Questions and Answers About Renegade

Hey people.  Well since I left Renegade I have been inundated with questions, so I have recorded a little something for you to have a listen to, so that you know where I stand and what I will possibly be doing next.

Take care.



11 thoughts on “Questions and Answers About Renegade

  1. Hey Shaun. I’m not taking any sides in this fight but I wish the best for both you and Renegade. This has also got me thinking about who my friends really are and who has the interest of the race at heart. Thank you for posting this.

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  2. I had some issues with them too and left the radio and their news blog. Great article.

    I wrote this out before and having problems getting logged in to post. However, have a nice vacation, I was new and enjoyed your program and heart-felt and real positions and energy. Keep posting here and let us know what’s going on, how you are, and for any future plans from some real programing and white uniting minus the self aggrandizing, ego feeding, divisive crap and personal agendas.

    Take care buddy. You are missed.

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  3. Sinead has been toxic ever since I heard her over 3 years ago. Count your blessings you are free of that network. I stopped listening to their network over 2 years ago. Good luck Shaun.

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  4. I remember Sinead having on her twitter account only ‘anti 2nd and 3rd wave feminism’. She never mentioned the first wave and has that info removed at the moment on it.


  5. I’ve been banned from Renegade ever since I called out Kyle and Sinead on the BS they were posting, also on Darkmoon’s site for posting stuff she never bothered to fact check. Also had a big fight with Michael Walsh after he cursed me out for asking for the source of an article he posted on Hitler. He accused me of undermining his work.

    They’re all nuts over there.


  6. Hey Shaun always liked you! You always told it how it is,,,, not how it should be. Personally I have seen it all go down! From oracle days! Celtic Rebel, mike sledge , Rodney Martin , Carolyn Yeaager Veronica Clark , red ice etc.. It’s kind of like the CI pastors they all hate each other LMAO!,

    Good Luck and don’t tale any shit!


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