Shaun Surplus Is Famous

Ladies and Gents, you know when people start making sock-puppet accounts in an attempt to insult you, that you must be doing something right.  This link was just sent to me and I found it fucking hilarious!  It was so well done and I loved it so much, that I am linking it here on the website.

The video you see here was back when I was interviewed for Aussie Beach TV.  Peter J. Jackson, the man that founded the Australian National Liberty Party wanted me to attend, so that I could speak about the party and what it consisted of.  The audio is actually of a broadcast I did recently.

That is actually my real voice by the way.  The voice you hear on the show, is deepened by a special technology I use, so that people don’t realise that I actually sound like a chipmunk with his little chipmunk testicles in a vice.

Bloody hilarious!  Take a look!

10 thoughts on “Shaun Surplus Is Famous

    • “Now, it’s time to get back to the fight for White Western Civilisation.”

      Uh nope, let’s be honest here – just more continuous infighting with neither party better or worse than the other. No argument about who started it or who’s going to end it ever gets us anywhere but down. Tit for tat never ends well… sigh… 😦


  1. Maybe make a post asking that everyone stop reporting to you on what they’re saying, so you’re no longer tempted to respond? I haven’t gone back to the site to see if there are any insults about me because I’m not interested in becoming preoccupied with the drama.


    • I don’t think it will be necessary although it is a good idea Rose. I just won’t respond to any of their crap. They’re looking for any kind of response they can get. They can’t refute what I have said, so the best they are left with is to try and make me look bad. It doesn’t bother me at all. As I said, I found it quite amusing.


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