Intrepid – Lady Liberty and Washington DC

Well, I did indeed miss a day of posting Ladies and gentlemen, but it was for a good reason.  We have hardly stopped for  a proper break since my first day of getting to the United States.

I arrived at Jimmy’s on the 9th of November and it’s the 19th at 18:56 now.

On Friday, we traveled back into New York City and boarded the Intrepid.  The Intrepid for those of you that don’t know, is a retired aircraft carrier with also retired aircraft on board.  It’s kind of been turned into a floating museum.  The beautiful beast is HUGE!  You really don’t know how big these carriers really are until you have been on one.


Whilst I do have many of my own pictures when it comes to Intrepid, I will not yet be releasing them.  I will include them in a video I will be making of my American Journey.

After we had spent a good amount of time on the carrier, we decided to make our way down to Freedom Tower.  I didn’t know what that was.  Peter, my traveling companion had to explain it to me.

So here I was standing beside this giant water memorial with thousands of names written all over it and I just didn’t put two and two together.  It was one of the 9/11 memorials.  Where each tower stood, there is now a water memorial and as soon as Peter said, “Shaun, this is the 9/11 memorial” I just kind of  went, “ohhhh now I understand…”  Of course being an Aussie, I had no idea where I was.

After I had gotten over the shock of realising that I was on Ground Zero, we decided to make our way down to Lady Liberty.  We’d both decided that we don’t need to cross the river to see the Stone Manikin, but rather just be happy to take photos from the NYC shores.

Time to head back to home base and plan our way to Washington DC and soon South Carolina.

Upon arriving into Washington, we soon started making plans.  Peter, being an American Citizen, knew what things we should do in what order and how to get there, so we headed on over to the Black House….  Ummmm, errrr, I mean the White House.  (Trump hasn’t quite given niggah boy the boot just yet.)

After that we headed on over to congress.  Along the way we took photographs of the natives, laying all over the footpath for everybody to see.  Oh yeah, cultural diversity at it’s best.


I’m not kidding when I say, I felt like kicking the dirty filthy ape in the fucking ribs and letting him know that he is gutter slime.  Peoples children have to walk past that and what goes through their little minds, is anyones guess.

After the Sleeping North American Pavement Ape and Congress, (not much difference really) we traveled through some of Washington’s parks and beautiful they were.  I still have a fascination for squirrels, so we sat down to 12 beers and watched the little critters play.  It was great.

The trip will continue on the morrow.  We will move on into South Carolina and meet up with the beautiful Shield Maiden for some cheek kissing and 12 beers.

I know, I know, I haven’t put much effort into this one, but I am so tired I could sleep on a picket fence.  Cut me some slack.  I will go into more detail when I no longer need toothpics to hold my eyes open.

Stay cool and well my fellow haters!


4 thoughts on “Intrepid – Lady Liberty and Washington DC

  1. What was that person lying on the ground for? Have fun with Shield Maiden :). I bet some people will be reading your post and getting triggered because you were flirting so “awkwardly” or something LOL.


    • He was sleeping there Rose. That was one of many. The nigs be fuckin niggin in Washington. The cops are outside the motel as we speak. The place is lit up and it’s only 3:54AM. Niggs probably popped a cap in someones arse. Thank fuck we’re on one of the upper floors.


  2. The Intrepid was an amazing part of my visit to NY. Even the kitchen equipment was interesting. Getting to walk through a Concorde was great – I was surprised how small it was. 🙂


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