Finished With Renegade

I’m very sorry Ladies and Gents, but due to the last article I wrote, Sinead wasn’t too happy and after a long enough discussion with both her and Kyle, I have decided that I can no longer support Renegade.  My time working with the crew was indeed some good time, but I feel my presence there from now on will only be negative, due to the given circumstances.

I wish Renegade all the Good Will in the world and can only hope that it will bring the (((powers))) that be to their knees.

I’m not a person to make personal attacks or stick around after parting ways, so I will just bid you all fair-well and good luck on your journeys.

Take care.

Shaun / Surplus.

9 thoughts on “Finished With Renegade

  1. Damn.

    I don’t get it. I thought that piece was good… lifting white women up… pointing out those that have forgotten their own elders. Why would she be upset with that article?

    I assume that she would be upset with my comment to that piece, when I only support her and think highly of her.

    Too bad, Shaun. I really liked your work broadcasting and your behind-the-scenes engineering (which is outstanding).

    Post updates on yourself so we can keep up.

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  2. Thanks for all the comments. I’m surprised actually at just how many people not only enjoyed the article, but agree with my decision and are asking me to start a new network. Including radio hosts themselves. I will consider this, but I am not making any promises just yet.

    Stay well, good people.


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