Feminism Invades Our White Western Women

I’m finding it increasingly disturbing, Ladies and Gentlemen, to hear our white female alternative thinkers, buying into Feminist Dogma.  It was bad enough that the feminist made us Men look like a bag of shit in the 1970’s but it’s even worse that it’s stuck around to survive into 2016, going into 2017.  And it’s our White Western Female, so called “Alternative Thinkers” that are buying into it.

Of late, I have heard many of our young white Ladies speaking about how Women back in the day, were treated more like property, rather than Ladies.  That, marital rape was a common thing.  That Women couldn’t run, until a certain year or play certain sports until we White Savage Men evolved and changed our constitutions.  What a FUCKING insult!?

I remember the days where my Pa, (Grand-Pa) was doing his garden along side his Wife, (My Nan) telling me stories of how Ladies should be treated like Ladies and that bad language was unacceptable in front of them.  I remember those sweet days where my Pa explained to us boys, that disrespect toward a Lady would NEVER be tolerated.  This lead me on a journey to find the truth about how our Ladies were REALLY treated, back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even the 70’s.  I found much more than I could have ever imagined.

It’s funny you know, because out of one side of the “Truth Movements” mouth, we are hearing that “we don’t need a bible to be good white European people” but then out of the other side of the “Truth Movements” mouth, we are being told that we European Men were absolute savages toward our European Women, that maritally RAPED our wives, kept them in the kitchen, not able to run or walk or drink or smoke or fuck the way they wanted to until the constitutional law was reformed!  Only then were we put in our places, never to commit such evil atrocities again!


Back in the 40’s Women were not only able to run, they were able to play baseball, football and even learn Karate.  (My Nan put my Mother through Karate classes back in the 50’s by the way)  This whole myth about Women being so called constricted, is exactly that; A myth.  A jew feminist created myth, so that females all around the world would hold onto the notion, that Men are holding Women back, all the way to the year 2016.

A big part of the confusion, after the feminist bastards, such as Edward Bernays unleashed such Ludocracy, (ludicrous) onto the masses, was pregnancy. You see, after a woman became pregnant, she was expected to give up the running, the baseball and the Karate.  I mean, that should go without saying right?  Because the baby could come to harm if a woman took a fall, copped a baseball in the stomach or got kicked while down during a Karate match….  Right?  I mean fuckin RIGHT?  Alright.  But good Ol Eddy and his pet feminists made it look as though, these were things that Women NEVER had!  And could NEVER do!  Even before pregnancy.


Above, these  girls are playing field hockey.  It was a very well known sport for Women to play back in the 40’s, 50’s etc…  And it was quite rough.  It wasn’t unheard of, for a girl to have shattered shins when the hockey stick went a bit too far.  These girls were tough, but feminine when they needed to be.  The whole idea that girls weren’t allowed to be tough all that way back when, was yet another feminist fucking myth and our young Ladies of today are continuing to hold onto those myths.

The dress code back in the 40’s and the 50’s were also quite relaxed.  It was dependent on the family.  Some families allowed their Daughters to have outfits that only went to the knee, whilst others allowed to the ankle.  It was quite balanced in fact, in that some swimming pools were filled equally with both.

Now, many of you may say, “Yeah but Shaun, your Nan and Pa were but one couple.  How can you base all of this on them and not think that others were different?”  I’ll tell you how.  I have been visiting old peoples homes over here in Australia for MANY years.  I get in and talk with them, I even got a few knitting lessons off an elderly Lady so that I could teach my Daughter some day and many of these elderly people just LOVE talking about how things were “so much better” back in the day where Ladies were Ladies and Gentlemen were Gentlemen.  And although I have done a lot of research on the Internet that further proves my point of the feminist myth and how it’s being held onto by our recent Ladies, I still take first hand knowledge and experience as the in all end all.  And I don’t think these elderly people are lying.

I recently heard a young Lady from the States, say “I’ve met Women that were maritally raped” (or something close to that notion) and to that, I would say, that the so called Men that “maritally raped” their females, were not Men at all.  They WERE savages and more than likely mentally fucked up, but they were not the common man back in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s.  Whilst my Pa was strict on my Nan, in the way that he would keep her in line with some verbal and light handed discipline, he and his friends would have beaten the absolute PISS out of any man that had raped his own wife.  Or anybody elses for that matter.  Either the Men of the States were very different to here in Australia or I’m talking out of my arse!  And I know personally it’s not the latter.


We White European Men, have never been and never WILL be savages.  I fucking resent it more than anybody can know every time I hear, read or watch something that says we were.  And my Nan and Pa would resent it and disrespect it as well!  Whole fucking heartedly.  We treated Women, to what they were capable of by nature.  Nothing more nor less.  It was Eddy Bernays, Sigmund Freud and so many others after them, that introduced this feminist dogma and psychology to young Ladies growing up during the 70’s.  This created a ripple effect that we are now seeing come out of the baby boomers into our alternative ranks and it needs to STOP!  And it needs to stop NOW!

I for one am sick and tired of this “Women Men, Men Women, Women Women, Men Men” bullshit.  Almost every time I listen to radio these days, every time I read a magazine, there is a woman or a man saying “Women this, Men that, Men this, Women that” and as far as I am concerned, it just further drives a steak into the heart of “our volk”.  When I do a broadcast, I try my hardest to speak of “our volk”, not Women this or Men that.  It’s just furthering the divide.


Ladies were always able to do what they wanted to do, within their natural capabilities, whilst remaining feminine (not feminist) without squander and anybody in this day and age that thinks otherwise, is either 1:  A feminist or 2:  Severely mislead by FEMINIST CRAP!  The same feminist crap that told us that young Ladies that indulged in “nasty sex” were looked down upon.  Where did this shit come from?  A Lady was always a Lady in public, but she was a pure SLUT in the bedroom with her husband!  The way it was meant to be!  The husband was a Gentleman in public, but was a pure STUD in the bedroom with his wife.  The way it was suppose to be.  The FEMINIST, would have you believe that Ladies and Gents were just SLUTS and STUDS out on the street, so that is what we have become.

Wake the fuck up you tools, because this is getting real fuckin old fast.

Us White European Men and Women are NOT what they have said we are and Women have NEVER been put down as a whole like this.  I am both pissed off and insulted that my Pa and great Men before him have been accused of such things.  Absolutely insulted!!!

If we can sit there and say how well our White Volk have been throughout history and always will be in the future, then how the FUCK can we accuse them of being savages, based on constitutional law?  Do YOU really believe that shit?  That Women were put down and maritally raped until the law changed constitutionally?  Because I don’t.  Not just because the elderly here in Australia tell me otherwise, but because it sounds like a bunch of JEW BRAIN-DIRTYING SHIT TO ME!!!

Drop the fuckin divide!  And let’s just conquer!

Written by Proud White European Shaun Surplus.

7 thoughts on “Feminism Invades Our White Western Women

  1. I’m a tad bit older than you, Shaun, from the southern part of the USA.

    I assure you that no man I knew growing up treated women badly (without recompense). My mother brought me up to say “Yes, Ma’am, No, Ma’am”… to hold the door open for women (I got a quick slap to the head once for not holding the door open for an older woman).

    Few times have I dissed a woman and then only when she has become so obnoxious or even dangerous that I tell them what could happen if they continue.

    I’ve been married since 1990. I knew her 3 years before then.

    I have never laid a hand on her, but did tell her once after she slapped me the only time that if she ever felt she could give one, she obviously felt that she could take one. She got the message and never tried that shit again. That was almost 30 years ago.

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    • I was the same way Bman. I was taught whole heartedly to respect the Lady, but when my ex once decided to throw a punch, I warned her just once as to what the consequences were and she quickly learned what it would be like, if I were to treat her “equal to the man”. She never touched me that way again.

      It’s bullshit, that it should even come to this. Ladies need to be Ladies and Men need to be Men. And it doesn’t take rocket science to understand what that means.

      Cheers for the feedback Brother.


    • hi Shaun, was just listening to Sinead and Dorsey I think was his name. They have you pegged as a double agent. Your trip to the US is deemed suspicious. I also listened to Kyle earlier with his conspiracy theories. I know the Jew is behind nearly every war since Roman times but I find it hard to believe they control China, Putin and so on. That Trump is a pawn of Putin to dismantle NATO to Russias benefit. Does Kyle believe all this. Frankly I am disappointed at how they are treating you. I don’t know what you did to Sinead but man she is dirty at you. She even said the trip may not even be real in fact you may not even be real, maybe you are indeed James Bond or is it Shaun Bond? Man it would be cool if you were an agent. If so get me a job I need the bread. Soon well we are a minority already in the world why do whites have to argue like children when we supposed to be after the same goals. Is beyond me.
      take care Bob


      • Yeah I ain’t real and neither is my trip to America. Both ideals are ghosts. The mentally unstable cunt really needs to be thrown back in her looney bin. Here I am having the time of my life and it makes me happy to know that Sinead and her girlfriend Kyle are still stressing over me. Ha! Awesome!

        They deserve everything they get after the way those two feminist dykes treated me. After everything I have done.

        I loved how Sinead claimed that it was so easy to do what I was doing, and Kyle still can’t get it right. When he finally starts getting the scheduling right, (the easy part) I want to see how he goes with scripting and the coding. He’s a lamer. He will have to pay somebody to do what I was doing and even then, it will be questionable. He knows it. Ooops, I mean “she” knows it.

        As for Dorsey, somebody told me about that. That bloke is well switched on when it comes to his info, but dumb as fuck when it comes to Skype. He doesn’t even realise that I had no power over his calls that day, when it comes to his show. He was the host of the call. Durrrrr. Which means I can’t take calls for him. The confusion came in when I said to him, that Kyle was waiting on the line. He took it as though I had taken the call, because he said “yeah bring him in” and I thought, “bring him in? He’s already in the call because you (Dorsey) added him dude…” Fuckin Skype illiterate and he blamed me, just because of the argument I had with Kyle and Sinequa.

        I can’t take it seriously and nor do most people it seems, because the emails are through the roof. I was traveling for 26 hours to get here (Buffalo New York) and the day after I got here I checked my messages and there is all kinds of hate going on for Kyke and Sineekz.

        Unreal. I really thought I would be one of a select few in this and I have messages coming out of my arse about these clowns.


  2. Amen to all of the above comments and to your article Shaun. I spent over 22 and a half years in the US ARMY. Women want it both ways. they consider themselves “equal to men” in every way, but will pull out the “I’m a girl” get out of jail free card when it suites them.

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  3. Feminism is stupid. This feminism “freedom” means that, now women, all of them, have to join the work force, and compede in mans sports, destined to be inferior. Losing all competitions against trannies.


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