Self Sufficient Housing

Over the last couple of days Ladies and Gents, I have spent some small amounts of time with people that have their own self sufficient housing.  The first, a man that has built his own small cabin in the woods and the second, a man that has been building a home for 11 years, that predominantly runs off solar and wind powered energy.

The first bloke has done what so many people told me can’t be done, for so many years now.  I have spoken about how I would love to one day have my own cabin out in the middle of nowhere, with some chickens, a huge garden and a fishing rod.  OK, and maybe a .577 Snider in case I get the urge to hunt a dinosaur, but we’ll see how things go.  Anyway, he built his own cabin out there in the sticks and he’s living the life, detached from most of those material things we are so uselessly attached to.

The second bloke is still attached to the grid, in that his home is modern, but the secret is, that the luxury of the home, is run by his own self sufficient systems, such as solar and wind power.  The way that he heats his water, heats the house and listens to music in a room that is just one gigantic speaker system, whilst maintaining efficiency and function is amazing.  Even the way he has designed the house to heat and cool itself, outside of electricity, by understanding heat pressure vs cold pressure, is nothing short of genius.  For instance, building a staircase in a fashion where the hot air will force the cold air into different parts of the house in Summer and vice-versa during Winter.  And this is just one of many things that blew my mind.

I have audio of the second Gentleman, but not the first.  However, do not fret, because I have plenty of pictures of the cabin in the woods for all to see.

Thank You to both gentlemen for their precious time, to show me around their homes.  It is very much appreciated.

Talk again soon good readers.


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