Shield Maiden & the Carolinas

Well Ladies and Gents, I’m speechless.  Yeah right, Shaun Surplus speechless.  Ha!

We met up with the beautiful Shield Maiden (and beautiful she is) in South Carolina and she’s everything I expected and more.  I flirted with her (and then uncomfortably flirted with her some more, HA!  Sorry inside joke)  and we had 12 beers each.  Yeah, a whole 12 BEERS mate!  We then talked and talked and talked about a great many things.  It was fantastic.

Do you recall a time when you met somebody on the Internet and then you meet them and go, ‘wow, I know this person but I have never met them’?  It was one of those moments and we hit it off so well, that it left me with both a happiness that is hard pressed to describe and regret at the same time.

Maiden and I are both on the same page with everything as far as I can tell and of course that’s a great thing, but with everything in life, there is always something there to fuck things up.  That something for us, is distance.  She is in America and I am in Australia.  It’s always the way isn’t it?  You find somebody that fits everything you are in life and there is something to screw you over.  She is going to make some bloke out there very happy some day.  A great head on her shoulders indeed.

Wait for it…….  Wait for it………  I got my kiss!  My long awaited contracted kiss has been fulfilled.  My Shield Maiden kiss shall be remembered until the end of time.

So after my cheek got over the shock of Maidens soft lips upon them, I returned to find that I was locked out of my hotel room.  At first I thought that I got the wrong room, but it turns out that the keys don’t always work.  So the maintenance man and I wrestled with it for a while before I was finally able to get inside and bed down for the evening.

The sunrise as I look out of the glass doors across the ocean is amazing.  Peach plasma all through the sky and a shark is literally swimming around the shore.  I filmed him for you and that will go into the video I produce when it comes to the trip.

South Carolina is beautiful and Myrtle Beach is just gorgeous.  Very tourist type area, but we are here during off-peak, so it’s not crowded or anything, to my travel companions dismay.  He’s very much a people person and wanted to be able to sit around the different bars and meet people, but the night life ain’t great during off-peak.

Some great bars, great restaurants and a few good people talking up a storm.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

Today we will be sticking around for a while before we make our way up to Pennsylvania to meet up with Pauly Topete and his family.

Stay in touch with the website to keep tabs on where I am and what I am doing.

And Stay well fellow rebels.


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