Taster By Demand

I’ve been getting a few emails about what is to come on the new network Ladies and Gents.  This network is all about freedom of thought and freedom of speech so, I at very least speak for myself when I say, there will be no holding back.  As usual, typical ‘straight out’, ‘saying it as I see it’ type speech.

The two fat pieces of shit in the group known as A.B. Original (Aboriginal) not only feature your typical ‘rap non-original crap zero talent’, but look to be half casts to me.  The full bloods are much darker.  I dare say these two that are “pimping their shit”, claimed with the government, what small amount of Abbo blood they have, so that they could get a little extra money to start this terrible twosome.  The music is fuckin horrible, so do yourself a favour and don’t bother typing in their name in Youtube, as I made the mistake of doing.


If you jump over to the wikipedia, to take a look at the “List of Indigenous Australian Musicians”, you will see that at the top of the “Solo Artists” area, you have Trevor Adams.  Somebody that actually has a little talent.  But then scroll down to where the Indigenous group names are and who’s at the top?  You guessed it!  ABC’s love child, A.B. UnOriginal.  Here’s a snippet below.


This again goes to show, the ultimate bias the wiki has always had and will always have, to the ABC, Fairfux Media and anti-white establishments in general.  Is it any wonder that wiki-poodia are running low on funds?!  Not at all, given that more and more people are waking up to their lies by omission, just like that which comes out of our mainstream media, such as ABC.

Enjoy your taster, coming out of TCTA, here on WTFR.


2 thoughts on “Taster By Demand

  1. This reminds me of how the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters have apparently won their fight to stop the pipeline, even though it isn’t even going through tribal land (and there’s already another pipeline there from the 80’s which wasn’t protested), the chief hypocritically runs a gas station, they have been rioting, making a mess of the place and stealing and killing peoples cattle, the water source they are supposedly protecting is being removed in the next few months and there are indications the “protest” is a Soros op. But I can’t point these things out to people, cause the truth is “racist”. Apparently these perfect little angelic indians can do no wrong. It’s disgusting.

    Hey if you want me to voice any ads for your new network let me know. It would be fun for Shield and I to do some.


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