2 thoughts on “We cannot “out-sneak” the Jews

  1. N ice, Femigade comments are appalling!

    Right, when regenaged started off I thought it was cool because it was a bunch of dudes out there doing their own thing.

    But this episode is why we always loose. Women will inflitrate to make a safe space for themselfs. Like Sinade has done. Then they start to push out the cool dudes.

    Kyle just lost control. You think he is a serious guy, and has his stuff together. But with white men you have to be prepared for this to happen.

    Men you think are normal, will rat-a-teer over everyone when it comes to women.

    When I read the renegade comments its all these little weasels trying to throw you under the buss.

    Well fuck them, Im glad that people are supporting you shaun.

    Nick sparrows and Chris Dopeys show are awful.

    They are talking about all these minutue details. They are crap versions of alex jones.

    I liked your show because you had no ego, and you kept things clear and understandable.

    You were not about all these fucking wallkie talkie men in black suits and fucking zodiac signs etc.


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