Keyboard Cowards

It seems that as long as you have been in the public eye for long amounts of time, you will always attract the attention of a bunch of pussy bitch losers that promise much but deliver nothing.  And when I say, “in the public eye” I am not talking about somebody that posts useless youtube clips of their puppy or their cat, or crappy quality podcasts that earn an audience of 10.  I’m talking about being in the public eye on a grander spectrum, such as the alternative media over many years.

I’ve been broadcasting since 2003.  (people love it when I say that, because I do it in such an obnoxious fashion, so let me do it again…)  I’ve been broadcasting since 2003 and have come to know that anything, anybody can find that is inconsistent, or just downright embarrassing, they will find and they will let you know about it.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Some people even go as far as saying, that you are not who you say you are.  “Shaun is NOT the bloke you see on Renegade.  In fact, Shaun is a little pussy himself.  He doesn’t even have a beard!  He’s a fraud I tell you.  A FRAUD!!!!!”

I’m not kidding.

After a conversation I had with Kyle this evening about how I had been on TV in the past, I wasn’t just surprised to find so many hits (search results I mean, thankfully) on the name “Shaun Surplus” but more so surprised that some of the videos still existed on youtube and that people didn’t think it was the same Shaun that was on Renegade.  Yeah, that’s right.  Because I look like Mr. Burns on one video, compared to what I look like on Renegade, I am apparently not me.  *sad face*

Well, I thought I would show my face and say hi to all my lovelly fans out there that choose to sit behind their keyboard with those same false promises I always read about.  “I’d take you on any day Shaun”….  Blah, blah fucking blah….


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