Feminism – A Different View

While I do not agree with everything this young lady has to say, I am happy with a lot that she does.  I am really thrilled with the part where she speaks of how males have been sexually fucked with.

Whilst you and I may be Alpha Males and can protect ourselves indubitably, not all can; especially if they are quite young, naive and vulnerable due to their indoctrination.

Let’s take a look at when we grew up for starters.  I’m 41 and grew up in times of barbells, Rocky, Rambo and everything Van-Damme.  Many are now growing up during times of Bieber and in the not so distant past, New Kids On the Block.  And NOW we are having to resort to baby faced beta bitches that look like MacCaulay Culkin, such as Paul Joseph Watson that deliberately grow some shadow on his face, just to look even remotely like a man, even within the alternative media…  Somebody get me a bucket, for my own beta bitch moment, so I can puke on a copy of Home Alone.

It’s becoming very few and far fucking between that we can have ladies as young as this that even half get it, let alone get it as much as she does.  And given that we are fucked over on so many levels when it comes to identifying who and what we are as men and women in this day and age, I will take anything I can fucking get, when it comes to propaganda that suits me.

Although she will more than likely not get to see this, (I don’t post comments on jewtube these days) well done lass.  Keep up the good work!  And a big hello out to Sinead McCarthy for fighting the same fight, when it comes to feminism.

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