suffice.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Around The Corner

  1. Ahhh I’m not the only evil white boomer out here huh? LOL Glad to report that I am not one of those – sit back and watch the world turn to shit and not do nothing boomers errr boomer sheepsters. Never could change much. Made great enemies, stood against the state’s and nations most corrupt and wealthy… alone. Earned the T-shirt, bragging rights, and hat and may have lost my ass in some ways. But, I can say I have been there, done that and at least tried.

    Wanted to carry it on to eternity but the cemetery won’t allow me to put “Fuck Jews,” Fuck Corrupt Indiana” or a picture of my fat white ass saying ‘kiss it world,” and the like on my pre-paid tombstone. I want to see it before I croak. I originally wanted it to read something like, “He desired death at the age of one hundred. Shot by a jealous boy-friend.” Didn’t make it. (lol) I would have gladly paid the six or seven hundred bucks to have my white ass shown in such a parting way and gift to my locale for historical sake. Everything just goes to show just how much freedom we’ve lost through the generations.

    Just when I was getting over some spider news and experiences. Around August read some news where a worker ‘down under’ got bit on the penis by a ‘Red Back’ in a toilet unit. Been dreaming about spiders since. And watching too many nature stories about Funnel or Camel spiders, sheesh. I hate those darn things. I have my own spider stories for around the camp-fire.

    Oh well. To you and yours Shaun have a very happy Merry Christmas and a prosperous, fulfilling Happy New Year.

    I’d send you and your daughter some good ol’ fashion home-made candies, fudge, and sweet breads, Paw Paw and Persimmon, but they’d be stopped or eaten at customs. lol


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