The Fake Bowel Movement

It seems Ladies and Gents that my trip to the States has been made VERY difficult indeed.  Tonight yet another person saying, “can’t do it”.  Whilst back in 2010 I had the pure support of Jimmy X, Doug Owen, (people call him a jew to this day but I know better) David (Last Name Anonymous), among many others that didn’t wish to be named…  This time, everybody that were so called willing to put me up, seem to be disappearing fast.

I know that when somebody is going on a trip, they need to hold their own weight, no doubt.  Especially when they are going overseas.  But this wasn’t your usual trip Ladies and Gents.  This was a trip based on being housed by people I work with and know and all of those that said they could house me, seem to be dropping like fucking flies.

I have around a week to get to the States now and most of those that said they would help, are now “gone”.  Some of them that sent me their phone numbers won’t even answer.  I’ve already spent over 2000 of my own cash and around 500 from Donations to make this happen, but it seems I might end up in Buffalo New York, possibly Tennessee and Chicago now and nothing more.

Thanks.  Thanks so fucking much to those that said, “yeah Shaun I can house ya mate!  Yeah come stay with me mate!”  You’re full of shit!

As of now, I am deeming this trip a Jimmy in New York, Keith in Tennessee and Chicago Trip to see Nick.

I was going to cancel, literally an hour ago, but then all of that money goes to waste.

It’s another reason I retired broadcasting.  Even “our own” are full of shit.  “Oh we need to have meet ups Shaun…”  But then when you want to have meet ups, everybody has an excuse not to.  What a fuckin joke!?!?

A mans word was once a mans word.  Doesn’t seem so anymore.  Had somebody asked me to house them, should they be traveling the 15,000 fucking kilometers from the States to Australia, I would not back down.  And I ain’t exaggerating about the 15,000.  Look it UP!  15,230 there abouts and almost 20 hours worth of flight.

Nobody was obligated, thats for sure but it wasn’t just me that initiated this.  It was so many of you, that wanted to meet me.  Including some of those that didn’t get to meet me the first time I was there in the States.  But by fucking God it would have been nice to have all of you stand by your word.  Would have made my poor 2500 dollar trip over there that much easier.

Thanks so fucking much.

The people I do thank though, are those that sent me some cash to try and make it happen.  Also poor people like me.  You have no idea how much I appreciate it.  If you ever come to Australia, you are welcome in my home and I will stand by my very word.

2 thoughts on “The Fake Bowel Movement

  1. That is pretty shitty form. Maybe some last minute support for the Surplus will come through. Hope so – if there is a force like karma in the universe it ought to be coming your way.


    • A gentleman came to the rescue indeed Epic. We’re going to be going on a roadtrip, which is going to be very exciting. There was also a lady that offered help as well, which we will more than likely visit. Who knows, she may even come along on the road trip. A road trip can become incredibly inexpensive with the more people you have. We will plan it all on the move.


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