Manhattan or Madhattan?

Well where do I start when it comes to Manhattan Ladies and Gents?  The place is fuckin crazy!  It’s full of weird people, fuck loads of bad drivers and good Irish beer!  All 12 of them.  Ha!  Inside joke.  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.

It’s quite surreal actually because you’re driving along, you see beautiful trees and birds singing; you see people pushing prams in the park and then all of a sudden, you’re on the George Washington bridge viewing upon Trump’s buildings.  It really happens that quick.

We first dropped the car off in a parking garage and then hit the streets.  People bumping into one another.  People that won’t get out of your fucking way.  People, people and more people.  And then it happens.  “Look!  An Irish pub.  Oh beer you get in my tummy!”  Yep, in we went.

The Irish Bar was set up as Irish Bars are set out in Ireland.  It was great.  We both ordered a Guinness and sat down at the bar.  We sat and spoke about our lives a little and then talked a little politics.  Oh look, another Guinness magically landed in front of me!  How did that happen?  This could go on for another 10 if I ain’t careful!  Tut tut Shaun, slow down, cause we have a long time to go.

After we left the bar, we walked to Central Park.  The thing is huge.  You could be walking all day there, but we chose not to for a couple of reasons.  Reason 1:  Not enough time.  Reason 2:  Most people there looked like empty shells.  People that have convinced themselves that material wealth is everything and that if they didn’t have the latest iphone, their heads were going to spontaneously combust.  You look into their eyes and you see that there is nothing there.  No happiness.  Just a soul without meaning.  I couldn’t stand there and look at that and neither could my good buddy Peter.

Manhattan is very much like Sydney in so many ways.  Same types of people, same numbers of people and same sky-rise buildings surrounding them.  Except ours aren’t owned by Trump.  And speaking of Trump, he was in one of the buildings we were passing.  I got some footage of all the press there and the cops and security everywhere.  We didn’t hang around for him to come out because he more than likely wouldn’t have come out the front anyhow.

It’s amazing how similar our countries are in the way that they are built.  And how the people are the same empty vessels in cities but full of life out in the rural areas.

On the way home, I had to make an important pitstop.  You guessed it fellow Unleashers!  BEER!  And you won’t believe what I was able to pick up for just over 9 bucks.  A 6 pack of Budweiser 16 FL. OZ.  And this mammoth sized can of Bud Ice.  I’ve never taste the Bud Ice before but I more so wanted that for the size of the can, because we don’t get them in Australia.  To translate for the Aussies, the can is close to 1 liter and the Budweiser bottles are larger than our 375 ml cans or bottles.  For just over 9 bucks.  That would have cost me around 25 bucks in Australia.  We are so ripped off.

Well, as you can imagine, all of this typing is making me thirsty and I have another 10 beers to drink.

Stay cool you fuckin rebels!


One thought on “Manhattan or Madhattan?

  1. Laughing… ‘F-N rebels. Yeah, even at my age and condition. Oh what fun.

    You and I think a lot alike. However I avoid big cities and those empty eyes now days. Living in a small over-crowded, cramped, town of sixty thousand plus 3 major left winger colleges, their several thousand youngsters and upcoming communist, Marxist, globalist, etc., is quite enough for me. I haven’t lost anything on either coast line, right coast or the left, far left coast, to ever go back to. Besides at my age, being a white veteran, wearing a rebel cap, POW/MIA cap, or red Trump hat is going into dangerous territories alone. That includes moseying around the VA hospital that is filled with college brats, those empty eyes, activist, “cracker” haters pretending to care. Plus all the threats on us since Trump got the office so the big city streets here are filled with illegals and various idiots openly threatening/attacking old white dudes. Which the media will not report much on.

    Those city mice with the soulless emptiness shark-eye look in their own eyes, or the ones threatening, just better leave this old country minded, urban homesteading country mouse alone.

    Have some fun with those city and college folks, kiddies. Ask them if they can refresh your mind about the year the War of 1812 began. Or something cute like that. They know Kardashians, they know nasty rap, they can twerk, name all the rappers/Hollywood trash, but simple questions trip them up seemingly. Or ask them how many times the word “Democracy” written in the Constitution 1789. Great fun and shows our cultural climate. Most think my POW/MIA hat is only about white power. Some education our white youth are getting today.

    Keep on enjoying your self and updating us on your East coast experience. It’s a real hoot reading your take on big city American life through your eyes. The price differences on beer here and there are crazy. That’s about they prices they pay in Alaska for beer having everything shipped in.

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