Pennsylvania – It’s Snowing Out There

Pennsylvania is cold, but up here in the hills it’s charming and pleasant.  Staying in the Topete household with Pauly and his family, makes you feel warm, welcomed and a part of the family.

The surrounding trees that cover the adjacent hills leave you in nothing short than a sense of awe.  Outdoor activity here truly has a beautiful view.  Pauly, Tara and their family have chickens, huge garden plots and a lot of room to move for their little ones.  They grow their own organic produce every year and their freezer is filled with berries, vegetables and fruits, ready to be made into smoothies or jams or just eaten as side dish for breakfast.

When we arrived on the 21st, it was snowing.  This was very surreal for me, because although it does indeed snow at high altitudes in Australia, we don’t get snow down around our houses.  I woke up the next morning and took a walk around the area with Pauly, as he showed me around and small patches of snow covered the ground.  I think Pauly was fascinated with my fascination about the snow.

There are bears in this area 😐  Americans continually worry about our poisonous snakes and spiders, but the idea of having my face chewed off by a beast that is more terrifying than Chewbacca the Wookie, doesn’t exactly feel right either.  I’ll take my chances with my snakes and spiders thanks.

The deer here are out of control.  We were all sitting by the fireplace last night telling stories and speaking about where we thought Trump was going to go with everything and Tarz told me of how the deer here often get hit by vehicles.  Tara herself has whacked a couple.  So of course I had to fill them in when it comes to my Kangaroo stories, the damage they do to a car and how I got whacked by a roo whilst riding my bicycle.  You know, it’s bad enough that you can’t look any kind of sexy on a bicycle, let alone getting wiped out by a creature that looks more gangly than you on the said bicycle.

Yesterday, I had my first authentic Philly Cheese Steak.  I ain’t meant to eat cheese because it clogs me up but I just HAD to taste one of these legendary rolls.  It was delicious!  I knew that JimmyX loved these things too, so I took a photo of my Cheese Steak and my beer and sent him a picture.  It was just cruel of me to do so, I know.

Pauly is a wealth of knowledge on so many great things.  He has books, books and more books and the way that he forms his thoughts around things that he has read, makes it easy for him to articulate all of this information, so that he is able to educate people at their level.  He does not push anything on to you in a way where you just have to believe it.  He delivers it in a strong passionate fashion and leaves you to think about it yourself.  It’s a great way of educating people that are outside the know, if you will.  As it is, that he, his family and I are all kike wise, we have a great time bouncing ideas off each other.  And just downright enjoying each others company in the process.

Someday very soon, I will have Pauly join me on the broadcast so that we can talk with him about some of the things he is getting up to, Pokerface and when the new disc will be released and more.  And of course, the beautiful Tara Beth will join us as soon as she gets a little time away from her busy life.  For those of you who don’t know, Tara use to host the 2nd hour of my 3 hour broadcast along side me as we presented the PAZ hour.  Short for Party of Anti-Zionists hour.  Life got somewhat busy for her once she had her little ones, so she had to take leave unfortunately, but we have kept in contact as much as possible since.

OK good Ladies and Gents, as long as I don’t get eaten by a bear or accidentally lock myself out of the house and freeze to death, I will see you all tomorrow with some more words about my journey.

Stay well.


8 thoughts on “Pennsylvania – It’s Snowing Out There

    • No, no Turkey Day in Australia mate. But I will be having an authentic home cooked Thanks Giving Turkey here with Pauly and Family. Can’t ask for more than that. Good food, good beer, good people and no bears are allowed.


    • Yeah Rob. I’ve met so many great and aware people in the States than I ever have in Australia. Outside of yourself, Banker and Epic, I don’t come across many Aussies at all that understand anything outside of the basics, such as fluoride or vaccines. America is my paradise, not just because I love the country, but because of the Family I have in the people here.


  1. Hi Shaun! Glad you are enjoying the US of A brother! I just wanted to let you know that our common friend Robert Revolt still thanks you every week for broadcasting his show on Sunday night. He hasn’t taken part in the drama. I only listen to renegade now for Charlie Guliani . Strength and Honor my friend!


  2. snow fell at mt baw baw again, last nite, 1 week from summer, it started snowing in the 1st week of autumn, thats snow in the high country for over 9 months this year when its normally only 3 at best, global warming sure seems to be good for snow 🙂


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