Get It Done Before 2017

Hey hey Ladies and Gents.

I’ve had so many emails and messages coming in since I left Renegade and they have kept coming to this very day.  And since Sinead took it upon herself to start the battle back up again, I thought I would finally get all this shit off my chest before we reach 2017.

The network will be starting in around 14 days, on the 31st of December, (New Years Eve for the Americans) and the last thing I want to be doing is dragging all this bullshit into the new year.  So for those of you that have been asking questions and for those of you that have wanted me to make a statement, this is it.  This is where it is done and finished.

Enjoy the side of the argument that you don’t get to hear…


15 thoughts on “Get It Done Before 2017

  1. in all respect, there could be a strong possibility Kyle was either sexually confused or abused as a boy, he always appears ‘off-centre’, nervous, fidgety, stuttering-lack of self belief, never laughs, never can focus longer then 7 sec in a conversation with a guest … no wonder his wife wears the pants.
    good on you to blow off the dust before the new year, i’ll do the same, RIP Renegade … skol!
    (insert sound of firecrackers)

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  2. Music to my ears Shaun. I finally had to stop merely listening in to Renegades garbage and the chaos freaks. We have enough to deal with in life let alone having to listen or deal with their kind of drama, chaos, cat fights, flat Earth, extremist man hating feminism, and other stupid crap. So yeah, leave em’ in the dust like I have had to leave other so-called White or American Nationalist in the dust that popped up from the state of Florida. With the majority of them being liars, hypocrites, shadow Zionist and other assortments of phony garbage wasting my time.

    On queen bee feminism. If people really listened to Sinead and what she has made remarks on, well, she stepped on her own dick especially on what she will do to have her way in life, or push her agendas. Constantly wanting to drag people into her personal dramas all the time is sick and shows how needy and lost she is. Her easily bruised super ego like others there and seemingly like Hal Turner of old, always creating chaos or having the need to seem pathologically narcissistic and out for any attack she can make on others. Not to mention the hypocrisy of it all. And I won’t get into the mind-set and cult followers who have the need to bow down to all the crap, or too afraid to offend or piss off somebody for pointing out some real issues about others wanting to be leaders of the cult when some introspection and inner-working needs to be done first and foremost.

    In ending this, it is females like her, the drama and chaos freaks, those who feel they are above all others, that men are here to bow to their every whim, the gossip, the well known scorn and revenge they carry, is why others and myself have been forced out of our ‘Free” Veteran’s Health care system due to all that special interest group activism, corruption, and all the covering-up they do for the team mates. How dare a patient question a Marx Feminist in high positions? Especially us men who shouldn’t ever be allowed to question a modern day “professional” woman. No we are supposed to be door-mats for all the PC crowd out their and for Sinead, her college level activism shows clearly and brightly for all to see. If they have eyes and ears to see and hear it hiding in the shadows.

    Life is too short for any more shit coming out of Florida, Jew York City or from Jew Jersey. Or to have to deal with ADL of BB, PETA, or NAACP tactics, or from the PC cliques.

    Have a good day.

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  3. Good move Shaun trying to get this out of the way before the official start of your network.

    No need to jump back into it UNLESS THEY ATTACK YOU & YOURS again.

    Used to go to Renegade’s site daily to hopefully find a podcast or article worth checking out. There’s still some decent stuff there and Mike Walsh is always enjoyable to listen to imo.

    I don’t like all the drama so didn’t follow if is was going on in the early days of Renegade, but where it all started for me was this flat earth BULLSHIT. As stated in an earlier comment, I’ve been studying Plasma Comet Fusion/Solar System Formation for a long time so I know 100% flat earth is complete non-sense. None the less, I listened to a couple Renegade programs on the topic out of utter disbelief !!! This wasn’t funny or even entertaining, it was shockingly retarded !! With the “right” wording just about anything can be made to appear “plausible” ….. but what it all boiled down to was attacking the listener. “You can’t handle this ultimate lie” or “your jewish programming is too deep to handle this final truth” etc. I couldn’t believe the damage this was doing.

    To be completely honest, I never could stand Sinead’s immaturity. I can handle a foul mouth, but this girl seemed to get off on attacking people. There’s a vindictive immaturity there that rubbed me wrong from the first time I heard her.

    Then …. they canned the great John Kaminski …. lets not forget that move !!!! And what for ? Because he wrote a truthful essay on feminism and referenced a video on the subject. The crux of Mr. Kaminski’s essay was pointing out the VERY destructive element of jewish created feminism. And Renegade had a problem with this ???? That was the 2nd real eyebrow raiser for me.

    The third serious problem for me is Chris Dorsey. Militia, constitution and law … repeat ad nausea.

    The incredible JB Campbell has longggggggg destroyed the myth of the constitution, the notion of solving the problem legally (jewish created laws remember ??), and the ineffectiveness of militia. Dorsey’s entire premise is utter bullshit. Advice for Mr. Dorsey …. listen to every JB Campbell program you can find and read all his essays. Dorsey is dangerously clueless.

    On top of all this …. Sinead is STILL flapping away with destructive immaturity. Her divisiveness has been VERY effective. And I’m not (as of yet) trying to suggest it’s on purpose. She’s just a very damaging personality in trying to save our countries and our race.
    Took me awhile to realize …. just because someone is actually legit (I’m assuming) and they are on the scene doing something… doesn’t mean they should be.

    It’s too bad because I’ve yet to have any reason to doubt Kyle’s legitimacy and no reason not to believe he’s ultimately a good guy.

    However, I’m now forced to admit & accept many have been correct all along in their assessment of Sinead destroying the headway Renegade was making. It ‘s been destroyed and we are witnessing the sad death of it.

    Frankly Kyle, I’d be really pissed off at your girl for doing this to all your hard work and intentions. I’m sorry to say man, but your wife undermined and destroyed Renegade. Are you man enough to face THAT truth ?

    This is my take on the entire thing, sorry for the long rant.

    Renegade is now far too tainted to ever recover from this stuff.

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  4. Looking forward to your shows, pity about Kyle as he seems a pretty smart guy. I’ve seen so many guys messed up by a woman. They can be your best support or the cancer that kills you. Sinead is still growing up and I do not listen to her shows as too annoying with no substance. About the only time she made sense was when she was talking with a co host such as you or John. Kyle should keep her in check or she the one wearing the pants?

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    • Yes, she is only in her 20’s, but I think the main problems that are causing her behaviour have to do with how she suffered in a mental institution and the fact that her emotional health is lacking even further due to her veganism. I was vegan for a few years until I realized it was effecting my emotions by turning me into a moody bitch LOL, so I started eating meat again and my emotions quickly evened out. So as cruel as she has been, I do have some compassion for her, though not tolerance. Hopefully she can heal eventually and grow up.


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