The Set Date For the New Network

Hey there good Ladies and Gents.  I’ve decided that the set date for the start of the new network will possibly be on New Years Eve.  We will start with a music night to kick things off and Shield Maiden will be joining me for that.  Very exciting indeed.

We already have some great guests lined up, such as Paul Topete of Pokerface, as soon as he gets some time, Tarah Beth, Jeanice Barcelo and a surprise return guest, previously heard on TCTA, just to name a few.

When it comes to getting hold of some hosts, some people have already put their hands up and I will personally be seeing what they have to offer the network.  Not just hosts however, people that have offered to help behind the scenes have also raised their hands and will be very much welcome to help out where they can, which is absolutely awesome.

2017 is looking promising indeed for the air-waves and of course, we will have 107.9 FM in the Alpines and 1650 AM Tonawanda NY covering us, possibly among a cluster of other stations that have been watching over TCTA for some years now.

I hope you look forward to enjoying the new network that we have not yet given a name (Any ideas?  Drop them in the comments section below.)  as much as we look forward to your company.

Much brighter days ahead from now on Ladies and Gents.

Take Care.


16 thoughts on “The Set Date For the New Network

      • I can believe it. I was just sent some screenshots. Weak as fuck is an understatement. And the funny thing is, Kyle knows that I would INDEED say it to his face! You see, he might know how to fight, but I’m a fighter. There is a BIG difference. He scares me as much as Gumby.

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  1. Hi Shaun I will be listening out for your new show. Good to see you are hanging in there. Maybe one day I will ring in to vent my anger at inept Politicians, sellouts, Jews and other scoundrels.
    Bob from the bush

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  2. Hey, good for you Shaun, you’re starting your own show !
    I’ve been laughing at all the drama from (to quote Jewbanker) all the “Glazed Doughnuts” at Renegades. Keep up the good work.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi ! 🙂

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  3. Yay! Well done Shaun.

    Also I would say that I think the quality of your shows was affected by Kyle at the end. He basically is to controlling. You had to stick to the path Sineade had visualized for the femigade-interracial coffee meet up just friends network.

    Those photos to me of her sure don’t look like just friends. Also how many of you white men got to go for coffee with young ladys when you were young? I didn’t because they were all out having coffee with black men.

    The worse thing you can then do is meet them after the black coffee is finished. You got to leave those ones.

    It was crazy Shaun. I put renegade on and I thought “how the fucking hell am I listening to this crap” . I didn’t get how I got there. It sneaked up on me. I may as well have been reading Jezabel.

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    • It hasn’t been quite that bad for me personally. When I was younger, the white girls stuck with the white girls and the white men with the white men. It’s these days, where people are cucked out. Also, so many white men these days, are so feminised they end up like Kyle, where they kiss the womans feet even if what she is doing is wrong. There should be no feet kissing from either side in my opinion. Well, at least not unless it leads to something privately erotic.

      What shits me, is that Kyle talks about cucks being cucks, but he might as well be banging black chicks, because it’s no different to his and Sineads relationship design.

      Lets take a look at it for a moment.

      Sinead listens to nigger type rap music. She loves this hip hop crap as well. Don’t be fooled, just because she says she loves doing these parodies to mock them out. No Sir/Maddame! She does it because she loves that music and culture. It has shown itself in the way she talks ghetto NY style. It has shown itself in the music she likes and the rest is just there to hide her wigger values.

      The best way to explain Sinead is “Wiggress”. And Kyle is her bitch.

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      • Yea she is after the fame. She coudn’t make it as a singer, so now this gives her attention.

        But she has a problem. She has 0 charisma. She is unplesant and unlikelyable. She made be talendted but her personality is 0.

        To be fair I think Kyle Hunt is good man. On the whole. But I think that be succumbed to the weakness that many white men do.

        He just probably doesn’t have much experience with women. That’s why he doesn’t get what Sineade is.

        I am really sorry to white men, I am sorry that life is lonely. But the thing is, all these women you see holding hands with black men in the street. They don’t just disappear. They grow old and then pretend to be respectable.

        You go with one, and your life will be as is dog shit.

        There are very few women nowadays worth while. And 99% of the time when you think you found a good one, really your just letting your balls do your thinking for you.

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      • Theres no doubt about it, that it is hard to find a good white woman. I won’t say I haven’t found one, but until my life permits it, I couldn’t even dare to ask her out at this point in time. Perhaps once my kids have their own lives, should she still be on her own, I will ask her.

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  4. Even though 50% of their content is bunk, like National Socialist info they present, that was the appeal. This is what is being promoted throughout the West in a timely fashion if you consider the current World affairs, Putin, UN etc.
    There’s a lot more I could add regarding their antics and methodology, especially when it comes to creating unity among us when in fact it does no such thing, you can read some of my thoughts here with a couple of screen captures to highlight the point:

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