Hitchhiking Through The Night

Hitchhiking can be interesting Ladies and Gents.  I spent much of my youth hitchhiking across different parts of Australia.  I’ll tell you something though, hitchhiking is NOT so fun when you have just got a off a plane from the United States to Australia.

Take a listen:


4 thoughts on “Hitchhiking Through The Night

    • Just when this old man thinks he has seen it all. Now that is darn hilarious stuff. Cracked me up. What the heck would a ‘Roo” have a dog in a head-lock over, or to do with? I was born in the wrong dang country.

      Shaun, glad to hear you made it home okay. The rag-heads and other evils is why I don’t travel any longer. Seem anywhere I turn here turns out to be one big rip-off or have to deal with the predators of all kinds. On top of all the corruption and loons in America.


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