More Questions Arise About Why Shaun Left Renegade

Questions being asked and claims being made are still coming in Ladies and Gents.  But first, let me thank all of those that have supported me through this.  As I said in the last audio that I recorded, you really do get to know who your friends are.  The good news is, 99% of the comments and questions are coming from good people.  However, theres still that 1% that you get, no matter where you go that will make ridiculous claims and ask the dumbest questions.  And deliberately so, I’m thinking.

Claim 1:  Shaun was looking for a reason to leave

Contraire, Monfrare!  If I was looking for a reason to leave the one network I dedicated my heart and soul to, why on earth wouldn’t I just make this clear on-air, (since I had the avenue to do so at my finger tips), so that somebody else could eventually take over?  I had no plans to leave at all.

Claim 2:  Shaun was burnt out

Burnt out?  I mean really?  This ones a corker!  Obviously those that claim to know me and praise me and love me, had no idea at all about me.  As Kyle can clearly tell anybody, I am a hyperactive at the best and worst of times.  My mind never stops.  I was awake sometimes on 4 hours sleep a night, typing up scripts for Renegade but was still able to function very nicely and often did a show soon after.  And as Kyle also knows, I loved the challenge.  Hence why he said so in one of the donation breaks.  So no, Shaun was far from burnt out.

Question:  Why would you attack Renegade like this Shaun, you’re hurting my professional offendee feelings!

Because they are attacking me.  What?  Can’t I defend myself now?  Does leaving Renegade mean that I cannot be human all of a sudden?  They have been blatantly lying about me in their fratroom, sending what few loser cronies they have over here to spout absolute garbage and let’s not even begin with the bullshit on Twitter.  And let’s keep this in perspective shall we?  This article is not to “attack Renegade”, it is to defend myself against ridiculous claims and questions coming from “the cronies”.

Claim 3:  You started this Shaun, so now you reap it.

Now here is where it might seem that I am on the attack, but I assure you, I am not.  I am just going to write out what happened, the way I would if I was talking with you.

False!  If you were Family Feud right now you would hear that annoying buzzer.  I wrote my article, not just because of Sineads show, but because of some of my very own relations.  There is no doubt that some of what Sinead said on her show reminded me of an article I have wanted to write for some time, but it was not all based on Sinead.  I wrote that article because it needed to be written for EVERYBODY to read.  Not because it was a response to any one person.  The relations I speak of are two of my Aunty’s, so do you think that I wrote it so that only THEY could read it?  That’s nonsense.  I didn’t just do it because Sineads show reminded me, I didn’t just do it so that my Aunty’s would read it, I did it toward ALL of my readers and listeners.  When Kyle said that I wrote it and posted it to HIM, he was right, but what he conveniently left out, is that I would have obviously sent it to everybody else in my Skype list as I do all of my articles.  What?  Another person that thinks everything revolves around him?

Soon after the article was written and sent out to everybody on my list, including my email list, Sinead was using Kyle to send messages.  Kyle was relaying them to me.  At first via typing and then via copy and paste.  The first message from Kyle stated that Sinead wanted to debate me on my article and I accepted immediately.  Then literally seconds later there was a copy and paste with Sineads Skype name at the bottom, stating that she would never want to debate me because, blah blah fucking blah with insults and such, typical Sinead style.  When I responded to the blah blah fucking blah, Kyle wrote: Shaun, that’s retarded, as he often does when he doesn’t quite know what to say.  So I responded by asking him a simple question, which was, “Of course it’s retarded Kyle, because she is your wife and you have to defend her.  Do you have any testicular fortitude at all Kyle?  Seriously….”  That’s when Kyle called me, all kinds of angry.  I listened for a while, whilst he ranted and raved and then I let them have it.  Sinead was in the background as usual, flurrying about like a chicken with his head cut off.  Cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck…  When temps rose, Sinead begun saying I sound like a 2 year old.  Fair enough, but then what did Kyle sound like before I started yelling?  Then when the Princess of Renegade started raising her voice as well, I called her out on it and that’s when they hung up on me.

So did Shaun Surplus start all this?  No.  I wrote an article that was for everybody to read and any debate on it would have been most welcomed.  Sinead started this off, when she started insulting me in text and having her secretary write me and copy and paste her messages.


So I get attacked, I fight back.  Attack continues in the fratroom and apparently, I’m the trouble maker?  Yeah OK, that will be your little secret.  And don’t think for a moment, that I don’t know who you instigators are that are writing me on this website.  I know exactly where you are coming from and why.  You’re a bunch of First Wavers and the funniest thing about it, is that you don’t even recognise it.  You actually think you are anti-feminist.  Even some of you blokes.  Pathetic and laughable at best.

So I hope this further clears up questions and claims.

Just remember people, there are always at least two sides to every story and now you have heard mine.

Stay well.


9 thoughts on “More Questions Arise About Why Shaun Left Renegade

  1. Sorry things shaped up like they did, Shaun. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Renegade has had some fantastic content and talent and yours will be sorely missed by them. I will continue to follow them, as I love Giuliani and, thus far, Chris Dorsey and others . I’m not up to speed with what happened entirely, but it’s apparent that certain people on that broadcast have a real hard time with any dissent. One thing that has kept me from referring anyone to Renegade is Sinead’s ridiculous,high school style, solo bitch sessions. Who the fuck wants to hear that? If that was the first thing you heard, you’d never tune in again. Anyway, I’ll continue to follow you, mate! Be well!

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  2. Sinead needs to get on a regular marijuana maintenance program & chill the fuck out. Ive already swore off Renegade numerous times over the past 18 months cuz of her schizoid outbursts. She reminds me of a (((Kronos))) character who eats their own. She spends more time criticizing other whites than she does our enemies.
    She lacks self discipline, exactly like a spoiled rich kid. Normally I’d think a husband would help in that area, but it’s obviously not an easy job as she regularly drags in Kyle & cucks/manipulates him into white knighting with her tantrums.
    That said, I noticed in the past you always backed her up, refusing to put her in check and constructively criticize her. I knew it was only a matter of time she’d cannibalize you too Sean.

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    • When you’re right, you’re right Whitey. I did stick up for her. Not out of white knighting however, but I thought I could help her get out of that mindset sooner or later. I was wrong.

      My plan was to help her out where I thought she needed it and gradually bring her across from the dark side LOL. And no, I was never attracted to her, in case anyone is thinking that. Not even her looks suited my taste.

      I like your analogy of the rich spoiled child because I just said that to my step-brother a couple of days ago.

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  3. I was very dissapointed when they kicked Kaminski from the show, and found it very strange. Now l have come to the same conclusion as you have, that Sinead is a feminist. The problem with feminists and homosexuals is that they are intolerant to critisizm.
    I wish you all the best.

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  4. How is Crish Dorse?
    He make some great on fake events but hes not a mellica.
    One guy is not a mellica btw.
    I dont much his so calld mellica done anny pro white aktivism?
    Aouther expos fake southings witchevery tredi on youtube to do.
    Cristh also sad he dont addreveno on his videos.
    Give that fact ind mind hi have guts call you an agen.
    What sad gusser


    • It’s kind of like Godwins Law Johan. When somebody gets into long heated debate or an argument, they often turn to calling one a jew, a hater or in this case, co-intel and an agent. It’s pathetic at best. Instead of arguing the facts, the meat’n potatoes if you will, they just cop out and call you an agent, because it’s easier. 1: They don’t have to take the time to argue. Because they have no solid argument anyway. 2: It attempts to make one look bad. “Oh see? Shaun is an agent. Because he pulled the plug on Renegade.”

      What people fail to mention, is that the studio I created, was my design. Not Renegades. Renegades backbone was owned by me, not Kyle. So unless they are willing to cough up 10,000 Australian dollars for that design, they can just fuck right off.

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  5. I decided to watch several Sinead vids the other night to get some idea of the girl
    She’s the basic SJW strident Feminist cum White Nationalist, a gob of both blended into one woman.

    I become suspicious of women who berate our men for not chimping out on the niggers and jews. This was not and is not what Nationalsocialism is about. Nor White Nationalism.

    She’s really pissed that we got Glorious Leader elected because he’s not Hitler. Yelling at us that we FAILED to bring Nationalsocialist Germany, ca 1933 to life is just stupid and un-educated. We have White Nationalists in government for the first time! I think that’s an achievement to be proud of ffs!

    The girl seems to harbor a great deal of animosity and contempt for white people in general and I blame this on Cultural Marxism of which Sinead is a perfect and unwitting example


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