Not Long Now Until New Network

Well Ladies and Gents, it’s not too long now and I will be dealing with the new network.  In around 7 days time, I will start recording new breaks, adding new bumpers, setting new encoding details  and everything that comes with making a good radio station.  I will also be coding and scripting in some new goodies that the listening audience will be able to enjoy.

The beauty of being able to code and script for myself, means that almost nothing I want to do on the network, is out of bounds.  I can pretty much pull anything off.  I’ve even worked out a new phone system that I will be using to take calls.  I will be dealing with hardware instead of software on the most part, although Skype will still be used for hosts.  I will explain it to the hosts as we go.

The studio will be fully automated at all times.  Unlike where I designed Renegade to run partially automated most of the time.  This way, I can still go out to work and have the network run itself.  I’ve already done multiple tests before I left for America and it looks like it will be rock solid by the time I am finished.  The host just needs to turn up to his/her show and the studio will do the rest.

I’m also looking to code a system that allows a host to request a rebroadcast should they not be able to make it to the table for a show.  This will set the systems to automatically place a rebroadcast of the given hosts show in place of their live show, so that we don’t have dead-air.  Having said that, I will also implement the silence detector in case of unexpected silence from any one host.

I am going to make this station worth my time, your time and most of all, our children’s time.  They are going to be the next in line to clean our White Western Civilisations up, so we need to do as much as possible to make it easier for them.  I don’t want my children living in shit, as I am sure you’re thinking the same for yours.  That’s where things are heading though and they will continue to head that way, unless we do something.

We have something to look forward to my friends.  It’s going to be hard work, but there will be good times in amongst it all, without having to put up with feminists, punks that verbally bash our elderly from behind their screens and bad leaders that are cucked out by said feminists.  We will not tolerate disrespect toward our hosts in any way shape or form.

Let’s hold our glasses high and toast to a network that will get the job done.

See you tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Not Long Now Until New Network

  1. Wonderful ! We really need a network that can inspire all who are dedicated to the 14Words . Divisive petty pet peeves are the undoing of the White Resistance . Sticking to principals , working together , and not allowing dissension are are basic elements of a struggle , to raise up a folk , that can fight and prevail against it’s opposition . Drama, infighting , nitpicking and defeatism belongs in the camp of the worriers , not in the camp of the Faithful . We must stick to basic foundational Ideals that can unite all the best , most loyal , elements of our Race in this time of peril . Your hard work and dedication is appreciated by good comrades around the world . You are making a difference Shaun and it is sorely needed . Thank You , and All , who support your work . 88 !


      • I drafted Charges of Genocide. If you want to pass and share far and wide, be my guest. You can tweak for your own purpose, add or amend your grievances. I will be adding as a I go, its a work in progress. I wanted to get something out there. But I think you will agree with most. RenTrib didnt publish this. This is a first, Im sure no one has done this. This is my “witchcraft”. Put your grievance in writing, and serve it. Talk is cheap. We need some sort of legal action to get the ball rolling. But this is how you do it


  2. Hi Sean,

    Enjoyed listening to you on Renegade. I hope your able to appreciate the fact you lost alot of people’s respect fighting sineads battles for her?

    This is honest criticism mate don’t take it personally. I honestly think you have talent that could get alot of folk to tune in.

    Reach out to the folk sinead and her wife chased off. Build it and they will come.


    • Shawn earned my respect. He went to my least favorite to my favorite on RB. Sinead is volatile and makes very personal, horrible attacks. Its NOT lady like, and Germans wouldn’t act this way. On the other hand what was said publically, can all be forgiven at some point. Kyles and Sineads video, explaining their side for an hour, was petty. Its a shame because both are very intelligent and talented. I think of it as Renegade going thru mitosis . . .


      • It is…indeed…NOT lady like for her to cuss like a sailor, or, speak like a man when ranting about social/racial issues.

        As I mentioned before, the timeline is, she showed up right after the flat earth bullshit smashed the Renegade ‘family’ like a hammer, and sent people every which way.

        His act, was not to let everyone know she was his wife/girlfriend/roommate; he spoke of her as though she were some new female host from afar, and then others started letting everyone know their co-habitation status, which, has always made him look real dumb.

        The trust for his sincerity has been eroding ever since. And then, they begin provoking, attacking, jihading against multiple ‘pro white’ personalities, in child like fashion, all the while discouraging infighting! LOL!

        She clearly was brought on board to…hell…she probably asserted herself into the scene to SAVE Kyle’s ass; and I see it that way now because I’ve heard enough of her lamenting how she hates traditional work, punching a clock as it were. Well, if she would have married a man, instead of a mouse, she’d probably have a shot at being a tradional housewife, rather than a vaudeville act for the ‘white cause’, with the occasional foul-mouthed, condescending rant against any and all minor peripheral issues and personalities they choose to mold into wedge items for mere ratings.

        I agree, her lack of restraint is quite unladylike, and Kyle’s failure to restrain her likewise shows us he is not only scared of her, but just as hellbent and unable to attain traditional work to be a proper white man with integrity, and a provider in his home. All I can surmise is that he is just another opportunistic lazy loudmouth, with his collegiate psychology training and some acting classes to draw on so he can manipulate enough disgruntled sheeple into funding their weekly existence; what frauds they are!


  3. …things are evolving, as the year comes to a close…

    I still take in many podcasts who insist they are proponents of whites standing up against every Jewish outfit and legislative scheme meant to put us down, or genocide us. Primarily, I do it in order stay up on current events, and so inevitably, I have had a front row to all the “splits” and perhaps rating-generating theater that actually backfires on the deceivers, and benefits the “movement” as the good are separated from the bad.

    I am excited for Shaun’s new network, and despite the ethical line he is drawing for his new network, I will encourage any and all callers and hosts to continue openly criticizing/analyzing and hearkening our memories back to the antics of Renegade and other flash-in-the-pan loudmouth and opportunists hoping merely to make merchandise out of our angst, and deliberately so for their own temporary and selfish ends.

    For one example, I listened to Kyle’s Sunday show only to get some news, but goddammit if the dummy(with Nick the Friday host as his second hour “guest” and ZERO callers) didn’t both advocate positioning themselves(or the movement) as proponents of “left wing values”!!!

    [Go hear it for yourself, in the final 6 minutes of the November 27th broadcast]

    This ass just doesn’t get how many white people he has repulsed over the past year with his theater performances of being some ruthless Viking warrior, and then watering down his rhetoric trying to court weak people looking for political solutions, just so wind up some 20-year old, anti-society, parent-hating dumb ideologue wanna be’s to either do street activism for him, or send him and his boss pizza money!!!

    The new network should…name names and kick ass…because we are in a real battle for racial survival. I agree with Shaun’s guidelines to/for his ’employees’ because I respect the chain of command, but as for these matters that fuel splits, distractions, drama, infighting etc.; put it ALL out there in the open forum, WIN the debate, expose a fraud, because it benefits those naturally becoming racially aware to not only know they’ve been lied to their whole lives, but that it’s still going on, and each of us have a personal responsibility to attain knowledge and pursue understanding, so we cannot be USED by cunning, selfish, or lazy men!

    I can’t wait!

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  4. Hey Shaun, I watched with interest the video that Kyle Hunt made about your departure from Renegade Broadcasting.

    Whatever the grievances described, I still enjoy your shows / podcasts, so please keep making them, because they are very good.

    If you ever want some help or maybe another Aussie on board with your new endeavour, let me know.

    I’m the same man who told you about the problem with kiwi6 hosting a couple years ago.

    Anyway, I’ve been told I have a good radio voice and have some background in programming so can help out in the future. Of course that’s depending if you need it and if we ever meet.

    I’m a few years younger at 37 and have no drive to do anything else, apart from making a few dollars here and there to support myself. Incidentally I also do computer repair work and I also do some gardening. I did have some jobs in the past as a programmer at centerlink and bankwest but to be honest it was full of Chinese and Indians. (At centrelink in Canberra and Bankwest in Perth) Needless to say, I didn’t fucking like it. There was this aggressive Indian who was shouting to the fellow workers at Bankwest that the “White Supremacists” were trying to prevent Obama from being elected. At Centrelink the Chinese female line manager was a total chink bitch, I have so many problems with it, you’d find it just as infuriating as me.

    If you are thinking of making some kind of Australian network, that would be cool. I’ve thought of doing something of the kind in the past and made a few now defunct websites, but don’t have any broadcasting skills.

    Just putting it out there, my name is Sam.

    I’ll check back here in a month on this page. By the way I don’t talk like you do (hard occer) but I’m on board with saving our people.

    Thanks for all you’ve done, keep it going mate.


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