Renegade Continues It’s Antics

It seems that these people at Renegade are sicker than we could have ever imagined good Ladies and Gents.  I’ve been informed that there are comments under one of Giuliani’s shows that are linking my Sunday School story with my  Hotdog story, in a way that it is somehow pedophilia.  I know, these people are fucking sick in the mind.  Nobody would have thought that.  Absolutely disgraceful.

Kyle would have had to approve these comments Ladies and Gentlemen, if in fact it’s not he or Sinead themselves.  Or both.  It would not at all surprise me.  We are dealing with a couple of really sick and diabolical people here.

I’ve just taken a look now and this is indeed accurate.  How anybody could link teaching children at Sunday School about Australia and then going out for a Hotdog in a way that it is symbolic of pedophilia, is beyond me.  Absolutely disgusting.



As I said, we are dealing with some seriously mentally disturbed people here.  If this is indeed somebody who really just naturally some how thought this, they need to get some help.  But even worse, is if they thought this up to some how get at me, they more so need help.  I don’t know how anybody could think this way. AT ALL!

It’s obvious to me now, that Renegade Broadcasting has turned into a place that houses unstable minds.  In my whole 41 years, I have never known people I was once associated with that can think this way.  Truly disgusting and of the lowest moral value ever found.  These low lives belong in Israel with the jews.

Come now, raise your hands.  How many of you regular readers of TCTA Unleashed linked my going out for a hotdog with children at Sunday school?  I’m daring to say none of you.

I’m glad I moderate my comments, because as we can clearly see over at Renegade, these are the degenerates that would show their ugly faces otherwise.  Makes me sick to my stomach.


24 thoughts on “Renegade Continues It’s Antics

  1. I don’t listen to them much any more. I treat them like I do with reading Zio-Jew news or as with the many email news from the commie/libtard’s propagandist and goings on for info only and to know thy enemy. Nothing more than that. Like enemies, infiltrators. Glad I heard some stupid issues being discussed or constantly harped on by some of them there. Woke me up, and saved me some money I’d rather spend on helping local needy veterans when I have it and not wasted, again, on phony White nationalist I have seen too many of for over sixty some years on this planet. Their “TED X,” “Flat Earth” stupidity-cult, and college activist crap is a sure sign, just a few examples, that something is terribly wrong in their ‘movement.’

    Hot dogs and pedophiles? I thought you sharing your life/country with kids was pretty cool. Hell, even got this old man thinking about things that I never really pondered on very much at all. My thought is … only the Jewish/true pervert mind-set and sick activist think-tanks could stoop so low, or have such a thought process to equate those two subjects together. Then to be used as an attack scenario?? I will never see a foot long hot dog the same again. Thanks to them, and figure the mighty Renegade Cast of characters must have them stuck up their arses or used themselves in some sick anthropomorphic fashion.

    Hell with em’. Sadly there are tons of creatures and phonies out there like them, and droves of them in Florida. Go figure, they must blend in well to survive in that college life and cesspool of a state. I’ve seen and dealt with their kind all my life. It just takes a little time for them to finally blow their covers and true agendas.

    Have a good time here on vacation. They are out to disturb, distract, divide, depress, profit, feed their own sick egos, spread trash constantly, and nothing much more than that.

    Be well SS, stay the course, have a wonderful day, stay safe, wise, and true to yourself. We don’t need to join the cliques, herds, cults, or those who think are the cool kids on campus. Cheers!

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    • Hi Shaun, i dont spend much time on Renegade anymore except to listen to Charles Guiliani shows. and i enjoyed your shows too. I don’t go there to argue with anyone, just to listen to a few good shows and learn some truth. I don’t know Kyle all that well except to see him in a couple interviews on youtube. I really don’t trust Sinead very much. If you disagree with her or say something she doesnt like, automatically you’re labelled a jew. I have my doubts that she is a real truther, probably just an infil-traitor like a previous host on renegade that i wont mention. She was probably the one who approved the comment written by that sicko “Naughty Dog” who, by the way, did nothing on Renegade except to cause trouble and create seperation!. The problem with Renegade is that most of the listeners are just nay sayers and trouble-makers trying to establish trust with Kyle and after the trust is established they make trouble. I’m surprised Kyle even believed it in the first place. He must be dumber than he looks. Hopefully Kyle sometime soon will grow a fucking brain and give you the benefit of the doubt after all you did for his site and for all the hosts. anyway, I for one, miss you at renegade. You did an excellent job.

      Your friend, Paula

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      • Thank You Paula. That’s very honorable of you to say. Had Kyle simply bid me farewell and thanked me for all I did, none of this would have happened. We would simply have gone our own way. They felt the need to attack me. What a waste.


  2. Bloody hell. How can anybody read into that? Yes, only a sick cunt would get that type of message from a post that had nothing to do with what this wanker read into it. You are fortunate Mate to get away from this network and these tossers!!!!!

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  3. Hey Shaun,

    I don’t know what went on behind the scenes with you and the Renegade team, other than what I heard and read here and there. And I really don’t care either.
    It’s really sad to see this drama unfold, as you were promoting each other’s shows before you joined the network.
    Best advice is to stay independent. I once moved in to an apartment with my best friend. He got on my nerves after a while of being too close to him. That had never happened before when we met and hung out while living separately in our parents’ homes.
    Best, Markus


  4. Renegade’s sales pitch has been, since the flat earth horseshit, to manufacture split after split after split, then go jihad on those they’ve repelled by advocating insanely narrow positions on shit.

    See the timeline…flat earth split, then Sinead comes on the scene to SAVE Kyle’s sinking ass, then they jihad against AJG, Red Ice Radio, Alt_Right folks etc. only because(this is the SALES PITCH) gossip draws out the loonies; and Renegade is going for the numbers, so, low IQ degenerate white goons who get off on name-calling and attaching themselves to pseudo-intellectual collectives(as perfectly exemplified in the comment screenshots above) is still their audience!

    Renegade is flypaper for rejects and shit-for-brain loners, they won’t win anything for whites, ever! They mind as well be feds, just like those in the present Christian Identity cult of Eli James & Co.

    Shaun, you’ve handled yourself just fine…sure, you’re abrasive and direct, but as you say, people can just shut it off. Kyle & Sinead, who hid their co-habitation/marriage(whatever arrangement they’re in) for months after everyone was calling them out on it, as though he was bringing in Sinead as some outside female voice, are students of psychology and TRAINED actors capitalizing off this dumbed-down generation of welfare trash and unparented society of amoral misfits who don’t know shit about America’s founding principles, let alone RACIAL identity and origins.

    On a final point, people need to reach out to Robert Reyvolt and tell him to distance himself from Kyle and his goons, perhaps Chris Dorsey as well. Renegade’s over-arching vile disdain for Christianity in blanket form deliberately marginalizes and casts out good whites, as it really blossoms of ignorance everytime they mention it because white Christians in history past knew damn well what filth the Jews are…we know the same scribes and pharisees Jesus so hated have since re-written said religion in the past two centuries, have orchestrated all the denominational splits, and have pushed the diversity & multiculturalism and hate crimes agenda just so filthy Jews and all manner of mixed race, non-Aryans could come into America hidden in plain sight among the masses specifically to rot our core values away from the inside out, and again, Shaun says right that minds so deep in the gutter who publicly put forth this pedophile thought process(that passed Kyle’s smell test, and align with his newest jihad against Shaun) do belong in Israel with the Jews, marked for well deserved, and long overdue permanent ban from all western societies capable from recovering from the Jewish infiltration and subsequent moral rot and economic ruin.

    I look forward to Shaun’s new network endeavor, and I hope all viewers, readers, listeners etc. will recognize how polar opposite these two are, Shaun’ s sincerity in fighting for our race and our fundamental right to live separately and not be forced to make welfare payments or reparations to the less capable and lazy, versus Kyle’s bullshit opportunism that broadcasts his dream of being a welfare recipient himself, living off the backs of his immature, undiscerning audience who only tune in to hear others get torn down, and are dumb enough to pay for it…just like the dumb Christians of today, who pay preachers to tell them what they wanna hear, then get cast out for having an original thought, or wake up to the pied piper and his antics.

    Renegade needs to be abandon, and Kyle & Sineade do need to labor with their hands, and make a living just like everyone else; we’ve seen enough of this childish bullshit, in a movement that’s done nothing since a Tom Metzger & others decided to maintain their positions, but not draw attention to it as to flush out good people into a Fed trap!

    Go Shaun…relax…reflect…come back new and put forth, and then maintain your integrity…you’re clearly not in this to fleece the flock!


    • I am, or try to follow, “The Way.” Most call it “Christianity.” The majority who trash the idea or the true nature of spirit simply don’t understand various matters, topics, or how to decipher some truth or facts among all the false teachings or centuries old translations (mis), propaganda, lies, etc. Then on the flip-side I don’t bash others way of the spirit as long as it doesn’t force their stuff on me, force change on me like PC-ness or the ‘hate thought’ crap, doesn’t trample the Constitution, socially engineers the youth in destructive self hating ways, forces outsider assimilation into some ‘group-think’, and benefits them in good ways.

      Not in a writing mood or much ability this morn, so I’ll just say this. Point one, usury, inflated prices, absurd interest charges or expectations of it, the credit trap for life, were highly illegal by the early Xtian church, circa 1700 -1800s America. Don’t hear much about that today much like not hearing about the “Black Robe Regiment.”

      Big point two. The Kol Nidre prayer, that is still said today and celebrated openly on college campuses, bible colleges, mega churches (TBN), on TV stations like PBS, radio like WTIU (college liberal stations) and so on exemplifies why the Judeans/Zionist or whatever, could never hold American offices due to their lack of loyalty to oaths of American political offices on any level, while keeping their sacred Kol Nidre vows for life. The two oaths mixes like oil and water

      Just two points that are easily neglected by the bashers and shows they actually know little of any faith out there while avoiding many of the finer points of the controversy that has ruined this nation (Constitutional Republic) in many ways.

      That is just two quick facts for pondering on or research that many others don’t know about or may not have ever heard of before.

      Hope this makes sense. This old dude has to go lay back down for a while. Just wanted to make those two simple points. Good day to all.


      • What makes the most sense, from the American patriotic viewpoint, is my measuring stick for white nationalism & activists who put forth a product like Renegade or Stormfront to rally the troops for political change; and that is…”do they deliberately shit-can our founding”, as is, do they summarily reject or ignore the writings of a John Locke and others right through an Andrew Jackson?

        Because they do it, with their childish blanket atheistic mindset, they intellectually couldn’t begin to lead a political change in any white western country because they therefore deem the overwhelming majority of whites as “weak and duped by the Jew, following the dictates of a circumcised rabbi”; which is purely based on ignorance, conjecture, and zero personal knowledge of how contemporary Christianity has been hijacked and turned into Zionism that will lead to Holocaust-denial laws in this country.

        The Jews couldn’t have taken over this country without having first infiltrated, subverted, then corrupted the value-based and morally steadfast white Christian population of this country: and it took them several generations to do so. I summarily reject the idea that America was a Jewish state from it’s inception because Jesus was a Jew and Christians by extension are Jews; that’s fucking stupid, and cannot be substantiated in America’s beginning history, through her most prosperous times in the early 20th century.

        The love of money, the temptation & vices common to men eventually took over a few select men at various times, and other strong men were nearly assassinated, threatened, or removed from influence; and for any so-called white movement, boasting themselves as superior because of their arrogant atheism, to think they’re going to even begin to reverse or throw off this tyranny in any white country by marginalizing and outright insulting whites who instinctively believe in a moral code of conduct that supersedes humanity; well that’s intellectually dishonest on it’s face, and it defines their ‘movement’ as a bowel movement because as they advocate personal self-education, they slam the door in the face of a great many who found them through much self education, in a condescending manner that only mimics the Jews and oligarchs we are presently enslaved by…I would exist under much more of a death sentence for being an outspoken American patriot under their rule than I do at present…

        There is the ‘disagreement’ that exists between those in white nationalist circles who are atheists and who dislike Christianity for its hypocrisy and its blissful ignorance of how Zionism is totally incompatible with what is in the book, but, there are only a select few willing to let a man say his piece, respectfully allow that man to cite untainted documents supporting to origins of our rigid values against political corruption and moral depravity, and Shaun is more that guy than many still in the Renegade camp are after all this infighting that they perpetuate; like I said, I am encouraged by Shaun’s break from the failing network, but I’m also determined to stay in the fight for our race, ever mindful and aware that there are many with who are in the ‘truth telling business’ because they see how easily they can get other stupid people to pay their bills just by telling them what they want to hear; and after decades of preaching to the choir, seeing things have only gotten worse for white people in their own homelands, we can identify this form of ‘infotainment’ as a hindrance, not a benefit worthy of my financial help!

        Nobody should be in this for the money!


  5. Sorry for cutting you off Shaun, when I left Renegade. I figured I had to cut contact with everyone and I also left for various reasons. I didn’t want to get into an argument with anyone, so that’s why I left without really saying anything. I won’t go into detail on all of the reasons, but one of them did have to do with Sinead, and it was all a long time coming. I stopped listening to / reading / following anyone from there on social media, but I recently noticed her and Kyles video bitching about you in my jewtube sidebar, so I had a look. I can’t say I was surprised at anything they said in it, though these people accusing you of being a pedophile are a new low for Renegade – that’s something I didn’t expect. I always thought it was odd that Sinead worked out of the home and Kyle only worked at home. Sinead insists she wants to be at home with her son, so why didn’t she study for and get a career in something she could do from home? There are so many people who have left Renegade for various reasons, but what is the one common denominator? Kyle / Sinead. It’s telling, isn’t it? Yet I’m sure if you were to ask them, everyone else is the problem.


    • There have been a few people explain small parts of the video in chat and by the sounds of it, they are talking out of the side of their mouths. As for the pedo shit, I should have expected it.

      Last night after getting off the train to NYC, I got a message saying that Kyle doesn’t believe that, but it matters not. That network has become garbage and I hear about it every day from people.

      It was a mistake of me to do anything for them. I should have looked into them first. I continually preach about how we should research shit and I didn’t research Sinead at all. I still actually like Kyle, because I don’t think he believes anything he has been saying. He knows most of it’s crap. He’s just angry. It’s Sinead I have a problem with and judging by 90% of the emails I get, that’s the whole problem the network has. If he was to fire Sineads arse and keep their personal life away from Renegade, the network could take flight.

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      • She could be the only real problem – though Kyle is also to blame for allowing himself to get cucked up by her. But the thing is both of them are vegans. Both of them are missing vital nutrients for proper brain function – and doing the same thing to their son. I remember when I fell for the hype and was vegan for two years I was having trouble controlling my emotions – it was one of the reasons I started eating meat again. That, along with Sineads stint in a mental institution (while I do have compassion for people who suffer from being in such places) explain her erratic behaviour. I’m not sure what happened between you two, all I know is it’s something to do with your feminist article, and it’s not hard to imagine that she probably misunderstood you and overreacted.

        Well anyway I am looking forward to checking out your new show when it starts. I have no doubt you wlll thrive away from Renegade. Cheers!


    • Rose! Good to see you again. I was disappointed when you cut off contact but I can certainly understand. It appears you were the smart one to get out before we did. And I agree whole-heartedly with your comment on veganism. Veganism caused a lot of health issues for me as well, mostly anemia. Not getting the right nutrients can make someone crazy, as we can clearly see. 😉

      I hope to see you around Shaun’s new network.


      • Hey I couldn’t find any contact info from you (did you delete your twitter?) so I couldn’t apologize to you too, but I’m also sorry for cutting you off. I will admit I got upset with Sinead on Twitter for a stupid reason and lashed out because I had just had enough.

        Another thing with both Kyle and Sinead, is pushing flat earth stuff – I got the impression that when they claimed to simply be considering the possibility of flat earth, they were pretending. The fact that they insist on constantly bringing it up seems like a division tactic. I think they are both deeply invested in flat earth as much as veganism. When it comes to Sinead, she seems to thrive on drama and discord – for example constantly talking about the autism crew after she would say she was done dealing with them.

        I will definitely be around for Shauns new network :).


      • Let’s just come out and say it. They are fuckin retarded. Flat earth… Pffft. You really have to be a new kind of fuck wit to believe that shit.

        Hmmmm. Let me think. Brilliant scientists from all over the world or Sinead the unstable feminist? Which one to trust more?

        Yeah, didn’t take me long on THAT one.

        I ain’t beating around the bush anymore. I say it as I see it from now on, without cunt 1 and cunt 2 standing looking over my shoulder. They’re a bunch of fucking weirdos. A whole year working my arse off and he spoke to me fucking 3 times in voice. WTF? Yeah I can see how that fucking works.

        Bunch of fucking retards.

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  6. Yeah, swear more because you know they’re reading this and we all know they hate how much you swear, because it’s “offensive” and “un-white” or some shit. My favourite part of their video against you is the part where they said they felt uncomfortable with you flirting with Shield Maiden and I LOL. They claim it was awkward, when from the reaction in chat, people generally thought our banter was funny.

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    • Ha! Did they say that? Because it was Kyle that was pushing me to do something with either one of you. He was “uncomfortable” with the fact that I wanted to remain single because of the mgtow thing! Fuck they are lying arseholes. Lying arseholes I tell ya! I even said that Abery Jane wanted to meet me, (a girl from Oracle Broadcasting) and the moment he thought she was single, he wanted me to go there. What a lying piece of shit!?

      He can no longer qualify as pagan and he certainly cannot qualify as a viking because both would have him whipped publically for his bullshit. All because he’s “pussy struck” by his pet mossad agent.

      Well done, Kyle. You’ve just defined what a cuck really is to me in 2016.


      • Yes, in their video they are both uncomfortable with our “awkward flirting” as they put it, and they claim a lot of people contacted them to say the same. It was funny because they are adults but seemed triggered. As if flirting is only for kikes? It’s even funnier now that I know Kyle was pushing you to do it LMAO. I don’t know about pagans – there are a lot of beta hipster males in that crowd, but yeah he wouldn’t be accepted amongst vikings for bending over to Sineads will or anything else he’s done.


  7. Hi, Shaun, hope you having a great time in the States. I read those two comments on hotdogs, talk about a long bow. I certainly did not see what they have inferred. The Jew media has pushed so many perversions on us that we know try to see something deviate in any behaviour. Stating hotdog is slang for Police Station is nonsense I am almost 60 and I have never heard that term. Kyle and his flat Earth crap is turning people off. He also outs all the others as shills or sellouts. I quite enjoy David Duke’s shows and Radio Aryan for that matter. Kyle should understand we whites have to stick together and nobody agrees on everything. Seems like for a guy who does not believe in Christianity sees himself as some kind of messiah. Now get your Radio Show up and running. It’s stinking hot here today, wish I was in the States sinking some cold ones. I mean cold beers no sexual innuendo here.
    cheers Bob


  8. When I started listening I thought it was great. Now I’m sure some are feds planted to stirr shit. It’s a shame….. I really miss your work and passion. Good luck


  9. Yes Shaun, Giuliani is all they really have- I’ve followed him over 5 different networks over the years, and will continue to if he leaves Renegade. I tried listening a while back to Sinead’s show but when she started on the man-hating and the flat earth shit I knew she was bad news. Unfortunately it seems Sinead has corrupted Kyle, I do believe he had potential but has gone down the wrong path…


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