Shaun Surplus In The United States

That’s right Ladies and Gents, I’m finally here and enjoying some time with the big fella of New York, JimmyX.  After 26 hours of travel and 4 different time zones later, Jimmy, his wife and I have been talking up a storm about a great many things, both political and otherwise over some good beer!  It’s fantastic to be here and I will keep you all informed of how things are going.

Plans are to meet a great range of folk and if you want to be one of those people, email me at and I will let you know if I will be in your area.

When it comes to comments and emails that have been pouring in, I will get to those as soon as I sit down with a little more time.  Your messages mean a great deal to me, so keep’em coming my friends.  In the meantime, I will do my best not to break your country.  Muwhahahahaha.

Stay well.  Cheers and cold beers.


8 thoughts on “Shaun Surplus In The United States

  1. Good to hear Mate. Trump is going to be the President. All of the “jewsual” suspects and all of the other wankers that you would expect are giving their last hurrahs. Spot on to the Yanks who voted for him and bollocks to all of the other ones who didn’t. Enjoy you stay. Cheers!!!!

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  2. Allow this old Constitutionalist White American veteran welcome you to the land of corruption, facade, open borders, filth, evils ad infinitum. I haven’t drank alcohol for about 25 yrs but would, if I could, meet and drink up some brew with you. Now that would be some good beer drinking conversation around a campfire. Good, honest, speaking from the heart White people, minus all the BS/distractions are difficult to find now days.

    Stay safe and have a great time.

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