Twos’ Company, Three’s Allowed (10-6-16)

Shaun’s last show.

So you need a break Shaun?

No.  I want out.  Not of the whole fight of course, but broadcasting.  I love my audience and I love talking as if you can’t tell, but I do want out and I will still be around for the occasional Round Table and may even do a Wildcard once in a blue moon.  I will also be helping Kyle with running Renegade.  Whilst I may not want to broadcast anymore, I really do enjoy the challenge of being the audio engineer.  Whilst it’s nothing necessarily new to me, it kind of is, because here at Renegade, I had to design everything from the ground up, when it comes to the audio mechanics and how everything is structured.  Unlike Orion where I was more the man that helped in small ways designing how things would run, such as the way the show would upload in an automated fashion.  Yep, that was all me.  Brag brag…



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