The Cost of Surviving

You have to ask yourself Ladies and Gentlemen, are you living or surviving?  If you speak to anybody that lived through the 40’s and/or 50’s they will tell you that back then you could LIVE!  A couple of houses a car and 6 kids, was easy to deal with compared to now.  Why?  I mean aren’t things suppose to improve as time goes on?

Tell me something, out of all of the times that you have been told by your Presidents and Prime Ministers, that he/she is the right choice, how often have they proven this?  Because as far as I can see, more damage is being done every year.  Here we are, on the door of 2017 and people are battling to make ends meet.  You don’t have the two houses, you don’t have a couple of cars and if you do, you’ve worked like a slave to get them.   And more than likely, you have more than one person in the household working.  How has feminism worked out for ya?  It got the women to work and the family still has fuck all to show for it.

It’s a bloody joke and they are laughing at you, all the way to the bank.


69 thoughts on “The Cost of Surviving

  1. The age of the “precariat” – a class lower than proletariat. One month away from homelessness at all times. Working as intended. A fearful populace is an obedient one. Economic punishment is supra-legal.


  2. Whoa Whoa Whoa ….. Kyle is attacking you again and this time through your girlfriend ?

    What is this dudes problem ? He and his wife are constantly bashing others for not unifying yet they expend a fair bit of effort on division. What the hell man ?

    More than once I’ve heard Kyle brag that he’s so smart he could have made multi millions in the corporate world yet choose to save us instead. Then we find out he does’t even have a job and his wife pays the bills ? I will give him props for being on the scene and fighting the jewish problem and fully admit to the economy/job market in the US being rough. Gotta say though, if he’s so bloody smart why is he causing so much division ?

    My wife does NOT work. She’s a stay at home Mom and indeed Shaun, it’s a full time job ! She just started home schooling our little boy and we are discussing having another child.

    Point being, I work, she does not. I have a very unusual/unstable job and it’s often very tough to make it all work. We have made radical lifestyle choices together in order allow her raise our child the way children are supposed to be raised. And it’s all bloody worth it !!!

    It’s not always easy for her, nor for I, but we are committed to each other, to our child, and we stand together against jewish aggression.

    Sorry Kyle but even countless illegal men in the US work at what they can to provide for their families !!


    • I’m in the same boat Artie. My work is far from secure. Some months it’s very lucrative, others it’s almost dead and I am battling to pay bills, but I always make it through, even after paying for two children and looking after a step-brother and I will be DAMNED if I would have my significant other go out and work for me. I would door knock for work before I would allow it to come to that.

      As for Kyle, he’s not as smart as he makes out. He’s knowledgeable, no doubt, but even Gumby can be knowledgeable given enough time and books. He’s not that witty or intelligent though and I think that’s why Sinead landed with him instead of staying with the Celtic Rebel. Rebel was a little too smart for her, which made it hard for her to manipulate. Kyle was the right kind of knowledgeable and docile at the same time.

      P.S. It was Sinead that attacked Shield Maiden, not Kyle as far as I know. But they are one and the same.


      • Apologize Shaun. Didn’t realize it was Sinead doing the attacking.

        So Sinead used to be hitched with Celtic Rebel ? (I don’t follow all the drama details). She seems to be making the patriot rounds !

        Obviously I do not know the woman but she gives off a bit of vibe for being the man controlling type. Often when I hear her rants I detect a strong immaturity with a bit of a trouble making bent.

        It’s too bad because Renegade was making headway. Now I can only selectively listen to it. How many times can they interview each other ? Between the two of them they have destroyed the effort and will never recover from it.

        As a Renegade side note, I can’t stand this Chris Dorsey guy. Militia and constitution….. Militia and constitution. Completely clueless individual. Militia has done F-all and never will. Constitution was a complete fraud from the get-go . Evidence of both is overwhelming. I have to seriously question if this guy is as stupid and ill informed as he seems or is purposeful misdirection from the truth. Not to mention that the militia are one of the most FBI infiltrated “organizations” in the US.

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      • Yeah, you’re not the only one getting that vibe about Dorsey. He’s one of the people that I get many emails about. It was also he and his bum-chum Dopetree that made some of the first attacks against me after I had left Renegade apparently. And he was also the first to attack Beattie. Nick followed soon after and Kyle came in last in the chatroom. I’d never seen such low class from a network before.

        As for Celtic Rebel and Sinead…. Whilst I don’t trust Rebel as far as I can throw him, you can usually tell when he’s authentic or not and recently I was passed an email that probably wasn’t meant to see the light of day. It speaks to how Sinead did the rounds on the patriots, as you have said… She glued herself to Rebel and then tried landing all of his friends. Kyle ended up the one stupid enough to keep her and even though he didn’t want people to know, (actually it was Sinead that didn’t want people to know, for obvious reasons now) he now flaunts it like it’s something to be proud of.

        I recently got a message here on the board saying, “you wanted to fuck Sinead, Shaun and for that you will burn in hell… I was like, “fuck Sinead?!?! Oh Christ no.” As my brother will tell anybody, when I first seen her, I said “she looks like that horror-head out of the movie Dolls”… I stand by that. Whilst I did think she was OK for a while there when it comes to the fight, I couldn’t have a crush on her if I tried. So this is one patriot she could never end up with, just so her pet trolls that are reading understand that.

        They send their lackies over here to try and get on the board. It ain’t happening though. There are plenty of places where they can bitch about me, but this ain’t one of them. If people only knew the shenanigans that they pull behind all of this….

        Speaking of shenanigans, Celtic was saying in the same email, that Sinead doesn’t believe a thing she says about blacks. That Kyle is doing it for the money and Sinead is doing it for the attention. I don’t know that he’s accurate about Kyle, because I never got that vibe about him, (although he does seem to want his own welfare system through donations, so mayeb) but Sinead is indeed an attention whore and she proved it every show I had heard. She wanted to be a singer and from what I understand, even quite possibly a model. I think she saw opportunity’s in Kyle when she caught wind of the White Man March. She must be disappointed that he wasn’t the limelight she expected. It explains the tears she had in her car that day, about blacks getting their EBT goods for free whilst she is battling to make ends meet.

        This whole thing with them, was because of Sinead in fact. If you don’t think like Sinead, you’re not a part of their little cult. That’s how it comes across, not just to me, but hundreds of people it seems. The emails have been unreal since I left the network. The only reason Kyle was initially upset, is because I put him in a position where he had to prove that he has the balls of the family and what made him so angry, is that he couldn’t do it, because Sinead wouldn’t let him. She did the talking in the background and he couldn’t get a word in edgewise. It must have made him feel like an utter child. When I let rip on them (this was in Skype) she kept repeating, “you’re acting like a 2 year old Shaun” and I am sure that’s what she probably does to him, before he finally shuts the fuck up. I wasn’t shutting the fuck up however and she didn’t like that one bit. When she herself started raising her voice, I called her on it and that was too much. They hung up. That’s when I pulled the plug.

        They can scream as loudly as they want about who’s fault this all was, but people know that it was Sinead all the way. They quite often write to me about how it’s always been her that has bought that network to it’s knees and now that I am gone and I have had more time to think, so much of what happened there makes sense now.

        Anyway, I hope that keeps you at least roughly up-to-date on the drama side of things Artie. I know that there are many people out there that want to know what is happening and some day I may dedicate a little time on the show to speak about it. I will see what happens, because I really don’t want to make this network about them. Should they keep up their bullshit, then I will probably sooner than later talk about everything that happened.

        Cheers mate.


      • nooo fucking way! … so ok that explains Kyles’ chronic insecurity … sloppy seconds to Celtic closet rebel … yak!
        i’d rather hang myself


      • I listened to both of them and did not hear shield maiden mentioned once. Maybe Nazi John is trolling? I wouldn’t put it past Sinead though. Stupid whore.


      • It’s apparent she called her a “perfect example of a mutant female”. It’s typical. And then they will try and flip it back on me because I dare defend Maiden. It’s very jewy of them. “The jew cries out whilst he strikes”.


    • She referred to me by my real name so I would know she was talking about me and then said that it seemed “dykey.” And Kyle laughed in the background like the little high school teenage girl bitch that he is. They need to grow up. I have enough things going on at the moment to care about them. They always want to drag people into their drama and I have no interest being involved in it. But this is typical, look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder and you will see Sinead. She will never admit that it’s her horrible behavior that drives people away. She’d rather sit there and play victim, which is a very Jewy tactic if you ask me.


      • Which show was this on? She made some claim about you and then called you dykey? Or she said your name seemed dykey somehow? Wtf…Those two really do seem jewy – both Kyle and her husband Sinead.


      • I listen to a bit of stuff from various people & happened to catch these shows. I thought when Sinead was saying that she was talking about Michelle(?). I can understand the term “mutant female” as Shaun says above & “dykey” being applied to that f’sure lol! Stay cool fellas 😉


      • Michelle wasn’t always a nasty piece of work. She got nasty when Sinead kept pushing. If anybody goes back through my archives, there is a show where I speak about how she’s young and needs to be lead in the right direction. After the flat-earth thing came about, Michelle ditched Sinead and then Sinead started her usual shenanigans and went all out to make Michelle look bad. Michelle took it too far apparently and called child protection services out on Sinead. That’s if it’s even true. I’ve seen no proof of that and my sin was to believe Sinead at the time without substance.

        Even after Michelle had stopped, Sinead kept going. She called her a half man, half woman thing for a while. No wonder Michelle disappeared off the radar.

        Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a person that attacked Jeanice Barcelo as well. It takes an unstable mind to attack somebody as caring as Jeanice.

        This is not about who Sinead hates. It’s about how much attention she can get from it. Take a look at the past year. She takes a situation with people that has nothing to do with her, attacks them for it, the situation is then applied to her and she then plays victim to gain the attention. What just took place with her calling Maiden out by her real name is evident of that.

        Kyle needs to give that girl some more loving and attention and perhaps then she wouldn’t feel the need to continuously make everything about her.


  3. Sure Michelle made a fool of herself being a drunk on video, but Sinead is the one who constantly brought her up, it seemed obsessive. And there are things I disagree with Jeanice Barcelo about but I agree Sinead was unstable in that situation and unfair. Sinead is really quite immature, I remember her using some sort of slang I had to ask someone about (can’t remember the term) referring to a womans, to put it delicately, pelvic fat. She was all over twitter at one point with that as if it was hilarious. She often acts like a catty teenage girl about other women. She just thrives on drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is in the movement for attention and isn’t really pro-white. For all we know the rumours about her being a mudshark are true.


    • I’ve seen how close she was with blacks in the photos on Joe Sigurs website. If she wasn’t a mudshark, she was at very least WAY too close to blacks for my liking.

      We could say, “well she was young and she made some mistakes”. OK, fair enough, but then the same should apply to Michelle. She was young and she made some mistakes. Of course, that view point doesn’t get Sinead any attention, so we’ll ditch that idea, right?

      And since it won’t be applied to Michelle, it won’t be applied to Sinead either, so I am left to say, that at very least “she was acting like a mudshark”.


      • Yeah, she does seem a bit too cuddly with those blacks…Even before I was race-aware I wasn’t friends with them, aside from getting along with the ones I had to work with, just because it’s easier to get along with people.

        Didn’t Sinead claim that Michelle has some sort of mental disability? Or is it physical? I also seem to recall Sinead making fun of her for it. That seems cruel, coming from someone who works with autistic children.


      • I’m not sure if Michelle actually has anything mentally wrong, but Sinead was saying that she has something wrong with the way that her body defines it’s sex. She seems maybe a little mentally slow, but other than that, she had her head screwed on tight. At least for a while. I wish I had have handled things a bit differently, because that girl could have been a good part of the movement. And in saying that, I don’t mean the “female side of the movement”, I mean the “white side of the movement.” Nothing shitted me more than when Sinead kept separating the two. Men this, women that. It drove a stake right down the fucking middle of white folk. Speak about whites being fucked over, but not women being fucked over or men being fucked over. White folk are being fucked over, period!

        When somebody speaks about feminism, they should be addressing how it has caused white folk, social disorder. Not men and not women. White folk PERI-FUCKING-OD! (PERIOD)

        I was giving Cody a bit of shit and acting autistic and then I caught wind of him actually being autistic. I asked Kyle if it was true and he said, “yeah he’s actually really autistic” and I was like, “oh fuck…”

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  4. Have to agree with your assessment Shaun regarding Sinead’s need for attention. CLASSIC case of it.

    I’m not going to go into too much detail but I have A LOT of very close experience with hugely successful rock stars. You’d know every one of them if I listed.

    I know the various personality types well. Some are more together than others of course. Take it as you will … and my intention is not to directly bash her per say…. just stating what my abundant personal experience is ……but Sinead has CLASSIC fragile wanna be musician attention needs. Full on – look at me, love me, drama queen, needy wanna be musician type. That kind of damage is difficult to reverse from what I’ve seen. And I do not buy for one second she didn’t “make it” because the industry is run by jews as I’ve heard her state on a show or two., sorry to say but I know what’s involved in the process .

    Often when people want to be a singer soooooooo badly but do not have a clue how to gain success and eventually fail in the endeavour. (whether they’re any good or not) .. they still end up with the messed up musician mentality that some have. It can be ugly and destructive.

    My experience is why I could see right through her issues and what she has been doing to destroy & divide.

    Damn, I’m starting to feel sorry for Kyle for the first time !

    Anyway, appreciate the details Shaun. I’m not a drama junky and would rather none of this silly suff occurred.

    One final point on Sinead’s adherence to flat earth ….. I’ve been studying Plasma Comet Fusion / Solar System Formation for about 15+ years (no, not via the party line) so I knew full well she was off her rocker on that subject.

    Oden – flat earther – wanna be musician – drama queen ….. oh brother. Is it any wonder we never really amass a “side” in this war ?


    • If she really wanted to be a vocalist, she could make it happen. She has many faults, but her voice is exceptional. I know many (not rich) people who are able to make at least half of their income by recording independently and not having to sell their bodies. The only reason I can think of for why she doesn’t do that is that she finds it more fun to spend her time being a drama queen.


      • Well Rose, we’ll have to agree to disagree here.

        She has a good voice but I have heard and worked with women who are better singers, some are worse.

        But that was’t my point. No, she could’n’t “make it happen” if she suddenly decided to. Like I said, I intimately know what’s involved and again, without intent of bashing …. she’s just a girl who sings. There are millions of them. There’s a lot involved and being a good singer (or not) is only one part of the equation.

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    • Yeah I hear on that Artie and I don’t blame you for not wanting the drama. I could have done without it as well. Renegade could have gone on without this bullshit had Sinead just controlled herself. But then, I would still be a part of Renegade if that was the case and looking at what Sinead and even Renegade in general has become, I am really glad I ain’t.

      Some people might ask, why it is that I am still bickering with them, well it’s simple really… They keep attacking. Everything went silent as far as I know, but then Sinead wasn’t getting enough attention and Renegade wasn’t getting enough ratings so she and Kyle had to ruffle some feathers. They knew they would do that, by starting a fight with Maiden, knowing full well Maiden and I are hitched. However, they are barking up the wrong tree, because I like a good fight once in a while and my life is totally transparent. They even tried to bring my Daughter into this but it didn’t work. What shits them the most about me, is that they cannot get up my nose in any way. I laugh at it. So this is why they go after my loved ones. As I said earlier, very jewy of them.

      As for the flat-earth bullshit, I think Giuliani did a fantastic job of making them all look like a bunch of fools. He had facts, they had nothing. They still have nothing to this day.


      • Agree you must fight back when they attack you Shaun. It’s all so unnecessary but when they hit your personal life …. go for the throat.

        I have little else to say regarding the Sinead drama and have already involved myself more than necessary.

        Have to admit, there’s one part of this I’ve been enjoying….

        The day you pulled out the computer mess Renegade have been experiencing ever since is something they deserve imo. It’s clear as day what you have done for them and foolhardy of them to not fully appreciate it. CLEARLY you were a real asset on all levels to their network.

        You decided to start a network and announced it. Then you started a site and have been building the endeavour in a seamless and professional manner far as I can see. You are a man of your word.

        I like that you’re a fighter and are steadfast in your direction. In short, to me it’s crush the jewish problem, stop the BS and remain honourable in the process.

        I wish you the best with your network !!


  5. we all make mistakes.but this SinMccarthy has been undermining the white truth movement too long.
    As soon as she got into KyleHunts pants, RenegadeBroadcast was toast.
    It’s just a laughable parody of what it once was, or could have been.
    Luckily we don’t have to wait long for it’s sad demise,
    very likely ‘Sinead the Divider’ will have a massive nervous breakdown within the next 3 months
    and Kyle without pants will have to pull the plug and become a ‘fulltime painter’ on welfare money,
    let’s give them a hand!


      • His paintings are actually quite well done. He did a really good one of Hitler. I don’t know that he will ever pursue it in a way to make a lot of money though. He’s not yet at that level and he made no attempt to improve from what I can tell. I was on the verge of buying his Hitler painting just before it all blew up between them and I.


  6. Attacking the Alt-Right as crypto-Muslims is the new thing and a bunch of pro-White women are in on it.
    Nobody wants Sharia Law for Europe. If some trolls in comment sections say that, does that reflect the consensus?
    A White National Socialist society puts women in their natural state. Basically the traditional role that White women always played.
    How can you be a feminist and a Nazi, a Feminazi? It’s an oxymoron.


  7. I am not for the alt-right, the muslims or the cryptos of any walk of life. I am a White Nationalist. None of the aforementioned qualify for White Nationalism, including the alt-right. The alt-right is full of a degenerates such as Richard Spencer, Milo and Nathan Flamingo and every one of them accept people like Rapist Rouche V. No Thank You. Commander Rockwell would be rolling over in his grave right now.


  8. She’s like a whining old cow that needs to be put down. Race mixers are tainted no matter what. She clearly fucked those black dudes. Uh oh! I bet I triggered the vegans with that comment.


    • Good call mate! On ya! Bloody vegans should all be shot I reckon! And y’know what – I like the hate here – hate gets a bad rap but it’s an emotion just like love and it’s a bloody necessary one too! Make hate great again I say! Get some good aussie meat in ya (don’t let your woman near the barby tho!!!), get in behind and keep the hate flowing! Time to go sink another brew or six for the cause! Cheers brothers & sisters!

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      • Yep, hate is a good emotion to harness. I love discussing hate with people because it’s so easy to challenge their brainwashed ideas about it. I can usually get them agreeing with me by the end of the discussion that hate is good lol! Keep the hate flowing guys and remember in the words of Johnny “Anger is an energy!” Haha! Think I’ll grab a few beers now too & toast ya Wakka, cheers mate!


  9. What show did Sinead attack Shield Maiden in?

    My other question is, why did Shield Maiden and Rose have to step into the drama to begin with? It didn’t seem like Sinead wanted to involve herself until the women chimed in, so this came across as an instance where she wasn’t guilty of starting, at least in public anyway.

    If women cut down on the interpersonal drama, things would run smoother and more stuff would get done.


    • Sinead was the one who started all this. The only reason I “stepped into the drama” so to speak, was to defend Shaun, who I respect and was offended on behalf of. And do you really expect Shield Maiden, Shauns girlfriend, to remain silent? Or maybe you are one of those people who thinks women shouldn’t have a say about anything?


    • What the fuck are you talking about Baz? Shield and Rose didn’t step into any drama. They joined the cause to help Sinead because she was allegedly leading the female side of things on Renegade. Rose took her leave after Sineads bullshit drama and Shield wanted to step aside when Sinead started the drama about me, because she respected both of us. Sinead then kicked Shieldy out of what they called the Renegade Twitter Think Tank (what the fuck is that anyway?) because Shieldy wanted to remain mutual on the whole thing and Sinead didn’t like that. As I said, if you don’t think like Sinead, you ain’t a part of their cult. Shield said nothing to Sinead in any bad way because she didn’t want the drama, so Sinead took it upon herself to use Shieldys real name on the show, to get the drama happening.

      Baz, if you took the fuckin time to get the facts by actually reading through the comments and articles I have written here, you would know that. Oh, but I forgot, you Renegade faggots don’t work with facts, you just take it up the arse from that him-shim called Sinead.

      Get your fucking facts right from now on pussy boy.


      • So it’s pretty much what I thought. Men have enough issues but should deal with them like men, the minute the women get involved it’s fur flying and hissyfits everywhere.

        Shield had the right, then, to defend her man but according to that logic so did Sinead.

        All I see now is women keeping the drama going. Besides, women take things harder, maybe because they make it more personal more often.

        Shield should have laid off Sinead at a certain point.

        Women either learn boundaries or go start a gossip column. I for one am sick of this shit.


      • Shaun’s written some good stuff on how women always fuck things up & I agree, women need to know their place in the natural order as do men! I’m sure Shield Maiden knows hers or she wouldn’t be with Shaun & you can see both her & Rose respect Shaun & will defend him while all the while knowing their natural subservient position to their men. Good on ya ladies! This is how mutual respect works. Men are the natural leaders with their stronger hand & nature dictates that men must keep order. If that sometimes means that the man’s hand has to be occasionally used to keep an out-of-line woman in place then so be it, that also is part of nature but one reserved as a last resort.


  10. As for Ingrid that tried to stain my board with her stink, I would absolutely punch you in the fuckin mouth too, woman or not. You see, I my have a foul mouth but I have respect for those that have respect for me and others. You on the other hand, don’t know what respect is. Take that back to your Renegade slag-bag and tell them to stick it up their arse.

    Man or woman, contrary to what Kyle may tell you about me not being “brave” enough, disrespect me to my face and I will show you what happens.


    • How was Sinead defending her man? Sinead is the one who thrives on starting shit. Sinead is the hysterical flat earther vegan feminist, yet all you see is women plural causing shit? Pay attention. You clearly have emotional issues when it comes to women. Fuck that divide and conquer bullshit, we need both men and women to come together to fight the kikes.


    • Sinead used Shield Maiden’s real name on a program ? Man…. that’s low.

      I don’t have a problem with jews knowing my real name, they have the technology control to know our real names. They’re easy, they show up they die without hesitation.

      However, when someone like myself uses an online moniker, it’s because of the potential hassle with the nut jobs in our own movement !!!! And often it’s the christian’s who are the worst !

      Sinead deserves a much in the teeth for that one. You just don’t do that.


      • Agreed Artie. Up until that time, Shield had directed nothing at Sinead. Not post nor pre-argument.

        Sinead starts the drama, causes the argument, then plays the victim, which causes people to blame the other side. Take a look at Baz for example… Sinead started the whole mess, we defend ourselves when she attacks and then people run out to defend poor wittle Sinn Sinn. It’s fucking pathetic.


      • “we defend ourselves when she attacks and then people run out to defend poor wittle Sinn Sinn. It’s fucking pathetic.”



    • Hear! Hear! Just cos it’s a woman doesn’t excuse her from a “punch in the mouth” as Shaun puts it! Disrespect someone to their face like that and man OR woman you get what’s coming! Well said Shaun!


  11. Again Baz, you don’t know what you are talking about man. Shield still hasn’t attacked Sinead to this day. She only defended herself. So what in fucks name do you mean that she should have laid off? To this day, Shield still hasn’t gone out of her way to direct anything at Sinead, except when she explained that Sinead called her a mutant.

    If Sinead is going to attack people, do these people not have the right to defend themselves? You must be havin a laugh mate!


    • So in other words you’re a woman hating faggot, got it. If you were actually paying attention you could see that the only one being jewy is Sinead. Unless you are just a troll. You got one thing right, you can’t keep up.


  12. Several people have hits out on Sinead. She’s got it coming for her. You can’t just bad mouth people and expect not to get fucked with. She’s pissed a lot of people off.


    • I don’t condone the murder of the girl in any way, shape or form. I’d hope that sooner rather than later she would seek rehabilitation because she definitely has some mental issues. This is not to say that it wouldn’t surprise me if people do indeed have a vendetta with her.

      Everybody is different. I personally like to rehabilitate before I reach a level of so called destruction against somebody, the same way Commander Rockwell rehabilitated homosexuals. He said that he would like to see queers gassed but he was able to help a few of them to get back on track as good straight men.


  13. Why can’t any of you let it go? So my last comment was conveniently ‘wiped’ out.

    Now there’s more drama.

    Fucking pathetic. There’s a war going on or haven’t any of you noticed?

    You know what I think, Shaun? I think both you and Sinead have boundary issues and drama problems.

    Nothing else explains this incessant back and forth, like a pair of jewish yentas.


    Exactly what do either of you think you’re accomplishing for our race? Do you think this shit attracts the ‘normies?’ Do you think it does anything but give the jews endless satisfaction? There isn’t a point you or she makes that doesn’t get wholly discredited by this backstabbing with jew weapons no less.

    That’s a question that goes out to you, to Sinead McCarthy, to any and everyone who can’t or won’t draw a line.

    The Israelis made Menachim Begin prime minister for I guess a bunch of reasons, but the biggest legend surrounding him stemmed from a story about his devotion to his people’s survival. He was part of (and maybe led) one faction fighting the arabs I think early in his career, but another israeli faction conflicted with his to such a degree that the entire jewish front was self destructing. Begin laid down his gun and said, “I will not fight another jew.”

    It’s a true story. He actually stepped down and allowed the less magnanimous group to dominate. Later his people recognized this lack of egotism by making him prime minister.

    What the fuck does it say about our people that this endless petty drama about virtually nothing goes on and no one lays down their gun, so to speak, while the jews in all their hideousness overcame their baseness to unite? Shit, all one of you has to do is just move the fuck on, you don’t even have to unite.

    But that’s apparently too much to ask.

    Again, disgust. Why do people think the jews elicit such undeserved sympathy?

    They never divide in the face of the enemy.

    So you’ll react with BS insults if you approve this comment, Sinead McCarthy will try to publicize my name or just call my alias silly pejoratives. And the jews win.

    Take a breath and think, people. If you can’t move beyond yourself, think about your children and how you’ll explain your refusal to honor a cause bigger than your own ego to them ten years from now. Think about how our people suffered and died building our countries and defending them, what it took to sustain life on the frontier.

    Just fucking think for once, about something other than yourselves.


    • drawing parallels with israeli ‘kosher tactics’ gives me the shivers….something very political correct about your statements… eloquent but fucking fishy!


  14. Well, thanks, Shaun, for allowing my comment to stand. And thanks to everyone here for maybe allowing maturity and white survival to triumph, if I’m not deluding myself.

    We all have baggage, scars, and a past, but the future belongs to those willing to forge ahead.

    Let’s hope others learn this as well.

    Hail Victory


  15. baz: “You know what I think, Shaun? I think both you and Sinead have boundary issues and drama problems.
    Nothing else explains this incessant back and forth, like a pair of jewish yentas.

    classic psychology: were two fight two are at fault, and they’reboth the same.

    Such oversimplification does not do justice to whats happened……………., its like saying israel attacking lebanon both are equally at fault………….

    baz “Exactly what do either of you think you’re accomplishing for our race?”

    would suggest you first ask that question to sinead (see how fast she’ll bann ya LOL) and the 6 trillion people she has attacked so far……


  16. classy ….you sound like a Renegator troll,
    probably ‘hollywood’ Dorsey or coward Saint Nicholas,
    trying to get traffic for your female boss with marrocan-jewish features.


  17. Number 1 Baz, I didn’t not allow your post otherwise I wouldn’t have allowed you in the first place. I have occasionally fucked things up in the comments mechanic, because I am not very well savvy to all this. I also work 3 jobs whilst I am sitting here talking to you, so give me a fucking break. I probably deleted the wrong comment somewhere along the line.

    Number 2, if you think that I am going to allow people to walk all over me, you have another thing coming. Everybody DID shut-up at one stage. As far as I knew, they went quiet and so did we as you can clearly see on the website. Then Sinead all of a sudden comes out of nowhere and attacks Shield Maiden. And Shield Maiden had never said anything negative toward Sinead AT FUCKING ALL! So I defend Shield Maiden and now you want me to believe for a second that I am at fault? Go fuck yourself!

    Listen up people. If somebody fucks with you and your family and/or your loved ones, you defend them at any cost. Don’t listen to people like Baz, that obviously has no moral compass about him at all.

    Baz, I allowed your comments because at first you had some respect, but to even allude to me being in a back and forth battle with Sinead, like a couple of jews, you’re skating on thin fucking ice my deluded chum. Keep it up and your comments won’t be welcome here anymore, because I don’t tolerate bullshit on this board.


    • Too right! You know Shaun, we put people down all the time for white-knighting, I think you’ve called Kyle a white knight at least a couple of times, but there’s nothing wrong with it when the shoes on the other foot. Defending our property & women means we have to be white knights sometimes – hey we’re white & we have to fight like knights right? All good man, keep fighting the good fight and eventually we’ll see the light! Hang tight brothers & sisters! 😉


      • Nope, you have me confused with somebody else Marlboro. It was me who was called a white knight for defending Sinead on so many occasions. Go back and have a listen to my archives. I defended her left right and center. I even called somebody by the name of Joe Sigur and warned him to stop spreading Sineads parents home address and the messages and emails started coming in about me being white knight for Sinead. I have always believed (and I said this on the show) that white-knighting is necessary in this fight. We need to become men again and defend our Ladies, otherwise the Ladies feel they have to do it themselves and end up like Sinead. A feminist.


  18. I ain’t buying this Michael guy and this “hits” business on her.

    This is someone just trying to make your site look nutty right out of the gate.

    This is not to scare Sinead, this is an attempt to make you look bad Shaun.


      • I haven’t searched around over there but indeed they are speaking of it in the comments on the “Six Million Dollar Gas Bill” interview with Sinead.

        There’a a couple links to the “hit” comments here, essentially pointing out how extreme and nutting it is here. So it’s intentional imo.

        As a side note…
        The interview with “Six Million Dollar Gas Bill” was really good, and amazingly Sinead didn’t ruin it. She can never quite get away from an immaturity in the way she speaks but “six million” is great. Really enjoyed the way she communicated and the topics she covered.


  19. Baz is obviously dumb AND blind, while pretending to claim some neutral moral high ground he turns reality around (like a jew) and basically lays the blame for this whole situation with shaun. kudos man you just scored 6 million lampshade score………

    for the rest the situation in quick summary: shaun used his free speech to write his opinion on certain matters regarding feminism, sinead didn;t like it and ordered kyle to bann it, kyle told shaun, shaun told kyle he should mann up, kyle and sinead hung up on the skype call, shaun told quietly in chat he would leave renegade and he did without making big scene, then the atacks from sinead and kyle came (and many other like dorsey)..

    kyle even called shaun a mutineer which is ridiculous, cause a mutineer wants to take over the ship not leave it lol…….

    at some point after many attacks shaun chose to defend himself and here we are……….

    (ignore yes men cult members like baz, he’s too busy worshipping….)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep Tim, that pretty much sums it up. He really called me a mutineer? Ha! What was I saying in a comment earlier about Kyle not being so bright? Knowledgeable yes, bright, no.


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