White Flight From Black or White ???

There are many people out there at the moment, that are not very happy with white people moving out of their home areas, because of what is taking place within white western civilisation.  After section-8 or what Australians know as community and/or commission housing is built in their immediate neighbourhoods, including down to their very streets, people often start getting the heck out of dodge knowing full well, who is going to end up living there.  And yes, we’re talking about Abbo’s or Dindus, in the case of the States.  There is however, something that is going widely unnoticed, that needs to be addressed.

Many people are not just moving out of their neighbourhoods because of people of the darker variant.  Whilst this might be the direct reason to their self exile, it is far from the indirect reason that they are picking up and leaving.  And in saying “picking up and leaving”, I don’t mean it to come across in such a relaxed fashion, given that moving is not only costly, but very stressful, for a single person, let alone a whole family.

The indirect reason is not because of black people or the 3rd world mud platoon invading our beautiful white countries.  The indirect reason and cause, is actually white people.  Now you can scream, jump up and down and move all around as much as you like, about what I just said, but it’s simply true.

Now I don’t mean that it’s white people that get about our streets starting trouble as a majority.  Most people with a level head know exactly what the go is when it comes to the majority of the black and 3rd world minority, causing problems, including rape, violence, street vandalism, destruction of personal property, murder and so on…  What I mean, is that it is whites that cause it, thanks to their happy go lucky, slap on the back, “she’ll be right mate” type nature, that has been spoon fed to them through indoctrination, via their televisions, newspapers and beauty magazines.

I am not one for defeatism (as much as possible at least, because it’s very easy during these times to feel defeated but we must stand tall) but I can see why people feel defeated.  If it’s not the direct problems from the 3rd world filth, the Abbo or the North American Yard Ape, it’s the political correctness and/or social justice pussy gone mad, that absolutely ALLOWS the Dindu behaviour.  *GASP*  “Shaun, don’t say such things!  That’s just mean and nasty.  Dindu’s, errrr, ummm, I mean black people are all warm and fluffy and are the same as you and I!!!!”  Yeah OK, allow me to drop you off at a gas station out there in East Buffalo at 2AM and let me know how you fair getting home.  Or perhaps Ferguson is more to your liking at the present time.  Oh wait, let me build a time machine and take you back to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina perhaps?  Because in the white neighbourhood where I live, I can walk home from my petrol station unarmed and unharmed.  So you tell me.

Many people talk, talk, talk bullshit about anybody who dares to point this out, because they automatically think that somebody such as me is hating on us white people or simply accuse me of being a white self loather.  On the contrary, I love being white and I adore my fellow white men and women, very much so.  But this doesn’t take away from the fact that it is indeed white people letting us down indirectly.  If it wasn’t for white people screaming “equality”, “we all bleed red” and crap like, “homosexuals need more rights”, (more rights than who and why?) these minorities wouldn’t have a place in our societies and communities to directly affect us.

This happened because we as white people let our guard down.  We allowed PC politics via our jewish television programs to reprogram us into, fun loving, slap on the back bum rubbing, low intelligent fucked IQ, Kumbaya singing, little pussy rainbow accepting bitches, that now accept black people pulling us out of our cars and beating us because we are white in America, 3rd world mud pieces of filth raping our white women en masse all over Europe and Apex in Australia terrorising people in the streets.

If we as white people don’t start taking responsibility for our pussification, then we will continue to reap what we sew.  There is no longer any room for excuses, given that all of this is in your face obvious now and although it may not yet be on your back doorstep, don’t worry, it will be.  Just keep denying that you as a white person are partly to blame, entirely in the name of not wanting to be called “racist”.  Honestly.  What kind of a coward are you?

I not long got finished watching a video done by Sinead about people telling her that she should just move out of Florida if things are getting so bad there.  First off, why?  Why should she have to fucking move if she is comfortable where she is?  What, because a bunch of Dindu’s decide they are going to move into the neighbourhood and fuck everything up for everybody white?  Nope!  It’s because so many whites bent over in the name of, what I call, “television diversity” (because it has nothing to do with what diversity really is) and allowed these Dindu’s to move in.  Hell, not just allowed, but even INVITED them!

Second of all, as Sinead said, “who is going to put up all of the money for this moving”?  You?  Are you going to click on Sineads face over there at Renegade Broadcasting and send her 5, maybe even 10 grand to get her started?  Yes?  Fuck, in that case, click on my face at the same time!!!

The biggest question about the video is this.  Do you think it was black people, telling Sinead that she should just move?  If you do, then I call horse shit!  It would have been white people that are saying it, for the exact reasons that I have been speaking of here.  White pussy bitches that have allowed a pussy bitch system to program them into thinking for a single moment, that the only way they will be accepted, is to accept blacks, 3rd world muds, homos, marxists and most of all, everything that comes with them, such as rape, murder, pillage and overall terror.  White people say the same thing to me all the time.  “Well, people in that position should think about moving”, rather than, “we should all fight against this, so that these invaders do not think for a moment that they can stand all over us this way.”

White self loather?  Absolutely not, I love being me.  Hater of white people?  Absolutely not, otherwise I wouldn’t be trying to save them.  Realist willing to take responsibility for my actions as much as I possibly can?  Abso-fuckin-lutely.

I battle against the bullshit that the Abbo’s and the 3rd world muds cause every day without fail, but I also recognise what it is that white people are doing, to let down their own team.  Don’t EVER forget that blacks stick together, Lebs stick together, Asians etc, stick together and each and every group puts his own before he will EVER put you.  Isn’t it about time you weak PC white fuckers start doing the same?

I’m telling you right now ladies and gentlemen, that white flight does not just come down to white people leaving because of the Dindu’s or the Abbo’s.  For some of us, it comes down to leaving the area because it’s full of PC white pussy bitches that put other races before their own, and henceforth our race at risk, in such a way, that things such as rape, become spontaneously acceptable.  Or where riots on the streets become the norm.  Is it any wonder, that some of us have plans to move to the States?  At least there we can arm ourselves and shoot the bastards as they come through our windows, rather than have to arm ourselves with knives and forks and hope for the best, all because of the “I’m not racist, I’m a good person” crowd.

Wake up whitey.


3 thoughts on “White Flight From Black or White ???

  1. Great post Shaun! I love our people to death but many of them need a swift kick in the ass. Sadly I think it will take many Whites being “enriched” in the form of rapes, riots and robberies to get their heads out of their asses. For some, even that won’t work.


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