They Can’t Help Themselves

It seems Sinead and her wife Kyle cannot help themselves Ladies and Gents.  There’s no such thing as moving on for them and I am sure they will keep this charade going for as long as they can, along with the lying that has been going on in their fratroom.  I made it clear that the article I wrote was not entirely based on Sineads last show, but they seem to keep pushing this BS.  As I said to Sinead during our last conversation, “don’t flatter yourself, this article wasn’t based all on you.”  Sinead really does think that her “flatulent” earth revolves around her.  I have news for her.

As for the equipment, that Renegade listeners donated to me, I dare say they mean the very listeners that still want me to visit them in the States and start the new network.


You’re only hanging your network, Mr McCarthy and Mrs Hunt, the more you continue your games.  I do understand that you are upset because you couldn’t get anything to work properly today, but this was at no fault of mine.  You buried yourself on this one, ye ole self righteous ones.

I’m happy to go my way and not bother with you ever again, but if you want to keep walking this road, I assure you, I won’t back down unlike your other adversaries.  You scare me about as much as Gumby.  Now I know what people meant about the attacks being on your side, not theirs.  It will be interesting to see just how low you will go.

4 thoughts on “They Can’t Help Themselves

  1. Its because there vegans most vegans act the same as they do. I stopped listening when I fond out they where crazy vegans. Sinead brings it up in almost all her shows. I find it odd they follow a diet that jews promote. Look up the website let them eat meat, many exvegans who used to act just like Sinead until they started eating animal products again. Look at the vegans on jewtube you will see a sinead in everyone of them, Its onily the jews who say animal products are bad for us. Most vegans are always pissed off and have a short fuse there always pushing there way of eating on everyone its a lack of B vitamins and healthy fats, anyway most vegans are batshit crazy and the men are skinny fat pussys like klye. Good luck man,


  2. I quit listing to renegade when Sinead showed back up. And started making every thing about vegans, new age hippy shit, and the “FlatEarth” lol


  3. I think you starting another show without the restrictions Renegade puts on their hosts would be a great listen Sean. Your very straight forward and don’t pull punches. Strong white males intimidate feminists like sinead and her wife kyle.


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