A Soldiers Return From Rothschilds Wars

A little girl sits at the back of the class room as the teacher welcomes home some troops from the war, as a show and tell segment.  It’s at that moment, that the said girl realises her Daddy is one of those troops.  She leaps to her feet and runs to the front of the classroom in a fit of happiness whilst tears stream down her face.  Her Daddy is safe.  Her Daddy is not coming home in a body bag, as so many before him have.  The psychology of all of this trauma has taken a toll on her and she will never be the same.

Thanks Rothschilds.


5 thoughts on “A Soldiers Return From Rothschilds Wars

  1. I’m crying like a little bitch.

    When I was 6 (I’m 55 now), my Dad came home from his 3rd tour in Vietnam.

    It is a day that I will never forget as long as I live.

    If you never felt that relief, knowing the one man you love the most is back, then you will never truly understand why I am so anti-war now.


    • I can only imagine Bman, but judging by my Daughters reaction when I returned home from America, I’m daring to say that it must have been a HUGE relief and a very emotional time for you. I’m glad you were able to relate to the article, Sir. You are a perfect example of what I was trying to convey.


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