The Australian Roundtable Discuss Shaun Surplus

It’s always interesting Ladies and Gentlemen, when you hear other networks discussing your show.  Especially when you have never heard of the network before.

The Australian Roundtable on jewtube, seem so far, like a respectful enough alternative to our mainstream media.  I had not heard of them until today but since somebody sent me an email pointing out the fact, that I and my show were one of their talking points, I thought I would take a look.

Here is an audio clip of what they had said, as I comment accordingly.  Perhaps some day they and I can do an RT together to discuss these points further.


You can find Dissident Youth by clicking HERE ….

And The Australian Roundtable HERE

9 thoughts on “The Australian Roundtable Discuss Shaun Surplus

  1. G’day Shaun. I discovered you through Renegade. It was good to hear an Australian with similar views. It does suck you’re no longer a part of it, but such is life. I will still listen to Renegade when I can, and I’ll certainly be checking out your new show as well. That being said, I never thought much of The Australian Roundtable. Have a good one mate.

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    • I don’t think you understand me entirely BMan. Most “black people” ARE Niggers. That is my whole point. Blacks on the most part are fucking savage.

      The “black people” that call out the nigger are VERY few and far between and on the most part have a lot of white blood.

      As for LeBon, I recall the name but don’t know a lot about him

      Cheers mate.

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      • On no. We are precisely on the same page. There are very few blacks that are not niggers. But the thing is, I know niggers of every stripe and color. You will notice that I have very few black-calling-out-nigger posts, but there are a few.

        I live close to Memphis, TN. Believe me when I tell you that I know what a nigger is.

        LeBon is an Aussie. Young guy that is a thinker of sorts. Has a youtube channel and blog that may interest you in some way.

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