Renegades Kyle Hunt Reaches An All New Low

Kyle reaches an all new low, as he uses my Daughter as some kind of tool, to get back at me.  I never thought I would see the day, Ladies and Gents.  What a complete and utter Gutter Rat.  I won’t tell my Daughter what he wrote, because she would be heart broken.  She liked Kyle so much, that she even asked if there was a chance he and I would ever mend the damage done.  You really are slime Kyle.


Explanation below:


17 thoughts on “Renegades Kyle Hunt Reaches An All New Low

  1. I’ve been told that Kyles Husband Sinead, ran into the chatroom to defend his behaviour. Well done Wiggress, you’re further proving my point.

    By the way, how’s Jay Z?


  2. Kyle was always a little bit off but did good work. However ever since Sinead came onto the scene proper it’s gone downhill with them attacking everyone.

    Sinead’s now got Evalion who as a teenage girl is odviously looking for a older sister figure and Sinead is the only pubically open Pro-White woman in North America in her 20’s.

    What’s your view on the Trump phenomenom now that your not censored on Renegade?


  3. Are Kyle and Sinead really married? Forgive me, I don’t follow the ubiquitous schoolyard drama over there. If so, I’ve never heard him mention his/ their kid(s). By the way, Shaun, my kids say hi. 🙂


  4. I understand that Sinead is/was a race traitor? I also heard that her little sprog is half kaffir? Funny, I don’t recall her ever posting pictures of the offspring. Anyone care to enlighten me on this matter?


  5. WOW …. this Kyle piece of shit attacked you though your daughter ?

    I don’t care about the details Shaun, that’s your and your daughters business. You call her your daughter and she calls you Dad…. she’s your daughter. Good on ya mate for being there for her. That’s a real man in my book.

    This says everything right there about Kyle’s character.

    I don’t care if you’re white and anti-jew Kyle. Don’t ever cross my path.

    That is beyond scummy low.


    • Yeah I was actually told today that he tried to make it look like he was talking about animals. That’s real funny because his last sentence contradicts everything he said about animals.

      He stated that a cuck is somebody that brings up somebody else child. Then he said, he doesn’t do that. His last sentence said it all. “And that’s all I will say on that subject”. Why would he say that? I’ll tell you why, it’s because he was alluding to being able to say MORE on that subject. There would have been no reason to say that otherwise.

      He’s a sly little bastard that Kyle and he knows EXACTLY what he was alluding to that day. He chickened out as soon as he realised how bad it would make him look, because he didn’t think I would come out and talk about it.

      He’s lucky i’m NOT the bastard he makes me out to be, because I could have just as easily told my Daughter.

      Do you know, she could pick his voice out on a show, better than I could? She enjoyed listening to him and to this day has respect for him, because I refuse to walk down his road and tell her what he did.

      It broke my heart for her.


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