Approval For Comments Here On TCTA Unleashed

Your comments will not be approved if you have negative shit to say about me or the website.  I have no time for it, as I explain in the below audio.  Have something positive to say?  Then sure, it will be approved.  Oh I can just hear the collective gasp right now.  But you don’t have to worry, because once I get the new network up and running, it gives you ALLLLLLL the incentive in the world to call in and call me all kinds of colorful names and tell me what an evil prick I am, yes?  Yes.  OK.  Glad that’s resolved.


2 thoughts on “Approval For Comments Here On TCTA Unleashed

  1. We sometimes have to do simply what we have to do. Sometimes when dealing with our enemies, or friendemies, those who think we should bow and join their herd and mentality, enough is and can be really enough. So as much as I support real free speech there are times to squelch them out. It just goes to show the type of people we deal with when trying to do the right thing, or in simply being/expressing ourselves. It’s no different than the politically correct herd, to nasty Israel and U.S government playing games, oppressing/attacking all, who do not agree with their agendas or ego tripping. The same way when dealing with the veterans administration in the states too. So they bring out the trolls, activist, spread the “collective punishments” around while ‘they’ pretend to be perfect and all knowing. All the while out to ruin, persecute, to totally silence us.

    Seen this crap all my life especially in the so-called, (infiltrated) White Nationalist “movement.” There are more out there feeding their egos and personal agendas, creating stupid divisions and distractions, rather than uniting and being focused. Easy enough to see who they are.

    Take care Surplus and do what you feel needs to be done. Thanks for what you do!

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