American Trip Update

Hey again my friends.  It’s 6:16 AM here in Buffalo New York and I am writing to you before Jimmy and I have to rush out to fill another day.

The last time that I was in the States, Jimmy took me to a place where they had Buffalo Chicken Wings and by God were they good.  Just the right amount of hot and downright tasty.

Well, because I loved the experience so much, he and his wife took me to a restaurant last night called Duffs, where they serve the Buffalo Wings.  We had a fantastic time, sharing stories about our countries, talking about what took place during voting time here.  We spoke of family, when it comes to both easy and hard times, over some good cold beer and wings.  Just really having a great time.  Jimmy’s family treat me like a part of their own family and this is something I will cherish forever.

The weather here has been kind of strange, because usually this time of year, Jimmy was saying it would usually be quite cold but instead, it’s hovering around the 50’s.  Fahrenheit of course.  So it is indeed cold but it’s not freezing or even what I would call “very cold”.  It was windy yesterday and had a bit of a chill in the air, but that’s about it.  It hasn’t yet snowed here but it had snowed on the mountains about an hour after crossing over the Arizona Desert and heading toward Washington.  I had to go to Washington and then catch a hop flight over to Buffalo.  Almost missed my flight too because the connecting flight was late.  I have a funny story to tell about that actually…

I was on the flight to Washington to connect to my Buffalo flight and the Captain announced that we were going to come in late.  So as one does, I thought about the connection and whether or not it would leave without us.  I spoke with one of the stewardess’s and she said that she would announce upon landing that people that do not have connecting flights, should remain seated so that those with connections could get off first and make their way to their next flight.  When this came to pass, a whole heap of people flooded the isles blocking those with connections and some of us had literally half hour to get to our next flight.  Now you might think that is plenty of time, but if you have ever been on a flight before, you know as well as me, that it takes them quite a while.  Sometimes up to 20 mins to empty the plane.  My seat was WAY up the back, with the one exit, WAY up the front.  Yep!  I just knew there was no way I was going to make it.

As people stood their with their thumbs up their arses, because they thought they were all kinds of clever scrambling to the isle first, those of us with connections stood their stressing.  There was a girl in front of me, only a young lass of around 22 maybe 23 years old and she was getting the wee wee dance happening, she was so nervous.  All she could do was think that she’s going to miss her flight.  So I gave her a nudge and said push through.  I yelled “COMING THROUGH, CONNECTING FLIGHTS HERE” in such an outburst that people started moving, almost in fright to the left and the right.

When the young lady finally got through most of them, I was getting drowned out again into the line by more people joining the line in the isle.  I said to a Chinese Girl that was shaking her head at the inconsiderate people, “There is no way that all of these people have connecting flights” and people around me agreed.

As the line slowly moved forward I was looking at my watch and getting more and more anxious.  I thought, this isn’t happening.  I knew that even some connecting flights will only hold the plane for so long before taking off and this worried me, because I had been traveling at that time for 25 hours and 20 hours of that was flying, so I really didn’t want to stay in a hotel in Washington.

I stood as tall as I could and leaned forward over the seats in front and yelled, “ARE ALL OF YOU CONNECTING FLIGHTS?  I MEAN REALLY?”  A couple nodded their heads and the rest stood there in shock due to my boldness.  They again started moving out of my way and people in front started speeding up.  The look on their zombie faces was just priceless.  The shock and awe that somebody would DARE challenge their inability to comprehend courtesy!

When I finally got off the plane, my friends, I had to run like a motherfucker all the way to a train that then took me to terminal A1.  I wasn’t the only one either as a young bloke in the military was running along side me to catch the same train.  He was almost coaching me military style too.  “Come on, you can do it…”  I had my large backpack on my back, a smaller one on my front and my laptop bag containing my laptop in my right hand and it was a slog to even run, let alone run fast.  He did not want me to lose my flight, so he really pushed hard.  Phewwwww.  We made it with 56 secs to spare before the train came in.

We get on the train and I shake his hand whilst thanking him for pushing me to keep going and do you know what the first words out of his mouth were?  “Oh you’re Australian?”  Ha!  It was great.  Not, “oh fuck man we almost didn’t make it” or “dude, you can run pretty well for a bloke with a grey beard, bald head and heavy backpacks”, nope.  “Oh, you’re Australian?”  It made me grin from ear to ear and we got to talking about a quick few things before we got off the train and ran off our separate ways to our next flights.  My legs felt as thick as telephone poles I kid you not and I’m a pretty damned fit lad if you know what I am saying.

It all worked out in the end, so that was the main thing and here I am enjoying, what I call, family time with Jimmy, his wife and their children (grown adults since I last seen them with kids of their own) that are visiting periodically.

So there is the update for the trip thus far.  I will keep you well informed as much as I can, but bear in mind, it’s not always easy at the moment to sit down to the computer because I don’t always have time to do so, unless I get up at 5 AM as I did today.

Hmmm.  We have some left over wings, carrots and celery in the fridge.  I think I will have to indulge a little before writing my next article.  YUMMY.

Stay cool good people.


2 thoughts on “American Trip Update

  1. Welcome to the rudeness of the american zombie Shaun . And Thank You for calling them out on it . Probably scared the hell out of them as they are used to living unchallenged in Cucklandia .

    Liked by 1 person

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