Happy Turkey Day My Good Friends

Well it’s that time of year Ladies and Gents where Turkeys start quivering with fear and stomachs start rumbling.  The beer comes out to play and good friends and family hug and spend time with each other.  Yes, that’s right, it’s GROUND HOG DAYYYYYY!  Oh wait.  No, It’s Thanks Giving!!

For many of you, this might be your typical run of the mill Turkey Day, but I’m an Aussie and we don’t have such thing as Thanks Giving.  Instead, we have ‘apologise to the abbo for stealing his shit’ day.  So today for me, is going to be a wonderful day indeed.  A Thanks Giving Dinner with friends that consider me family.

It’s been so surreal Ladies and Gentlemen, because I have known Pauly for quite a few years now and we always spoke about meeting, but there was always something that would come up and stop it from happening and it got to that point where I didn’t think it was going to happen.  Then when I had heard a very close friend to me had fallen ill (this is what initiated my trip to the States to begin with) I did everything in my power to make it happen.

Tarrah Beth and I had been working together to fight the good fight for months and then we came up with the idea that she could co-host the 2nd hour of my 3 hour show, for the PAZ hour, as stated in my last blog post.  We too have known each other for years now, but had not been able to meet.  So here we were hosting shows, writing articles and running Facebook groups together, but had never met.  Then last night, we’re walking through the store shopping for a Turkey together.  It was just so surreal.  I said, “Tarz, just think, we were online friends (treated each other like online family) and now here we are for real, shopping for Thanks Giving together!”  She said, “I know right?”  And we just marveled at the fact we were still trying to get it through our heads that it’s really happening.  Truly great to finally meet up with people I have come to love dearly and both her and Pauly, and everybody around them have treated me as nothing short of family.

I hope you are with YOUR family and friends today good readers, enjoying some good food, conversation and of course…….   Beer!  Oh and beer.  Oh and don’t forget, more beer.  Just in case you forget to have beer.

You take care of yourselves on this fine day and most of all, Happy Thanks Giving.


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