Final Renegade Statements

Hi hi good people.  And clowns.

This will be the final statement I make toward Renegade, as I just don’t have the time nor passion for it.  I have no desire at all to want to even acknowledge these clowns and those that suck their arse.

First and foremost, to answer people that are asking if I have been in the chatroom, to see some of the bullshit going on, no.  I don’t go there at all.  I don’t even go to the website.  I have no time for Renegade.  That’s the whole idea of pulling the plug.

Having said that, it was my plug to pull.  I am being told that Kyle is still going on about how I will be using the Renegade equipment to start my network and that some people in chat have been saying that he shouldn’t have to rescript everything.  OK, listen very carefully.

I designed the studio for Renegade, out of my own design.  Kyle did not.  Renegades design and how it ran, is and always will be my property.  Kyle has no right, nor will he ever have the right to the scripts, code and/or automation design that I created at any time, unless he pays me 10,000 Australian dollars for said design.  End of story.  You little lamers in chat can cry all you want, but I designed it and unless he pays me for it, he can get stuffed.

As for the equipment, Kyle knows as well as I do, that when I started getting donations, he said, “they are your donations Shaun, you deserve them.”  Those donations were mine to do what I wished with.  I decided to get a new mixer, so that I could properly run Renegade so I announced as such.  I decided to get a new computer, so that I could dedicate the machine that I had created the Renegade studio on, to the cause.  They were my donations and I decided what I would do with them.  Kyle, at least at the time, was very happy with MY decisions.  That equipment, is MY equipment and I will do what I see fit, as the donors themselves have agreed.

You people in chat that heard what Kyle and Sinead had to say, at the time I had not even released a statement, really do show why the so called “truth” movement (bowel movement) will never succeed.  This kind of shit was taking place back in the times of Oracle, the times of Orion and now at Renegade.  You’re all as useless as bag full of shaved arseholes and I for one don’t want you anywhere near the fight that I will be taking up against the kike and his dindoo’s.  Not a chance in hell and I know who you are, because every time somebody sends me a screenshot or a copied and pasted message from Renegade, I am noting down names.  Or as Kyle would put it, my “intel”.  Ha!  You will not be welcome anywhere near my new network.

As a good example, I was told that when Dorsey was speaking about me on Renegade, people in the chat were ust nodding their heads like the pathetic little pet Renegade zombies they are, besides a few like Jasper and Banker, who allegedly defended me.  Thanks guys, I appreciate that.

Yep, just nodded their heads in complete submission, because Dorsey said so.  And it’s funny that Kyle didn’t call into Dorseys show, (at least I wasn’t told if he did) and say, “actually Shaun doesn’t have the power to take your calls or hangup on them, unless he hangs up on the entire call, at which point you would have to bring Shaun back in if you wanted to hear bumps.”  etc etc..  Dorsey is such a Skype illiterate that he went on to say apparently, that I was sabotaging his show and such.  No Dorsey you silly fuck, not even I had that power in the studio, unless I was the one that created the conference call.  You did that remember?  By logging into the host account and then bringing the studio in.  Fucking incompetence.  What a tool!

You see, up until that point Ladies and Gents, I had faith and confidence in Dorsey because he seemed to know his shit.  But when I heard about this, I couldn’t help but think, “wait a minute.  If he can base his accusations purely on his own stupidity, imagine how many OTHER things he bases on his stupidity?”  No thanks.  I wouldn’t want him on my side at any time.  Most of his information is in question for me now.  And I won’t even get into his little love child relationship he seems to have with his pet Dopetreeve.

Why didn’t Kyle call in and set Dorsey straight?  I’ll tell you why, because he didn’t want you to know.  He would rathered have you believe that Shaun was an evil agent, there to sabotage his mission, when on the contrary he knew damned well I couldn’t intervene in Chris’s calls.  If that doesn’t slap even the dumbest of chat-fuck in the head with the term “sly” I don’t know what will.  HA!

I also heard they made a video of me.  Or about me I think.  I have not seen it and I don’t care to see it.  It doesn’t perk my curiosity one iota.  Why would I want to watch something that will more than likely be full of lies and deceit?  No thanks.  Especially since I am enjoying my trip so very much.

Have a good life Gaytorade, because I simply ain’t acknowledging you any longer.

Have a good one peoples.


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