Bond, Shaun Bond!!!

That’s right, 007 here Ladies and Gents!  Here to gain as MUCH information about you as possible.  Just as soon as I ditch this drug addiction I have, according to Renegade Broadcasting.  It doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this.  And I was the one they called retarded and erratic?  Wow!  Just WOW!


4 thoughts on “Bond, Shaun Bond!!!

  1. Shawn I have been following Renegade for a few years. And all the sudden I could not believe how awful it was!

    I think Kyile started off well, but well, I know white men, the problem is some guys you can think are ok will sell their souls when it comes to women.

    Sineade I could not believe, she has pictures of her with black men all over her. She talks about being in mental health care and also is feminist 3rd wave imo. And also she even makes accusations like feminists do against other netoworks!

    I lost intrest in that network now. I liked your interviews you did the best!
    Kyles shows were very good to begin with, but now they are awful, they are so feminist I can’t listen. Its like an evil witch has taken over the network lol!

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    • Yeah, many white men have become pussy bitches. Kyle is definitely one of them. He worships Sinead in such a pathetic manner, that is unhealthy and beyond a normal level in any proper relationship. I think it’s the whole singer thing that she was going to be. It comes across to me like he thought that he was some kind of Radio Star that he had to find a Star of his own to date. That whole Hollywood mentality deal where Stars only date other Stars. Wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case.

      I think he needs to get out and start working for his lady, instead of it being the other way around, so that she can be the mother she always says she wants to be.

      I’ve been sent so many emails of late from people that say they only tune into Sinead to see what crap she is going to come out with next. It’s more of an entertainment thing for many people it seems.


  2. Farking funny, mate. I was walking down the street laughing and people were giving me that look like they want to be in on the joke.


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