Time To Hit The Bowling Alleys

Today Ladies and Gents, we have one of my favourite past times on the books.  Bowling!  But wait a cotton-pickin-minute, Aussies can’t bowl?!?!  No, that’s actually true after seeing how good these yanks are on the alley, BUT, some Aussies like myself, love fixing them along side Jimmy.

Here in New York, we’re not dealing with a 8-12 lanes.  Oh no no NO!  We’re talking 42 lanes of sheer rumbling and arms swinging collectively.  Bowling is HUGE here in NY and well, sometimes these alleys need repairs, just like anything.

One of the things that bought Jimmy and I together as mates, wasn’t just the fact that we are blatant white supremacist racists with a hint of anti-semite.  No Siree, one of the other things is that we are both nerds.  Super nerds in fact.  Just last night, we got done solving some problems when it comes to the BOSS floppy system.  Yup, super nerds I tell ya.

As it happens, that Jimmy repairs many of the lanes and mechanics behind the making of a good bowling alley, I too love indulging in such things.  It absolutely fascinates me to watch it, let alone want to get my hands dirty and learn more of how it all works.  The last time I was here in 2010, I got as much footage as I possibly could whilst Jimmy and I looked after everything behind the scenes.

One of white mans creations that I use to research a lot, was the Juke Box.  I wasn’t just amazed by what they do, but more so how they work, so I would meet up with different repairmen here and there and get to know how each Juke Box worked.  Jimmy also repairs these brilliant works of art and I ain’t talking your modern crap heaps that are now320px-wurlitzer_1015 run by computers.  Nope, I am talking the oldest of Juke Boxes.  Juke Boxes that go all the way back to the 1940’s.  The most INTERESTING of Juke Boxes, such as the Wurlitzer.

On the right, you can see this 1946 Wurlitzer and if you think that it looks good from the outside, you should see it on the inside!  A fantastic work of art and ingenuity.  And do you want to know something really, REALLY fascinating?  You do?  Oh, good.  I had the opportunity of being able to photograph the building that was used to temporarily house the Wurlitzer company, just 2 days ago!  Oh yeahhh baby, you know it!  Good times, good times.

The Wurlitzer company was first established in 1853 by a German immigrant known as Rudolph Wurlitzer.  Rudolph and his company originally imported musical instruments and it is said that he got most of his beginning wealth because of providing the U.S. Military with instruments, although he is more well known for his Juke Boxes and Vending Machines.

So, this morning, Jimmy and I are going to head on out to couple of bowling alleys and see what we can do, for a couple of Gentlemen that have reported having troubles.  I will be getting some footage whilst we work on the machines and still-pictures as well.  So visit TCTA Unleashed tomorrow, in order to get a report on how we did and I will give you a taster when it comes to pictures, until I get home to compile something for you all video wise.


Stay well, fellow racists!


One thought on “Time To Hit The Bowling Alleys

  1. Forty something lanes? Wow. Funny, I used to bowl all the time. Used to be a Brunswick pin setting machine mechanic too in my younger days. Enjoyed watching the ladies bowl up-front. And send some up-lifting notes to them I’d stick in their bowling balls in the return. Great fun and memories.

    Last game I could bowl was a whopping 299. Full thumb, finger tip ball, 16lbs, drilled for natural curve that would ride heavy to the right of the lane. About three boards then to the pocket.

    I could only imagine what fun and conversations a fine group of us evil White racist in a fine community would have!!! Maybe in the next world.

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