Shaun Soon To Take Leave Of Broadcasting…


The next edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, will be the final edition Ladies and Gents.  Whilst it has been a pleasure and an honor to work on networks such as Oracle, Orion and Renegade, not to mention the many times I have been invited on as a guest to many different shows and Networks, such as The Information Corner w/ Sam and Trish, Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt, The Unsolicited Opinion w/ Maggie Roddin, Circus Maximus w/ Nick Spero and even The Solar Storm w/ Kyle Hunt before I was a part of Renegade, among many others, there comes a time where one wants to break away.  Especially since they have been broadcasting since 2003.

Why the quick decision?

This was far from a quick decision.  This has been months in the making.  I have found that I am becoming redundant as much as my common audience may disagree.  I have not much more to offer, outside of helping you blow off steam and I don’t feel that is enough anymore.

Once-upon-a-time I offered information that helped even the choir I preach to, but these days, all I feel I am doing is repeating what I have had to say for a long time now, over and over again, with very little, new to add.  I feel very deeply, that my time slot could be offered to somebody that can give so much more than me.

That’s it?  That’s the reason?

No, of course not you twit!  There are many reasons but most of them will be irrelevant to you, more than likely.  One of them however, being that I have been broadcasting since 2003, but more so, in this fight since I was 17 years old.  Yup, I was a fucking teenager when my brother introduced me to the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is where a lot of my questioning all began.  I should so fucking punch that stupid mortal.

I started doing a small podcast in 2003, until I heard Peter Schaenk in 2004/5.  I stopped doing the podcast to learn more from people like Peter, about the jew corruption taking place within White Western Civilisation.  Then when I joined the Tsarion forum, I met some other people from the States.  In fact one of them was an American that lived in Japan and the other was from San Bernardino.  I picked up where I left off and called the show Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, because there were three of us.  Nice huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.

In 2008 I was recognised by somebody from Revere Radio, that went by the name “Super Dave”.  He had been listening to the podcasts I had done back in 2003 and 2005 with “Ulick” and “Shaken’ Bake”.  (Nicknames of course.  Tim, called himself Ulick Varange, named after Francis Parker Yockey.)  He submitted my material to a “new network in town” called Oracle Broadcasting and they immediately took us on.  The first show we ever did there, was on Geomancy.  From then on, I was doing live radio.  It scared the fuck out of me.  No shit, I had to change my underwear after my first show because of bum sweat.  Disgusting.

So you need a break Shaun?

No.  I want out.  Not of the whole fight of course, but broadcasting.  I love my audience and I love talking as if you can’t tell, but I do want out and I will still be around for the occasional Round Table and may even do a Wildcard once in a blue moon.  I will also be helping Kyle with running Renegade.  Whilst I may not want to broadcast anymore, I really do enjoy the challenge of being the audio engineer.  Whilst it’s nothing necessarily new to me, it kind of is, because here at Renegade, I had to design everything from the ground up, when it comes to the audio mechanics and how everything is structured.  Unlike Orion where I was more the man that helped in small ways designing how things would run, such as the way the show would upload in an automated fashion.  Yep, that was all me.  Brag brag…

You and Sinead don’t see eye-to-eye.  Is this the reason?

No.  There is no doubt that Sinns and I had a disagreement about where we stand this week and I just know that the trolls will be in the chatrooms screaming about how the reason I am leaving is because of Sinead.  This is simply not true.  As Kyle will tell you, I had discussed with him just last week, (well before Sineads and my disagreement obviously) about how it will be hard for me to leave broadcasting, because my audience loves me so much.  And I fuckin mean that.  This is not easy for me.  You can’t just give up years of dedicating yourself to people and them dedicating themselves to you, “just like that”.  But I assure you, that the disagreement between Sinead and I, does not play a part in my decisions.

So what now?

Well, I do next weeks show and bid you all a TCTA farewell and Thank You for listening and being so dedicated to me.  Then I do my job and make sure that Renegade lives on and on until our children can take over.  Unless of course we have won the fight by then.

You suck balls Shaun and I no longer want to have your babies!!!

Ummm.  Errrrrr.  OK……

I know that there will be people that are very disappointed, but please bear in mind, I have many different reasons as to why I am doing what I am doing.  Reasons not just important to me, but also important to my Son and my Daughter, whom are really the only people I live for in the end.

Can I email you Shaun?

No!  Go fuck yourself!  Ha!

Of course you can email me.  As I say on the show, that’s ….  Ha!

I will still be around.  As I said, I will do a few RT’s here and there.  Maybe a Wild once in a while.  I will call into Sineads show and call her a ……  Ummm, errrr.  I’m joking Sinead.  You know I love ya, as much as it may not feel that way at the moment.

I will also do a few “music by request” shows as well, more than likely.

Contact me anytime you wish people and take care.  See you next week for the finale.




13 thoughts on “Shaun Soon To Take Leave Of Broadcasting…

  1. Say it ain’t so Shaunie! (wipes tear from my eye). Alright, enough sappy emotion. You know I’ve really enjoyed your shows on Renegade and I’m sorry to hear this but you have to do what you feel is best for you. And of course, I’m always down for doing a music show with my favorite obnoxious Aussie. 🙂

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  2. You have to conserve your cadres and deploy their unique skills and experience in the most efficient way possible for a long-term protracted struggle. These are strategic and practical decisions, which should have nothing to do with ideology or “politics”. Renegade should be actively exploring priorities operational concerns about backup & recovery, network redundancy and maybe even offshore servers. You don;t want to leave your growing audience of listeners “marooned” under circumstances of either deliberate or accidental “interruptions of service”. (Jes sayin’ …)

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  3. Oh fuck man! I was just getting to know you, digitally speaking of course. No one else would have played Bjork for me I’m sure. On the other hand, to bring Bjork into a forum where most people hate everything about her is causing people to think I am a psycho/nut-job. And they are probably right. You’ve given me a whole new group of non-whites to despise (abbos). I thank you for that! Well dammit I will miss you big-time, bruddah! Maybe someday, we’ll meet and have a beeah. 😉 You got a dollah?

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  4. Sorry to hear this Mate. As far as I am concerned , you can walk away confident that you have done more than a lot of people in the movement. All the best you Buddy and your children. You will be sorely missed Shaun.

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  5. Sorry to hear you are leaving, take care of your family. Thankyou for everything you have done for our people.

    Hopefully the nightmare will end soon, it’s caused me enough grief for a lifetime (37). Cannot bear the slow motion genocide much longer.


  6. I’ll miss ya but I know we’ll meet up one of these days. I’m planning to come to Australia perhaps in February. I’ve taken leave for the last year due to work and family problems but I’m starting to reach my goals so perhaps I can get back in the game. I miss my long road trips having your show on in the car across Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Those were the good days! Hey and I think it was me who first told you to listen to Renegade!! So your trolls can blame me!! LOL


  7. Hey,

    I am a recent listener (maybe the last three or four shows). I feel like I am missing out (your last rants were phenomenal). It was like you were speaking for me regarding Friend and Red Ice (and many other subjects).

    Glad you let loose your last show.

    But I am also respectful of your stance and your family obligations. This shows even more what a fine person your are.

    So, thanks for the brief time.

    I have become a fan of Renegade (the broadcasting side was largely because of your influence and work.)


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