Getting Some Work Done

Well, it’s not long now until I head back home to Australia Ladies and Gentlemen, but before heading home, Pauly and I have been hard at work around the house, splitting wood, gathering some horse shit for the garden beds and chasing some cannibalistic chickens back into the pens at night, so that the bears don’t eat them.

It’s a good life up here in the high areas of Pennsylvania, but it comes with some hard work.  Some team effort as well.  Whether it be warming the family or sewing seeds in the garden beds, it all takes some time and muscle.

Last night as we were coming home, we smashed the front of the car after hitting a deer.  He was a good size too and it all happened almost in Matrix style slow mode.  We saw the deer, the deer saw our head lights and thought, ‘oh, I think I will cross the road now.’  The car hit the deer with a blabbery thud, and it rolled off the bonnet (the hood for Americans and motor cap for the Netherlands) and then into some leaves.  Stupid fat deer.  It was his fat that saved him however.  One of Pauly’s friends wanted to go back and grab it, but by the time we got back it was gone.  So either somebody out there is feasting on our road kill or that thing ran off.  No blood, no mess, so I’d say he’s out there somewhere, thinking about how careful he will be near the road from now on.

The wildlife out here is in an abundance.  For example, back in Australia we have Hawks, but not in the numbers that you do here in the States.  Sometimes I am seeing 5 maybe 6 Hawks all circling around the cornfields waiting for their prey to show their heads.  Mice, rabbits, etc….

The trees here still astound me.  They are very different to what we have back home.  Our common trees are Gums an Pines.  Around here there is a lot of Oak among others I cannot identify.  I have asked but I need to write them down for the final video that I will be putting together on all of this.

Today we are going to get a bit more work done, before I setup Pauly’s new radio studio.  He has the equipment and I have the know how.  He will have his own radio station up and running in no time and I have always said, the more the merrier.

Speaking of radio, Pauly has shown me some, never before heard Pokerface music, that will be coming out on the new album and it’s great.  I’ve really enjoyed cruising down the road listening to some of the coming new hits, out of Pokerface.  I will be playing some of their older hits on the music night throughout New Years Eve, so don’t miss it!

Alright, I will sign off for now my fellow Rebels.  You stay out of trouble, (yeah right, muwhahahaha) and I will get back to you soon enough.


7 thoughts on “Getting Some Work Done

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the States, bro! You’re catching us at the most dysfunctional I’ve seen us in my 45 years! Luckily, you’re with the best people we have to offer. I just discovered a couple of bands that, if you haven’t heard them yet, you must check out: Blackmore’s Night (Ritchie Blackmore and his wife, who is drop dead gorgeous)and Celtic Woman( they’re no slouches , either). Celtic Woman’s Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears is particularly good. Enjoy and travel safe!


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