John Beattie Is In The House

Well it seems that the good John Beattie wasn’t good enough for Renegade Ladies and Gents and he has taken his leave of the network.

Soon enough, our new network will be up and running and John has let me know that he would be happy to be a part of it.  He will be doing a one hour slot.  I cannot work on it until I get back into Australia, but I will have it ready and able by New Years Eve, which will debut our first broadcast.  That being a music show, with anybody that wants to become a part of it.

Beattie Boy has his own way of broadcasting and whilst we may not all agree on everything he has to say, I for one will fight for his right to say it.  Not everybody agrees with everything I have to say either.  We don’t have to agree on everything, we just need to have a common goal and Beattie does exactly that, so he is more than welcome

The new network will be labeled “Where Thought Is Free Radio” (WTFR, people will think it means What The Fuck Radio, HA!) and it will have people we agree with and people we don’t.  But again, we don’t have to agree with everything and to be able to debate these people, creates for good knowledge and learning.

There will be an aspect where one host can debate another hosts show, as long as it is done respectfully.

What we just witnessed on Renegade of late, where Chris Dorsey and even Nick Spero, bashed Beattie in a cowardly fashion, knowing full well he wasn’t there to defend himself, will be unacceptable on our network.  We are Gentleman.  We are WHITE Western Gentleman that stand tall for our White Folk in good times and in bad and we show some respect.  Especially to those people that have fought for us to be able to do what we are doing right here and on Renegade no less, for so long.  Renegade have crossed that line, that you just don’t cross on so many levels.

If a host should want to debate another hosts content, he will do it with respect and with good intentions at hand.  Intentions to better our White Western Future.

I look forward to having Beattie, among a few others I will not yet mention, join us on our new network and I look forward to you listening and calling in.  We are in exciting times indeed.

You stay cool good people.


13 thoughts on “John Beattie Is In The House

  1. not surprising that renegade threw beattie boy under the bus as it was only him and charles that didnt pay out on you on air shaun, my biggest shock was how nick turned on you, i sort of understand why chris did, being the new guy and not really knowing you, but nick has known you for a while and to just turn on you like that was a sad reflection of just how jewed a lot of our white folk have become. i dont know if its a lack of maturity that brought about this debacle or its an active operation to deflate and demoralize white nationalism, but the effect is the same. i only managed to watch about 5 minutes of their -mrs+mr hunt video response before turning it off, it was the most jewy thing i have seen from so called white nationalists and it just reinforces my suspicions that something dark and kosher is festering in the guts of renegade broadcasting.

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  2. I am not surprised. If they keep this up, Renegayde will be just Sinead and Kyle.

    (I am totally surprised by Nick’s participation. I would not have expected this of him.)

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    • I think Nick has no choice but to lick arse if he wants to remain a host there. He bad mouthed me over at the twitter think tank and he hadn’t even heard my side of the story at that time. There has been absolutely no other reason that he would do things the way he has. He’s more honorable than that, in my opinion.


  3. Great stuff Shaun! That’s what people need, knowledge, learning, sticking to the common goals and needs regardless of side issues, distractions, of religions, spirituality, flat Earth, political correctness, one white tribe against the other, lefty like college group think to attack free white thinkers or elders, or fascist veganism, etc.

    Local communist, Democrats, and other assorted ‘creatures’ are constantly repeating ‘to stay on the same page regardless of side issues or personal agendas.” That needs to hold true for us. Even though my state is toast and not recoverable, it’s too corrupt, highly censored, and over-run by our enemies, United Nations Agenda 21, globalist NWO types, darky foreigners, Israelis, the corrupt, and self-serving, self-hating whites.

    As a white veteran I keep being told that we have no voice or platform here to even begin to try to change the vile evil VA health care system, let alone try to voice our opinions and thoughts on other corruption filled, freedom stealing, murdering, scum. The entire state of affairs locally is officially on hurting status, FUBAR, above the laws, minus any chance for the smallest change.

    Have great fun before you have to knuckle down and get back to work!


  4. Crap this is a bummer. I enjoyed listening to John, sure he was a bit old fashioned but so am I being an older guy also. He has been part of our fight for many years and if they removed him then it is their loss as he is a gentleman in a world of few gentlemen. At this rate Renegade will have nobody of stature. I thought Kyle was a smart guy what has happened over there Shaun. Has he lost the plot or is he now not the one wearing the pants. You must have John on your new Network. I am shocked to hear that Nick ‘bashed’ him on air. What could anyone supposedly on our side criticise this man for. I have listened to many of his shows and I can think of not one valid reason.


    • They’ve indeed lost the lot Bob. I expect it however. They’ve gone right off the deep end. I wouldn’t be surprised if Giuliani is next, because he doesn’t say bad things about me either. Anybody that still respects me has been given the boot, including chatters. Giuliani knows what is happening. He ain’t stupid.


      • Yes, Charles is not stupid. That’s all I’ll say on that front. If Giuliani goes, it will essentially be the last significant domino to fall. Charles does his own thing and doesn’t get involved in the bullshit and Kyle knows it.


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