13 thoughts on “Good Questions About Last Broadcast

  1. As man to man I just have to give some constructive criticism. Your emotion was guiding you towards the truth. Women do not and should not be allowed to have their own shows. Look where this kind of thinking has gotten us. First they’ll ask for a show, then they’ll want to run for office and next thing we are getting flooded with rape monkeys. Just remember that the moment you start bending over backwards for them, is the moment you have revoke all control of your woman. You were right in saying women don’t belong on the airwaves because they don’t. Even if it’s about “health and wellness”. They will start off talking about health but eventually will start to inject their poison.


    • Tim, I don’t agree and allow me to explain why. There is no reason to think that if a Lady had a show about health and wellness, that if she starts to veer off, you can’t let them know. Of course you can.

      When Cordi was doing her show, she stuck to the point. She didn’t veer, so for some women, there is nothing to worry about. But for those women that do veer off, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t let them know.

      I remember witnessing my Pa putting my Nan in line. Not physically, but verbally. He didn’t need to physically put her in line, because his verbal stature was enough. She knew not to fuck around when he got serious. The same theory applies here. If a Lady starts getting out of shape on a broadcast, I would let her know and if she gets to out of shape, I fire her arse, without guilt.

      What say you, Sir?


    • You can’t cut women out of the process entirely, that’s naive and ultimately destructive to yourself.

      There are many women doing a good job on many fronts. As men we know women are much more guided by emotions they cannot always control, which tends to make them less pragmatic. It’s our roll to keep that in check.

      Men tend to be less emotional and more objective, however sometimes we lose the necessary objectivity. This is where a women’s roll often keeps us in check.

      Of course, jews spend a lot of energy blurring those natural roles and we end with with many of the problems we see today.

      When it comes to things like radio programs the balance is the key, not cutting them out of the equation. Way too much anti-women stuff being pushed lately vs getting back to the natural balance of things.

      As for veering off – men are easily just as susceptible to that. Current example … all this alt-right garbage. Who’s the alt-right ? How do you define the alt-right ? Who’s the leaders of the alt0right ? etc. etc. All this back and forth garbage that many of the male hosts (and guests) have allowed themselves to veer all over the map.

      I’ll tell you who at the real alt-right are …. a bunch of fag jews who need to have their heads bashed in with shovels. Anymore questions on this alt-right bullshit ?

      Hate to say it Tim Peterson, but your words sound like a man who has not built and experienced what a real healthy strong balanced male-female relationship is supposed to be. Maybe I wrong, but that’s the way it comes across.

      And don’t dare even suggest I’m some weak pussy whipped feminized male. I’m lucky to have the type of marriage most white males are always looking for and rarely find these days … and I assure you dominance is not the key, steadfast leadership yes, but not dominance.


      • Yeah I have to agree. Especially on the alt-right thing. They ain’t men. They are degenerate PC faggots looking to please people instead of help people. And to make money it seems, if we are to look at fags like Richard Spencer.


  2. Men objectify women. They have 10 times as much testosterone. We women tend to feel that we are a “tribe” this is defined by some narrative of feminism. Black pigeon speaks started all this and John Kaminski rubbed the salt in the wounds by calling it the “third rail. Christianity foresaw this problem and said every man should have only one woman. Birth control changed the balance of power and now we have the same problem only worse. My dear sister at Reality Calls simply does what any good woman should do and that is be herself but above all understand that true feminism allows every woman to be her own self. That is why girls could always go back to their family if the marriage did not work out and why there was a dowry. Our ancestors were genius. We have no such mechanisms because of the Jew. IT is just another tear in the fabric of society caused by the Jew. We women LIKE being objectified as long as we get the attention and it is rewarded. However women on the low end of the beauty scale are mad and angry. When a women does not get sex there are hormones that do not get produced and she gets bitchy. So men do not STOP making love and giving attention to us. We can’t help it but is something try not to do but our emotions often are depend on you. Women are needed in our white movement more than ever and it is time. We can do without you Shawn. But you can not imagine the good Evalion has done. Mary


    • What the fuck does Evalion have to do with this? I’ve never said that Evalion hasn’t done good things.

      You seem just like Sinead. You just want to make it about the men this, women that bullshit. I am simply here to fight for my white folk. Period. I don’t care for the men and women bullshit.

      As for doing without me, go ahead and do without me. Knowbody asked you to come here.

      Have a good life. Bye now.


  3. Regarding Richard Spencer. I heard a few podcasts with him and read about NPI in recent news.
    I don’t know if he’s gay, but people say that so I take it as it is. Here we have to remember Commander Rockwell on homosexuals. Richard has his heart in the right place, speaks up for the White race, but he has a mental problem about his personal sexuality.
    He’s getting called a Nazi anyway. Richard was always accused of not naming the Jew. That has changed. He does now!

    Reagrding women. Chivalry and etiquette toward women vanish the minute a woman steps into politics and other male-spaces. Feminism has men confused. We get women like Merkel in charge and she gets away with way more than any man would because the angry masculine mob sees a woman and instinctively switches to chivalry and etiquette toward women.

    Opening doors, “children and women first” in emergency situations and the rest of our social order is only applicable to women, who act like women. This privilege vanishes. Any woman who acts like a man loses her female privilege.

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_Nazi_Germany National Socialism applies traditional gender roles. No women in politics or police and military. First priority is the responsibility for family. A non-responsibility job is permissible in times of war and shortage of male labor. And outstanding female artists or engineers etc can deviate from this norm, as seen with Leni Rieffenstahl and Hanah Reitsch. But female quotas or as a rule sending women to university, where they waste their best reproductive years is complete Jewish nonsense.


    • Richard Spencers heart is hardly in the right place, Markus. He condones people such as Roosh “Rapist” V and Milo. Don’t preach Spencers bullshit here. It’s not welcome.

      As for National Socialism, I agree that family needs to come first, but I will say that if a woman does not have children, I don’t see a problem with her having a show, as long as she stays out of the politics.

      This topic is getting way too like “men this, women that” for me and I ain’t willing to go down that road.

      I am here to fight for my White Western People. I don’t give a fuck about the women this, men that bullshit.

      Women have a place and they know it. Men have a place and they know it. If either does not know that place, they don’t have a place on this network.


      • I don’t know too much about Spencer. I only saw #Heilgate and heard him in an interview about this, in which he was also antisemitic. And then the backlash of the Jews, harrassing his mother. That’s all. I don’t want to push Richard Spencer here on your website.


  4. For all of you. I ain’t going on and on about this crap. I was asked some questions and I answered the most important of them all. Now, it’s time to get back to the fight for White Western Civilisation.

    Move on.


  5. I agree with not having women do political shows. That should be left to the men, because they naturally do it better. Its ok for women to do interviews with men about politics, as long as its just about his viewa. We women can make our voices heard by talking about things like social issues, health and motherhood / homemaking.

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    • I agree 100% Rose. I think women can offer advice for more female-centered things if you will, like what you mentioned but leave the politics and debating to the men.


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